Issue 01, Volume 32


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AboutUs Issue 01, 4th July 2012

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Issue 01, Volume 32

  1. 1. WELCOME The simple beauty of Service joined as apprentice in Taj Hotel at Bangalore. After six months of training he was posted to a star hotel in Switzerland. Before flying out of the country he visited his parents in his home town. God had other plans for him and a sighting of a man eating his own excreta out of hunger changed the course of pursuing his goal as a Maître de chef. He stayed back as he realized that these people needed him more than a star hotel in Switzerland. He started cooking and feeding 25 people initially with his meager savings and even piled up debts. This did not deter him and he continued with faith and people around him noticed his good work and started giving him donations in cash and kind. Today his non-profit trust Akshayas Helping in H.E.L.P Trust feeds about 450 odd people to three meals a day with the mission “Committed to the care of the helpless, forsaken, mentally ill, old, sick, “F or me everybody is the same”, these are roadside destitute living and dying on the streetsthe words which comes out from the mouth of of Madurai, by providing healthy food, love andMr.Narayanan Krishnan. Born in Madurai to opportunity to rehabilitate, thereby restoringthe blessed couple K.Narayanan and Lakshmi, human dignity”. His Trust relies on sponsorshiphe pursued his career as a Chef before fate and donations apart from his own rent incometurned him into a social worker of the poor and from the property he bequeathed. Mr.Krishnansthe destitutes. A Brahmin by religion he has work did not go unnoticed; he was nominated forbecome ir-religious or anti-religion to feed the “CNN Hero 2010”award. Out of the 10,000450 odd poor, destitute, mentally retarded and applications received he made it to the last 24home-less. He did his B.Sc in Hotel because of three reasons… Akshaya is anManagement and Catering Science from organization run by the youth; the quality of foodMadurai Kamaraj University in 2002 and they serve; and excellent bookkeeping. Then he Continued to page 2
  2. 2. President’s Message Dear Friends, Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to lead this organization, the Rotary Mysore Midtown . Personally Rotary has been a great learning platform for me through which I have been learning the true meaning of life and also enjoying a great friendship. I salute all my gurus, the clubs past Presidents for giving me an opportunity in the board & teaching me the statesmanship. I once again congratulate Raaghu, Venky & team for scaling new heights. Friends, let us start the trek with the mountain gear & all along lets enjoy the beauty of life & attain" Peace Through Service". We begin the journey by honouring the great saviors-the Doctors of our club, on the occasion of Doctorsday & also welcome the epitome of humanity-Mr. Narayan Krishnan, the chief guest for our Installation. Thank you - Vishu Continued from page 1made it to the top 10 and also he received thesecond most votes in public opinion voting. Along with a few volunteers he starts the dayat 4.00am in the morning cooking breakfast,lunch and dinner, loading and delivering them tothe needy. He has even learnt hair dressing to givethe destitute a haircut, as people dont like to touchthem. The shunned needy are hugged, shaved,bathed and fed by him. These are his words “Ibelieve that unreached people who die on streetsshould be cremated with dignity. I believe thateveryone has 5.5 liters of blood and we all areequal”. His parents support him in his endeavor andalso his sister Shwetha, a post graduate in Micro-Biology is helping him as a volunteer. His dreamof making Madurai free from destitutes andhomeless is becoming a reality as his Trust hasacquired 2.74 acres on the outskirts of Maduraiand a home with all facility is getting ready tomove all the needy and it will provide living,healthcare and rehabilitation. No Government grants, endowments or income producing projects is available, Akshayas Helping in H.E.L.P.Trust is solely dependent on public sponsorship and donation for running the program. Those interested in donating funds or helping in Quote of the Week kind is requested to visit “If you don’t fight for what you want, Rotary Mysore Midtown then don’t cry for what you lost.” extends a whole-hearted welcome to the young CHAMPION of the 1. Is it the TRUTH ? needy. 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned ? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS ? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned ?
