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AboutUs Issue 15, Rotary Mysore Midtown

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Issue 15

  1. 1. Issue : 15 Volume : 32 10-10-2012 Pages -4 Technology, Govt. of India. They are presently having an annual turnover of over Rs. 20 Crores. Mr. B E S T Narayan is ably supported by two sons Prashanth & Raahul and daughters-in-law Sowmya and Supritha. He is blessed with a granddaughter INDUSTRIALIST AWARD Amritha, named after her his wife, who passed away in the year 2000. Mr. B.S.Narayan is a role model for many young entrepreneurs. Mr. B.S. Narayan was born on 14 July 1956, who did his initial To honour this acheiver we have a specialschooling from New Delhi. He guest with us Mr.P.Vishwanath . He is the songraduated from BITS, Pilani in the of late K. Puttaswamy whoyear 1977 with B.E. (Hons.) in was a former cabinetElectrical and Electronics. With 9 minister. Mr. Vishwanathyears of work experience in BHEL, Bangalore in the comleted his BE (Mech) in the theArea of Computerisation, Materials Management year 1972 from UVCE, Bangaloreand Budgeting and he was due for a promotion when and worked as a trainee engineerresigning to start his own venture. He started Excel- before starting his own small scalePar Electronics in Yadavagiri, Mysore in the year industry. He is a partner at M/s1987 to manufacture Special Transformers and Adithya Precision Industries,Chokes for Electronic Application under the Hebbal Industrial Estate, & M/s Adithya Industries,guidance of SJCE-STEP Mysore. It was converted CMT Industrial Estate. He was elected as the firstto a Private Limited Company in the year 2007. The Mayor of Mysore City Corporation in 1983-84 andcompany is presently supplying a variety of has served as a Corporator for 10 years. He has alsotransformers to Larsen & Toubro Ltd., BHEL, BEL, served as the Chairman of Karnataka ForestSchneider, Vinyas IT Solutions, Kaynes Industries Corporation Ltd., Bangalore for two years.Technologies and other companies. Having Presently he is the President of Mysore Industriesemployee strength of 120 and supporting 5-6 Association, District Chief Commissioner -Bharatauxiliary enterprises involving over 200 employees Scouts and Guides, Hon. Secretary- VidyavardhaksExcel-Par Electronics is growing every year. Mr. Sangha, Hon. President – Baden Powell PublicNarayan has been awarded as The Second Best School, Trustee – Bapuji Childrens Home, Gokulam.Science Tech. Entrepreneur by National Scienceand Technological, Entrepreneur DevelopmentBoard in the year 1992 by the Dept. of Science and A warm welcome to you from Midtown. ufiS T he long awaited visit to Sufi school was possible on the 3rd of October. Innerwheel pecial President Anupama along with members; Geetha Krishna, Anuradha, Savitha, Lavanya, chool Chaitra and myself met at Geethakkas petrol station to r e a c h t h e p l a c e . Rtn.Azeezullahs brother along IW Memorable Day with the students welcomed us with all smiles. After the pleasantries, we went around tosee the different art work done by these children. Gosh! We wereawestruck by the paper work done by these children. The paper has been well utilised to make differentflowers, vases, bouquets, baskets, paper birds, etc. Beads and chains made of fruit seeds, paddy, etcwere eye catching. The precision with which these art pieces were done showed us how we could usewaste to bring out such creative work. Craft out of ordinary materials like leaves, twigs, seeds, grains, etccould be seen there. Some children also enthusiastically taught us this art form. One boy showed us a man Continued on page 2...
