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Issue 07


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AboutUs Issue 07 Rotary Mysore Midtown

Published in: Education
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Issue 07

  1. 1. Issue : 7 Volume : 32 15-08-2012 Pages -4 and some of them are ‘Sodigadheya Cheluveyaru’, ‘Eradu Dhadagala INDEPENDENCE DAY Naduve’, ‘Mogadhashtu Nenapugalu’ etc. His famous columns in leading newspapers include ‘Namma Nammalli’, ‘Nimmodane’, “Madhyama Vyayoga”, “Kandidhu Kaadidhu” etc. For the past 20 years he has held more than 50 workshops on Feature Writing across the state. On the invitation fromT oday, 15 August 2012, we are proud to be celebrating our 66th Independence Day. This dayholds a magnetic charisma amongst us to hoist theflag and sing the National Anthem with our heads the Department of Higher Education, Government of Oman, he spent 28 months of teaching in his field. His works have been recognized and are being used as study material. He hasheld high and heart filled with patriotism. We are many stars on the lapel whichhonoured to have Dr. Nirajana Vanalli amongst us at include Karnataka SahithyaRotary Midtown Academy. Academy Award (1992), Ugrana Prashasthi (2000),The spotless gift of Vanalli to journalism, Dr. Goruru Prashasthi (2002),Niranjana was born on 25 Aug 1965 in Vanalli HKS Award for columnvillage of North Kanara district. His basic education writing (2002), Shimogawas at his own village in the government school. Karnataka Sangha Award forLater he continued at Ramakrishna Vidhyashala- the work titled Oman, etc.Mysore, MGM College-Udupi, Maharaja College-Mysore, M.A. and doctorate in journalism from The blessed son of Dr. S.P.Hegde, an ayurvedicManasagangotri-Mysore. He started his teaching doctor at Sirsi, resides at Thonichikoppal-Mysorecareer at SDM College, Ujjare and at present he is with his wife Savitha and two daughters Spoorthithe Asst. Professor in the department of Journalism, and Siri.Manasagangotri-Mysore. His hobbies for the past25 years include freelance reporting, feature writingand column writing. He has many books to his credit We welcome you sir. LONDON OLYMPICS 2012 CARDIAC CAMP You Made Us Proud
  2. 2. ISRO PRESIDENT’S MessageDear Friends,Wish you a very happy ‘INDEPENDENCE DAY’. Voyage‘SAMARTHA’ 2012 was a successful event withalmost 100 participants. I would like to thank Rtn.NARENDRA and team for taking the lead andworking tirelesly towards this noble cause and alsothe efforts of Ann. Anuradha, Rotarians Bhanu,Nandoo, Prahlad, Aiyanna, Ravi Moms,Kumaranna and each and every one of you. Letsgear up for the job mela on 24th of this month.My special thanks to THOOFAN CHANDU forsuggesting and negotiating at the "VILLAGE" forthe memorable get together.Lets welcome Sri Niranjana Vanalli, our chiefguest for the ‘INDEPENDENCE DAY’ celebrationsat Rotary Midtown Academy. D e Paul International Residential School’s ISRO Center visit comprising 25 students and 2 teachers was sponsored by donating rupees 5000/- from our Club under the youth service programme. They departed on 3rd August at 5.30 am and returned the same day by 9.45 pm. About the experience of the trip, Akash Sharma, the schoolThank you Head Boy of DPIRS writes ……. Vishu Dear Sir, We are thankful to you for providing us with an THIRD EYE VIEW by sini opportunity to visit the ISRO centers which we did visit on 03-08-2012. It was a valuable experience Looking back when I was young , on August 15th I and we are overwhelmed at the vast sea of knowledge used to go to school in neatly pressed uniform and we were pounded with. We visited the ISRO satellite polished shoes, without carrying books, singing center-learning the different satellites sent by ISRO, Jana Gana Mana and receiving chocolates at the we also saw a probe under construction to be sent for end. This was Independence Day to me at that time. Didnt even know that it was our National orbiting Mars. Visit to the ISTRAC was a delectable Anthem that I was singing, it was just another Jack experience for we were the few, who actually visited & Jill rhyme for me. Now I realize that the the place Chandrayan-1 was actually controlled chocolates I received was not a chocolate but an from. orange flavoured candy. Later in my higher Dr. Guruprasad, PEO of ISRO even enacted us the classes I learnt what the day means and since then climax of landing of chandrayan. The center for deep there is a special place in my heart for this day & I space antenna was an amazing place. We do thank never missed swaying the national colours on that you with all gratitude to have supported us for the special day. I even imbibed the values to my son visit. by taking him to Chamundi Vihar Stadium every year, but now he has grown and he sways the national colours on his Samsung S2. Times have changed, but singing the National Anthem in front of the tri-colours fills my heart. Congratulations to the medal winners at the LONDON OLYMPICS 2012. You have made this Independence Day a memorable one by bringing home what you toiled for 4 years. Jai Hind ! My junior at the age of 3
