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AboutUs Issue 13, Rotary Mysore Midtown

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Issue 13

  1. 1. Issue : 13 Volume : 32 26-09-2012 Pages -4 Prof. Bhagavan were present throughout the event. 59 entries were received from different colleges whose participation boosted the morale of the organizers. Mr.Arun Kutnikar from Ramakrishna Ashram and Ms. Sumana from SDM College were the judges for the preliminary event. Our President Rtn.Vishwanath inaugurated the programme and Y.BHAGAVAN Mr.Yathiraj the 2nd son of Prof. Bhagawan declared the event open. As this was the preliminary round, 8 contestants were selected for the final event which is to be held on 26th Wednesday @ 6.30pm in RCL hall. Due to the stiff competition between the participants the judges decided to select 8 students instead of 6 for the final round. Enjoying the debateA tribute is a mark of respect for a great soul and how well that could have been? We all werewitness for a wonderfulprogramme, Prof. Q uizB H A G AVA N M E M O R I A LDEBATE COMPETITIONsponsored by Rtn. Raghu andfamily in memory of his latefather-in-law, Prof.Y.Bhagavan, regarded as agreat teacher those days. As Chandrika madam competition some of the board members presentremembered her father during her welcome were delayed to proceed for the board meeting ataddress, she said students from other sections were Ammathi.lining up outside his classroom to hear Overall, it was a memorable event and a greatProf.Bhagavans lecture. And patting our back, tribute to a wonderful teacher. On the personal frontMidtown were part of this memorable event I request the children of Prof. Bhagawan to conductconducted for the students studying in the colleges this event year after year in association with Rotaryof Mysore. All the children and grand children of Midtown. ...Aiyanna INDIA 500 CARDIAC CAMP President’s Message AIR MAIL PAR AVION RADHYA NANJUNDA1990 1908 - . Dear friends, so thoughtful of PDC Mrs generation Month, it was project This month being The New M.S. to have come out with a very meaningful success . Raghu grand Chandrika Raghu & PP Rtn g an English Debate competition. It was a inary rounds tin for the youth by conduc e than 25 colleges participated in the prelim where 59 students from mor os, to the motivating cou ple of Midtown. tic workout by held on 22nd September. Kud Ammathi was very refreshing after the hec club secretary ting at The Board mee town Cooking Lea gue. Special thanks to our ements at Royal our Rotarians for the MidManoj Kumar.L.M. for making elaborate arrang . “The silent crusader”, Rtn ds in Valley estate. petition with bright min finalists of Debate Com Today, let us watch the Vishu action.
  2. 2. B AB A fter an inspiring debate competition in Harish to the golden throne of future presidentship of memory of Prof.Y.Bhagawan at the club, but it seemed Harish agreed only 50 percent (Is Mahajanas, we the board members of it only for 6 months?!). Azeez bhai was explaining about Midtown, started from President the Rotary theme of “Sow the seeds of love” during hisVishwas residence at 3.30 p.m for board meeting hosted tenure as President & how he is able to do the same evenby Secretary Manoj, better known as Bond at his place, today with his new business at Ethiopia. Alagappan Sir,Royal Valley Estate near Ammathi. Bond had beencamping there 2 days in advance to over-see all thearrangements. As we embarked on our journey withblazing sun to our company, we left in 3 vehicles. After alengthy discussion on which route to take, we all agreedu p o n t o t o e Ve n k y s l i n e & t o o kHunsur –Periyapatna-Chowkur road to reach Ammathi.Venky told us that his vehicles carrying eggs use thesame route & is a better road. But only at the end did werealize how bad the road was! By the time they deliverthe eggs, I wonder if the eggs would become omlettewith the road full of potholes & humps. Raghu & Sanjay shared some lighter moments of MCL. Raju Baliga had tough time controlling his laughter. By the time we