  2. 2. Dear Friends, Let us condole the saddemise of a very warm, kind & ever smiling Mr.Nanjappa, father of Rtn.Aiyanna, and pray for the departedsoul. The visit to Rangarao Memorial School was satisfying and it wasnice to see the children with great displine and would like to thank Rtn.Alagappan,Rtn.Manoj, Rtn.Ramki, Rtn.Aiyanna, Rtn.Milton, Rtn.Nandu, Rtn.Dr.Ravindranath & Rtn.Gopal for donatinga table and chair to the school. Rtn Raghu and Rtn Nandu conducted orientation for almost 1000 students from three colleges inKollegal- kudos to both of them. Rtn Sulaiman Sait organised an eye camp at RMA and sixty elderly peoplewere screened and eleven of them were selected for free cataract operation at MRC eye hospital. Thank youSait. Today let us welcome the chief guest Mr.P.Vishwanath and the Best Industrialist awardeeMr.Narayan B.S. Manageing Director of M/s Excel -Par Electronics Pvt Ltd and honour him with the award.Thank You, Vishu...Continued from page 1walking- only by using a handkerchief!! The eye-hand coordination was commendable. We all hadso much to learn as we became novices amongstthem. Rtn .Azeezs brother was cordial to show usaround. The two teachers as well as the ayahs, thebackbone of these kids were felicitated by thechildren themselves on behalf of our club. It was aspecial moment for all of us. We also donated someprovisions to the school and also gave away biscuitpackets to the children present there. Two girls alsoentertained us with 2 songs in Urdu and Kannada.The efforts, dedication, love & care shown by SufiTrust & the staff towards these differently abled c h i l d r e n i s praiseworthy. Hats off to the entire team. After a photo session, we all carried a few art pieces as memorabilia. Bidding them goodbye and promising to visit them again we bound homewards. All of us present there, were of the single opinion that it was indeed a memorable day & unlucky were thosewho could not actually be present there. …Prabha Prahlad Today’s tea hosted by RAMKI Courtesy: Rtn. Ravi Mams
  3. 3. A Re-L k at the Mahatma.... A Re-Look at the Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi 2012T he father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhijis then existing girls blind school. The Assistant Director birthday is celebrated all over on the 2nd of lamented on the plight-to-be of the blind girls of Mysore. October. It is said Gandhi himself never used to This thought moved Rtn. Guru to convince the family celebrate his birthday and many ashramites would trust and the school started in a rented place inobserve a fast instead on that day. Well the 144th birthday Sidharthanagar and later moved to their own premises onof the Mahatma was observed in a special way by Rotary K.R.S. Road. He said that his family gets immenseMidtown- A meet with the visually challenged girl satisfaction in doing this community service, the samechildren at the Ranga Rao Memorial School, K.R.S road, way as Rtn. Azeezs family gets in attending to the specialnext to the Metagalli police station. school at Ghousianagar. He also said that it is only because Our Hon. secretary, Rtn.Manoj was the first to of the commitment and sacrifice shown by the dedicatedarrive and by then the children were all neatly seated on teachers and staff of the institution. Working 24 x 7, thatone side of the auditorium. Talking to Mr.Harish the man- the school is running well, and that what the Rangaraofriday of the institution, really showed his commitmentand passion to work with these challenged children. 93girls from far and near are housed and taught from nurseryto SSLC, in this school. Mr.Harish visits places,convinces the parents, brings them to the school to show-case the facilities and then goes back and brings the childfrom the village. He admits its a challenging job. Almostall are visually handicapped with a few able to see a little.They do sense differences in intensities of light, whichhelps them to manouevre a bit. Seated in a disciplined,way the children are served with hot poories, sagu,chutney and a darwad peda by our Rotarians. Many in uswere a bit watery- eyed seeing the children fend for thefood literally, placing their fingers and finding the food. Memorial blind school for girls, needs, is only appreciation & encouragement to these committed people from the community/rotary. President Vishwa