  3. 3. source for the persons with developmental disability and their task analysis were answered by Inner Wheel Past President Ann Mrs.Anuradha Nandakumar, as Vice- President of Karnataka State Federation of PARIVAAR; Industrial queries were answered by Rtn.Narendra Narayan, MD VinyasIT and Mr.Venugopal, MD a beginning... Engineering Plastics Pvt Ltd. When moderators – Rtn.M.S.Raghu, human trainer; Prof. Roopa Rao,Narendra’s SAMARTHA special educationist; Mr.Mudre, trustee of Sneha Kirana, Mysore Spastics Society; Rtn.Ramki, Flowersynth; Ann Anupama Ravindranath, President 2012-13 of Inner 2012 Wheel; Rtn.Rakesh, Innomantra; waited with lot of preparation to moderate the group discussion.T he intention of mainstreaming the persons with developmental disability of autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, multiple disabilities and alsothe persons with hearing impairment – gave way toRotary Samartha 2012. Such noble intention caught the Before adjourning for Lunch, Rotary Mysore Mid-town President, Rtn.R.S.Viswanath, proposed a formal vote of thanks to panelists and moderators with all humility and gratitude. Going overboard, he also had a slip of tongueattention of very few industrialists only for 50 minutes of (or was it deliberate prezzz??) while he expressed hisinaugural – Chief Guest, Deputy Commissioner,Mr.Vastrad; Keynote Speaker,Dr.Venkatesan, AIISH; presidedby our Rtn.R.S.Viswanath,President 2012-13 of RotaryMysore Mid-town; withRtn.Narendra Narayan, chairmanfor Rotary Samartha 2012 &Rtn.Dr.Prahlad, vocational servicedirector on either side on the dais. Itbegan with a melodious invocation“Durga…” by Miss ShilpaShrinath, a special employee withdevelopmental disability workingin Bhagyawanthi Apparels andthen it was lighting of lamp by allof them on the dais. Wellcompeered by Rtn.Mohan. After gratitude to Ann Anuradha Nandakumar for taking up sovote of thanks for the inaugural, a clipping of National many responsibilities for the day, which also includedAnthem by the hearing impaired was displayed on the choosing and inviting stalwarts Dr.Venkatesan, Mr.Gadkari, Mr.Muralidhara, Prof.Roopa Rao… while he wanted to say, “… she works so precisely to perfection and those working with her get irritated at her expectations”… he could only say, “ya devi sarva bhooteshu, shakti roopena samsthita, namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namaha. This is what I say to Mrs.Anuradha Nandakumar, who is an irritant to all working with her…” The audiences were astonished and were left wondering… Herculean efforts of our Rotarians and the HR TEAM of Vinyas Innovative Technologies Pvttwin multi-media screens, melting the heart of every Ltd, for two consecutive months, with series of meetings,person standing there, making their eyes moist. grabbing some quick grub, heated discussions, creativity, planning, late evenings, sleepless nights and all…For those (fewer) who remained even after the coffee culminated with 3 entrepreneurs coming forward to hirebreak till the end, a divine film on special employees persons with developmental disabilities, whencomprising of 20 clippings, made by Mr.Ramesh of Rtn.Raghu did the exercise of feedback.Vinyas IT, was shown. After which there was a paneldiscussion beautifully navigated by 25th October, 2009, when such a sensitizationRtn.S.Bhanuchandran, to answer queries by interested programme was held for the first time by MDPAEDD,industrialists – Legal queries answered by Mr.Gadkari, out of 650 industrialists invited, only 2 had participated.President of PARIVAAR – National Confederation of In comparison, this program had little more number ofParents Associations of India; Government queries participants with 3 of them motivated to hire too!! Kudosanswered by Mr.Muralidhara, Chief Nodal Officer, to all of them behind it!! Next phase awaited…District Disability Rehabilitation Centre, Mysore;Medical queries were answered by Dr.Seetharam Shastri,Vivekananda Youth Movement; Technical queries were ...Anuradha Nandooreplied by Dr.Venkatesan, AIISH; queries about the
  4. 4. ROTARY INFORMATION Rotarians share tips for recruiting new members Eight years ago, Géné Villaça-Crestia was asked by her district governor to start a new Rotary club in her country, Benin. She had been a Rotarian for only four years and didn’t really know where to begin. But she had a few things working in her favor: Villaça- Crestia is extremely passionate about Rotary, and she doesn’t take no for an answer. “I don’t hesitate to drive to people’s places and come back again,” says Villaça-Crestia of herRtn. Bhanuchandran conducted a career recruitment style. “I don’t wait for them to getguidance programme at Mahajana’s High back to me and tell me they don’t have time. ISchool on 13 Aug 2012, for students numbering insist and go after them until they understand130. The programme was well received by the what Rotary is all about and the good it will dostudents and they voiced their thanking them to join.”Be passionate and persistent.opinions. Villaça-Crestia says her favorite thing to say to prospective members is that by being Rotarians, they can be a bridge between the Wedding millions of dollars available through The Rotary Foundation and the poorest populations Anniversary of the world. Spiguel shared the following tips: Teach club members the Foundation’s grant process and immediately engage them in pursuing projects that benefit well-known service organizations in need in your 21-08-2012 community. Share your passion for Rotary with your family, friends, and community during Membership and Extension Month in August. 19-08-2012 dbate ? ? We have received topics from our members, but the response can still be good if you make up your mind. Happy Birthday Start now and walk away with the prize for the best topic. r.venkatesh 1. Is it the TRUTH ? Aug Aug 2. 3. Is it FAIR to all concerned ? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS ? 17 20 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned ? p.s.chengappa Q uiz Q.: What is the name of the official NEXT WEEK IN MIDTOWN magazine of Rotary International ? Visit to JSS Vrudhashrama a) The Roto Rooter b) Rotary in an Hour Adichunchunagiri Road, Opp. Aravind Hospital. c) The Rotarian d) Rotary Illustrated Date : 22.08.2012, Time : 6.30 pm (Last week’s answer : 6)