Assignment #8 individual presentation


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Assignment #8 individual presentation

  1. 1. Assignment 8: Individual Presentation By Joanne Aroda
  2. 2. Part A• This is my Individual presentation• Through this presentation I will develop on my choice of genre and create my storyline• My choice of genre are...Thriller as it holds unique aspects of being able to thrill and sometimes scare people which I find fun as it puts you on the edge of your seat
  3. 3. Part B• Some conventions of a thriller are that there is usually a victim (s), there may be arguments and fights and there are always moments of climax and excitement during a thriller.• In thrillers there are a lot of fast cuts and the music creates tension
  4. 4. Part C• Some films that inspired my choice are...• Unstoppable• Obsessed
  5. 5. Obsessed • What inspired me in thisCostume scene is by this women’s costume it tells you she is• The costume in this movie is quite feminine and happy to sophisticated and sexy wear portray that I hope to• Due to the dominance of capture that through the females costume in my sequence.
  6. 6. Unstoppable• What inspired me in this scene is how the used cross Conventions cutting in there final product • The action of the fast moving train was intensified by the • Leaving the audience on the volume of the music was edge of there seat as through From an action thriller you raised the cross cutting editing were expect it to be fast passed and being told what was occurring up tempo which keeps the and seeing what was audience on the edge of there happening. seats. The thrill factor is also heightened by the great use of volume control to suite different scene
  7. 7. Part DMy choice in theme...• Identity Clothes Saliva Hidden Language eyes Skin Identity Nail DNA Hair Urine Speech Finger print Ethnicity
  8. 8. Summary Part E• The scene starts with character 1 who’s identity is not known to the view ( From head to toe the character wears black clothing• The second scene shows a confidential document in dim lighting being set alight which is then dropped in the bin to be consumed by the flames• The third scene shows a phone of which all content on it is being discarded of• The forth scene shows the character packing a bag in a rush (Its set in a bed room)• The fifth scene shows a extreme close up of a women’s mouth ( character 2) on the phone to someone ( we assume its character 1) who says “ I know who you are……you cant hide” then the line cuts.• The final scene shows character 2 running down a dark hall with a door at the end of which she enters but does not shut the door to which character 1 follows in at a slow pace then violently shuts the door.
  9. 9. Part E• Its about a person on the run of which we do know nothing about the gender or ethnicity.• The person gets rid of anything to do with them or anyway of then being traced• Later we find out one person knows there identity and we don’t know what they would do with the information• A character is then pressured down a dark hall and enters a room not soon after is followed by the unknown person to which the door is shut violently and the screen blacks out
  10. 10. Part FThere are two characters in this opening sequence…. Character 1• The character represents a person on the run (Bourne Identity)• They wears all black clothing to hide the identity• This clothing makes the viewer suspicious as they know nothing about the character
  11. 11. Part FCharacter 2• The character represents a middle class women• Your not given much to know about the second character apart from there gender and clothing• The character is meant to be sophisticated in the way she talks
  12. 12. Part G• They way in which I will create enigma in this sequence is through character 1 and 2 as they both don’t tell the viewer much to go on leaving the view to wonder and think of what is to come but enough info is given in order to keep the viewer interested, also with the ending its like a cliff hanger as in it stops at a point of climax in the sequence leaving the views wanted more and to find out what happens next.
  13. 13. Part I• My target audience is 15 and above as to the thriller aspect of the sequence also I don’t just want the movie to be aimed at the male viewers but also female I hope to do this through character 2 and her femininity and dominance as she knows what no one does.• 25 people said that they prefer action thriller as to the enjoyment of the action and the on the edge of your seat aspect from the thriller• I will make an opening sequence which is interesting to my target audience by taking the thriller aspect and try to show this through my characters.