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E10 oct19 2011_uploaded

  1. 1. Wednesday, October 19, 2011Literature: Finish “The Wedding Guest” Start: “All Summer in a Day”
  2. 2. Housekeeping• Review of Class Expectations
  3. 3. Review of Class Expectations• Listen while others are speaking.• Respect differences between yourself and your classmates.• Conduct yourself in a way that supports your classmates learning.• Cell phones, Blackberries, iPods, etc. must be turned off during class; Plan to make and return calls, texts, and e-mails during the break (usually 6:45 or 7 p.m.).• Food is only allowed during the break; beverages are fine anytime.
  4. 4. Class Expectations (Cont’d.)• If you are late, enter quietly and wait to speak to me or your classmates until the lecture is over.• You may leave to use the washroom without asking, as long as you do not disrupt the class.• Do not leave before the end of class without checking in with instructor.
  5. 5. Absences• It is your responsibility to find out about any work you may have missed (Ask a classmate or check the class website).• If you are sick, or have an emergency, I expect you to contact me as soon as physically possible.• If you know you will be away, please let me know ahead of time.• If you do not follow these guidelines there will be no possibility of extensions or alternate assignments.
  6. 6. Housekeeping• Review of Class Expectations• Handing back: – Comprehension Questions for “All Grown Up and Still in Tow” (now) – Vocabulary Paragraph for “The Wedding Guest” (before today’s vocabulary work)
  7. 7. In-class Activity• Complete Question 1 and 2 on your own. (5 marks each = /10 marks)• Title your work “The Wedding Guest” – Questions.• Write your name on the top right hand corner.• Time: 30 minutesNOTE: if you missed this class you must see me about completing an alternate assignment at school.
  8. 8. “All Summer in a Day”Before Reading• Author: Ray Bradbury – American – Born in 1920, still living!! (90 years old) – “All Summer in a Day” published in 1959 – Mostly writes Science Fiction concerned with the impact of technology on everyday life
  9. 9. “All Summer in a Day”After Reading Briefly: Think about the title. How does it relate to the story? How might Margot’s experiences be similar to yours or mine?
  10. 10. “All Summer in a Day” Vocabulary Activity1. Work with your partner to complete “Understanding the Words in the Story (Multiple Choice).”2. You may use a dictionary and the story to help you answer the questions. Explain your choices to each other.You have 10 minutes. We will go over the answerstogether.
  11. 11. Understanding the Words, p. 1001. concussion h. disturbance2. consequence e. importance3. muffling j. deadening (softening)4. repercussions a. reflections of sound (repetitions)5. resilient g. leaping back (springing back)
  12. 12. Understanding the Words, p. 1006. savored b. enjoyed7. slackening c. slowing down8. solemn f. serious9. suspended d. held in position10. tumultuously i. in a riotous way (in a stormy or chaotic way)
  13. 13. HomeworkFor Monday• Process Paragraphs, English Skills, p. 192-195 (Most important)• Run-On Sentences, p. 430-439For Wednesday• Re-read “All Summer in a Day.” Make notes on the worksheet “Reviewing Story Elements.” Be prepared to discuss this work in class. I may call on you for your opinion.• Write a vocabulary paragraph using the following five words from “All Summer in a Day”: resilient (adj.), savoured (v.), solemn (adj.), consequence (n.), tumultuously (adv.). /5 marks