finished the dinner we were well into the early hours of the next day. We woke up early to the chirping of the birds. With sound of different birds, it felt as if we are in an aviary. We came out & followed the sound. Wow! What an array of lovely birds! Black & white fowls, turkeys, geese, ganders, snow-white swans, ducks, pigeons, colorful love-birds, parakeets with their red curvy beaks…We were awed to see so Eventually, we reached our destination with many birds together!With Prez Vishwa around, wethe sun just making way for the moon. Ever smiling couldnt miss our morning walk. When we came across aBond welcomed us, treating tired team to refreshing pond in the estate, Dr.Prahlad was nostalgic & startedcoffee & piping hot veg soup.The marathon board humming the song “Neera Mele Aleya ungura…” ameeting went on & on, finishing only by 9.30pm.Camp popular during his college days. Back after a long walk,fire set-up by the side of the vast building was fighting to we refreshed ourselves. The fragrance of Idli-Sambar,drive away the cold while some of us who thought liquor Poori beckoned us from the dining hall. Umesh shareddid the job better, helped ourselves. Barbecue chicken & the secret of pooris at by the side added to the spread enjoyed under It was a memorable meeting where “The Manmoonlight. The topic of discussion on everyones lips with a Golden Gun”, who invited us “From Ammathi –was Mens Cooking League (MCL), the spirit of which with Love”, said “For Your stomachs only”, as we hadrefuses to fade away from memory with its enjoyable “Licence to Eat”, but “The stomach is not enough” so,moments. Aiyanna was beaming with joy after the we thought we will “Eat another day” as Bond played arunaway success of MCL. Azeez bhai tried to woo perfect host. Anyhow, “Tomorrow never dies”! Mohan ...Thana O n 23rd morning the children of Spandana and Makkala Mane were all picnic with the dressed and ready carrying their water bottles, for the Less Fortunate Innerwheel members had planned to take themon a picnic to ‘Karighatta’. When Anupama and I went topick the children from Spandana they were all gleamingwith excitement. The scene was no different at MakkalaMane from where Chandrika picked up the children in We got down at the foothill and climbed to the top whileanother bus. The two buses met on the highway and our buses carried our food and supplies. While the olderreached Karighatta at around 11 a.m, with the children care takers were tired ascending the steps the spirits ofsinging, shouting and screaming throughout the journey. the 50 children did not seem to decrease.
  3. 3. ...Dr. PrahladFriends here are some startling facts that are coming out almost the same uniforms. Judges got confused andfrom the recently concluded MCL entered some marks of Chat Express to Nal Packs. All inPP Alagappan of Venkys kitchen copied the recipe of the game Kumaranna!! Anyway people enjoyed yourSambhar and Rasam from a chit which he carried in his chats.Chettinad underwear- Cheating!!, Venky –the leader of Gasagase payasa of Kafe Krooks was- in the initialthe same Venkys kitchen had brought a vessel which had stages of preparation was bellada paka thanks to3 markings with permanent marker. First one for filling Narasimhas measurement of jaggery, but the teamthe water, next one for putting raw rice, final one for diluted the concentrated jaggery juice with stolen milkputting off the gas once the cooked rice reached that and finally churned out payasa!!mark- Brilliant!! Rtn. Narendra of Vinyas was seen in the uniform ofThe Banana pudding of Loots and Scoots got burnt badly criminals, washing utensils, cutting vegetables-duringand the dish was rechristened “Smoked Banana Pudding” the event, but he was honoured at the end for being in theand the judges were fooled by presenting another sample elite panel of industrialists along with Narayanmurthy ofwith 2 fresh bananas- the original pudding was taken Infosys and for getting the Sir MV award. Boss! In thehome as organic manure for in-house garden. The box you are just a pawn-may be you