  3. 3. THIRD EYE VIEW by sini year. London Olympics is all set to begin and let us My year as Editor hope that we rake in some gold setting aside ego begins with all the support problems of the tennis players. Sania and from my strong editorial Somdevs wildcard entry has boosted the board and I believe that chances of more gold. Recently Saina is doing AboutUs will be a extremely well and one more gold is on the anvil. refreshing change this year. Swamijis shishya Vishwanath is the saarathi When I was in school I was of the MIDTOWN this year and I am actively a playful joker and I was involved with him for the past 2 months in his also very attentive to my planning for presidentship. I can say that he is ateachers. My convent education imparted by hypnotic guy who can have his way but he is alsoAnglo-Indian teachers has given me an edge and I soft and his Ashram education is playing its role.never thought that one day my writings will be There is a vast difference between IPP Raaghuread and judged by others. I am confident of who steered the club to great heights with hismaking a change in AboutUs. Guys please be timely decision which works and Vishwa who issoft on me and correct me in my stint as Editor a strictler for perfection. My father once told meand also contribute jokes, articles, cartoons and that there are two ways to choose living… justnews. live or this is the way I should live and Vishwa The whole year I was greeted to the daily news belongs to the latter and I think that attitude helpsof corruption, amassing wealth disproportionate him in his vocation, you just cannot make a gear,to their known source of income, Lokayukta raids you should make a perfect gear. As I said beforeon IAS, KAS babus, struggle for power in our that I was and am a playful joker I fit anywhere inState and now the fight for president-ship has a card game whether it is Raaghus or Vishwas. Istarted. am very much impressed with his meticulous Looking at all this I am wondering where the planning and I am sure that there will be a repeatcommon man fits in. He doesnt fit anywhere, but of IPP Raaghus achievement and I wish him allis caught in the wheel and is moving where ever it the best in taking the team to great taking him. Prices have sky rocketed and greed Editorship seems to be easy as myhas multiplied. In such circumstances our predecessor Rtn Dr. Prahlad has promised hisorganization has chosen the apt theme Peace unconditional support during my tenure, thanksthrough Service giving the much needed hope to Doc.mankind. Imagine 1.2 million Rotary members Jai Ho to Rtn Raghavendra and team formaking a change to humanity through service, success achieved.very reassuring. I am glad that a Hero of the poor Cheers!is installing the office bearers of the club for this Office bearers for the Rotary year 2012 – 13 Rtn. R.S.Vishwanath – President Rtn. S.Raghavandra – Imm. Past President Rtn. S.Bhanuchandran – President Elect Rtn. R.Venkatesh – Vice President Rtn. L.M.Manoj Kumar – Hon. Secretary Rtn. A.N.Aiyanna – Joint Secretary Rtn. R.Sundara Raja Rao – Hon. Club Secretary Rtn. K.Umesh – Director Club Service Rtn. A.R.Alagappan – Director Community Service Rtn. Dr.K.A.Prahalad – Director Vocational Service Rtn. N.Narendra Babu – Director International Service Rtn. Raju Baliga – Director New Generation MIDTOWN Rtn.T.N.Mohan Kumar – Sergeant-at-Arms MARVELS Rtn.D.Srinivasan – Editor AboutUs
  4. 4. HAPPY DOCTORS DAY Every year Doctors Day is celebrated in India onthe 1st of July to honour the legendary physician andthe second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr.Bidhan Chandra Roy. This observance fulfills aneed to show the doctors and physicians in our liveshow important they are to us and how invaluabletheir treatments are that cure us. The celebrations areindicative of the respect that they command in thelives of their patients and thus obligate them tofulfill their responsibilities as well. We atMIDTOWN celebrate this day by honouring our own in-club Doctors. This year Doctors Day was celebrated at Apollo Hospitals by honouring Dr. Ravindranath, Dr.Prahlad, Dr.Raghu and Ex-member Dr. Balakrishna Gowda. President Vishwanath thanked them fortheir unconditional service to the society and handed over personalized plaques for remembrance. Theclub secretary along with other Rotarians was present to wish the Doctors. Dr. Amarlal was honoured aday before as he had other appointment out-station. The honoured doctors treated us with bread sandwiches, fruit juice and apples. (We did not eat theapples, but carried it home) An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so