and Rtn. Manoj were all smiles on the dias. He went on to say how proud he was at the achievement of the school in producing 3 post graduates and a P.hd student. The speaker Shri Javare Gowda recounted his freedom-fighting days and requested everybody to re-visit the works on Mahatma Gandhi. PP Sanjay Shyamanur, had in 2008 gifted all members with the book “The story of my experiments with truth”. Shri Javare cooed the same words of “sumitra gandhi”. Gandhiji today is just reduced to statues and that Bapuji is remembered only on the 2nd October and 30th Jan by the politicians and forgotten the next moment.Many spilt the chutney on their skirts without theirknowledge. The meeting was well attended and the Rotarians and guests had their tea only after the meeting at 7.30 pm. The cheif guest was Shri Javare Gowda, a People who missed out please visit the school and meetfreedom fighter and an English teacher. Surprising the wonderful children, Mr.Harish, Ms.Geetha and staff.everybody was the presence of PG.Rtn.R.Guru, the Our school donated a few desks and benches to themanaging trustee of institution. Rtn guru spoke on how students of SSLC class. A memorable Gandhi Jayanthithe school was started way back in 1987, at a meeting with celebration.the Asst. Director of the district rehabilitation center, hewas told about the government’s decision to wind up the ...Ramki Q uiz Q.: Which early Rotarian was Secretary of BETTER HAL VES !!! No offence meant, just to excercise your face muscles. Rotary International for 32 years? Why are wives more dangerous than the Mafia? a) Paul Harris b) Chesley R. Perry c) Herb Taylor The mafia wants either (Last week’s answer : Hunger Relief) your money or life... The wife wants both! Pharmacist to customer: In order to buy migraine pills, Sir, you need a proper prescription. A picture of your wife is just not enough! NEXT WEEK IN MIDTOWN Funny quote on a husband`s T-Shirt: All girls are devils, but my wife BUSINESS MEET is the queen of them. RCL Hall, JLB Road. Searching these keywords on Google `How to tackle wife?` Date : 17.10.2012, Time : 6.30 pm Google search result, `Good day sir, Even we are searching`. Courtesy: Ramki
  4. 4. MIDTOWN NEWS ORIENTATION PROGRAMME GUEST SPEAKER R t n . Nandakumar was invited by Rotary Mysore South East as a guest speaker on 8th Oct. October being the Vocational Month he enlightened the audience on Rtn. Raghu and Rtn. Nandoo conducted an “Vocational Services” with particular orientation programme titled ‘Empower to Excel’ in reference to the Rotary 4 WAY TEST. association with Kollegal Rotary Clubat Kollegal on 5th Oct. About 1000 students of SSLC, PUC & CONGRATULATIONS Degree class students benefitted from it. Ann Lavanya Srinivasan has cleared University ENTERTAINMENT @ JSS OLD AGE HOME Grants Commission Innerwheel Midtown National Eligibility Test ( U G C - N E T ) i nP entertained the inmates of JSS Old Age Home with the help of a mimicry artist Management studies. Congratulations from Ms. M.S.Geetha for about Rotary & Innerwheel an hour on 8th Oct. The Midtown. senior citizens had a hearty laugh and felt light PRESENTATION COMPETITION hearted at the enchanting and funny sounds made by Ms. Geetha within her story narration. The programme was followed by light refreshments. INNERWHEEL DONATES Our Innerwheel sisters have donated Rs. 10,000/- towards Bannur Kitchen project Rtn.Rakesh was a part of jury for Intra B- Gyaan, B-Plan presentation competition at NIEs entrepreneurship cell-ONYX recently. He was accompanied by Mr.Matt Brown, faculty-NIE to adjudge the best B- plan (business plan) presented by engineering students of NIE. EYE CAMP OBITUARY Rotary Mysore Midtown Mr. Alemada.A.Nanjunda, ex-serviceman, had organized an Eye father of Rtn. Aiyanna passed away on 5th Checkup Camp on 8th Oct Oct. He was 82 years old and leaves at RMA School, Hootagalli. behind his wife, daughter, son, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandson, grand- daughter and many well-wishers. Midtown offers d e e p e s t condolences to the grieving family, and pray God to give 1. Is it the TRUTH ? them strength 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned ? during the tough 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS ? times. May his soul 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned ? rest in peace.