are a king in thegathering was given an impression that the item was sold game.out. I could only smell the smoke. Still won the award for Milton of Kafe Krooks has a rare talent apart from scoring–Best desert!! Heegu Unte!!! Sixers at Rotary cricket matches- he washes utensilsNarendra Babu of Mysore Maharajas had promised to well, an attribute well utilized by Kafe Krooks. Did youbring a burner to the event. To the surprise of its leader notice that IW IPP Shama Milton!! Well all the bestMohan it was only burner and there was no support to Milton.keep the vessel on top of it-but Babanna gave an instant Dr. Ravindranath of Venkys Kitchen was cutting theremedy- use foundation stones to keep the vessel- and onion and the slices were measuring exactly 1mmburner underneath- Ingenuity!! 1st run of cooking peas thickness- well he has the surgical precision. And Rajeshfor Masala vadas for MMs turned out to be overcooked Shah of the same team could not go below 2 inches andpeas paste. The whole item was redone with garden fresh that is also talent- size matters!peas. Finally their Masala vada won the best starter- Master Dhanpal Jain- son of Toofan can identify the tastestarted off rather badly. with just smelling the dish. He was not supposed to eat asChat express of Kumaranna did not get any award – not he was observing fast-Chaturmasa. He was the officialintentional. Chat Express and Bhanus Nal Pack got quality control of the PCs. A rare gift –that is to bemixed up because they were adjacent and were wearing appreciated and nurtured.
  4. 4. Once we reached the top we had to find a Finally theygood shady spot, for the sun was really blazing hot. reachedAnupama entertained the children to some games home withwhile the bus drivers fixed up the kites for flying. The their handsexcitement knew no bounds as soon as the kites were full ofbrought out. The whole hill looked colourful with the chocolates,children scattered all over the place trying to fly their wafers &kites. Soon it was time for lunch and everyone sat colourfuldown to their prayers before the meal. The kids kites anddevoured the veg-pulav and masala vada. More kite their heartsflying and playing around before it was time to leave. filled with While the children enjoyed themselves they gratitude, thanking us for having given them the funwere also taught not to throw chocolate wrappers and and excitement. We too left with our hearts filled withpaper plates around but to dispose them in trash bags contentment at having spent our day with theseand carry it back with them. The children also children.dispersed seeds around the hill (which they hadcarried with them), doing their bit to save greenery. Alagappan 25,000/- Manojkumar 15,000/- Narendra.N 10,000/- Vishwanath.R 10,000/- Ranki 10,000/- D.Srinivas 5,000/- Sundar 5,000/- Venkatesh.R 5,000/- Mahesh 5,000/- Manikam 5,000/- Raaghu 5,000/- IW President Anupama celebrated Ganesha festival on Narendra Babu 5,000/- the 19th Sep by providing lunch for 25 people at Umesh 3,000/- Spandana. The children were entertained with games Chandragupta 3,000/- Naveen Chandra 3,000/- and they made Ganesha idols with clay soil. Azeez 3,000/- Rajesh Darla 3,000/- Manjunath 3,000/- IW President Anupama Rajesh Shah 3,000/- and Ann Prabha K,N.Srinivasan 3,000/- Arun Shenoy 2,500/- conducted an awareness Dr. Prahlad 2,000/- programme at RMA for Sulaiman 2,000/- the girls of 7th, 8th and Bhanu 2,000/- 9th standards on physical Gopi 2,000/- Sambashivan 2,000/- and emotional changes. Raju Baliga 2,000/- The girls participated Kumaranna 2,000/- well at the interaction Dr. Amarlal 2,000/- session and the co- Mohan 2,000/- M.S.Raghu 1,500/- operation of the teachers Rangaraj 1,000/- is to be appreciated. The programme was scheduled Sanjay.P 1,000/- for 1 hour but it went on for 1hr 20min. Ravindra Babu 1,000/- Dr.Raghu 1,000/- Rtn. Chandragupta Jain gave a talk on career guidance and motivation to the students of Sai Ranga School for the hearing impaired – a project for the Innerwheel club of Mysore Central. Next Week in Midtown Advanced