we dont eat apples in the club because we need ourbeloved doctors. The Presidents Supper and his wife Ashwini got special thanks Like a sailor hits the shore, our president Raaghu from him. Clubwas waiting for this day to speak his heart out and he secretary Rtn.did with gusto. Rain Gods let loose their fury that Venkatesh hasevening but the brave hearts of MIDTOWN was become his bestthere not to miss the occasion. Meeting was called buddy duringto order at 7.30pm instead of 6.30pm as to facilitate the year andmembers to reach the venue due to rain. All expres s ed itmembers were present with their Ann and Annets nicely by givingbarring a few. Club secretary Rtn Venkatesh read a gift which wasout the years achievements in all avenues of service nicely hidden byand also acknowledged the members co-operation Rtn. Gopal in hisand contribution by honouring them with trouser pocket. Hismementoes. We could see a vast improvement in talk was like a seaour secretarys vocabulary, looks like by the time he soned statesman and he i sdons the mantle of president in the coming years he future governor material for sure and hewould have mastered the art. Now the time for has the blessings of all the stalwarts of the club.president Raaghu to deliver his speech and he did He wished in-coming president Rtn. Vishwanathwith ease. It was an hour long speech or rather a all success and support. Raaghu laid down theheartfelt talk where he thanked all who helped him president-ship setting a high benchmark for thisto bring back the glory to the club. He identified years president. The evening continued with aeveryone in the club for their contribution and dance program by Annet Santosh and his wifethanked them. The clubs official caterer Mr. Akshatha with some salsa and western dance.Sridhar Bhat was honoured for his service, Some of the dancing shoes of midtown learnt aphotographer Venkatesh, office staffs Nagesh and few steps from the couple. After that it was timePuttaraju were recognized with gifts. During his for midtown fellowship and like every timetalk he kicked his board and some members in the Midtowners, Anns and Annets let loose theirback but we realized that it was only a humor to inhibition and burned the dance floors. Food wasshare. The best club award was dedicated to our enjoyed lastly and adieu to Raaghu and the yearsenior Rotarian Dr.Kanakaraj who is at present Reach within to Embrace Humanity. Best ofunder medical care. His business partner Naveen luck Vishu with Peace Through Service.
  5. 5. Coffee& Rasam1. Source of Happiness may lie in your gut Deccan Herald2. The Ghazal loses its voice Business Line3. Titillating Fingering Technique Star of Mysore4. DNA data to trace dog poo offenders Business Line If you had minutes to flee a disaster5. Cong attacks Mamata and could take only one item, what would for disclosure Deccan Herald you choose?6. City college raises the Most people name a possession that is bar for B.Com Indian Express often impossible to replace: their photos. In Ishinomaki, Japan, which wasQuiz obliterated by an earthquake and 20-foot Q.: Number of Midtowners who tsunami last March, survivors escaped attended Rotary Convention at with their lives and nothing else. Bangkok ? Photojournalist Allison Kwesell traveled by bus in November to a) 18 b) 19 c) 20 d) 21 Ishinomaki from Tokyo, where she is aFirst correct answer carries a prize Rotary Peace Fellow, armed with two cameras, photo albums, and donated Fuji Wedding instant film. She joined two photographers who had formed Anniversary Photohoku, named for the Tohoku region, where the disaster struck. The nonprofit aims to help survivors build new albums – and new memories. “As a journalist, I often feel that I am taking stories from the victims of disasters, war, and poverty,” Kwesell says. “I believe such stories have the power to effect change, but my photos and words might never directly help the people who let me into their lives.” This trip was different. The team asked survivors if theyd like to pose for th photos, then gave them the instant prints. Raju Baliga & Revathy — 11 July The photographers started albums for 98455 14833 them and listened to their experiences. Kwesell recalls photographing a woman with her grandchildren in front of NEXT WEEK their temporary home: “She told me she IN MIDTOWN was happy I chose to photograph her there, because it gave her the courage to Inner Wheel Installation move forward. She said she believes that at RCL , JLB Road one day, she and her family will look back on the photo and remember what they Time: 6.30pm overcame.”