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Form 1 essey 1

  1. 1. Secondary School Lesson PlanDate : 10th February 2012Time/Duration : 80 minutes (double period)Class : Form 1 EpsilonNo. of student : /Proficiency level : IntermediateBackground knowledge: Students are already exposed to the format of writing a guided essay.Theme : Fishing experienceTopic : Guided Essay WritingLanguage skill focus : WritingIntegrated skills : Reading, Speaking and ListeningLanguage focus : Sentence connector.Learning outcomes : By the end of Form 2, students should be able to: 1.0 LANGUAGE FOR INTERPERSONAL USE 1.1b Take part in conversation and discussion iii. responding appropriately to questions. vi. participating in teacher-guided class discussions by giving one’s opinion. 2.0 LANGUAGE FOR INFORMATIONAL USE 2.2d Predicting outcomes xi. making simple prediction of outcomes. Learning objectives : By the end of the lesson, students should be able to: 1. interact and participate actively in class by answering questions asked by teacher.
  2. 2. 2. write a simple essay not less than 120 words. 3. write a paragraph of prediction on how a story would had ended.Educational emphasis: a) Thinking skills b) Preparing for real world c) Multiple IntelligenceMoral values : Helpful, cooperative, respecting one and another.Resource Materials : 1001 series Guide to Writing CompositionVocabulary List : 1. Relaxing 2. Excited 3. Chest 4. Sheepishly 5. Envelope 6. Desire 7. Fishing rod 8. Line 9. Bait 10. Hook
  3. 3. STAGE/ CONTENT/ SKILL TEACHER/PUPIL AVA/DURATION ACTIVITY RATIONALESET- Whole class 1. Teacher asks RationaleINDUCTION students weather Question: they still remember To create interest(5 MINUTES) 1. Do you still how to write an in the topic of the remember how to essay. lesson by eliciting write an essay? their feedback. 2. Teacher explains to 2. What are the student that they elements in an will be focusing on essay? a guided essay writing Skills composition. SpeakingPRE- Whole class 1. Teacher briefly RationaleREADING explains again on the Questions. format of writing a To reinforce(5 MINUTES) guided essay. students 1. understanding 2. Students respond to on the format Skills teachers question based of writing a Reading on what they have guided essay. Speaking already learned.WHILE- Whole class Task One: RationaleREADING Vocabulary List 1. Teacher distributes the To help student(35MINUTES) 1001 series Guide to understand the relaxing Writing Composition pictures better. excited book to all students. sheepishly To clarify any chest 2. Teacher divides difficult words envelope students into 4 groups which students desire and gives them a might not picture with the guided understand. fishing rod key words for them to line
  4. 4. work in their respective To persuade groups and write down students to a short paragraph. work together Skills and establish Reading 3. Teacher discusses the team work by Speaking pictures and also any completing difficult words in the group task. keyword provided. 4. Each group will then AVA present their paragraph Marker on the whiteboard. Whiteboard 1001 series 5. Teacher then corrects Guide to the paragraph together Writing with all students. Composition book. Group work Task Two Rationale Skills 1. Teacher then asks To persuade Speaking students to complete students to Writing their essay by copying work together down all the and establish paragraphs written on team work by the board. completing group task. 2. Teacher teaches students on how to link one paragraph to another using proper sentence connector.POST- Whole class 1. Student remains in RationaleREADING their same group. Skills To evoke(15MINUTES) Listening 2. Students are asked to students Reading predict the ending of creative the story and write thinking skills. their own version of how the story would have ended.
  5. 5. CLOSURE Whole class 1. Teacher will recap and Rationale review the lesson with To ensure the(10MINUTES) Skills the students. students learn Speaking how to write a guided essay. AVA HomeworkEvaluation :Follow-up Activity : Students are asked to write a short journal based on any of their experience with their friends.Self-Reflection :Supervisor’s comment :