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Issue 12


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AboutUs Issue 12, Rotary Mysore Midtown

Published in: Self Improvement
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Issue 12

  1. 1. Issue : 12 Volume : 32 22-09-2012 Pages -4 AMARAVANI AWARD TO A GENTLEMAN EDUCATIONISTProf. C. N. Manjappa the recipient of Amaravani The chief guest of the day Prof. C. K. N.award instituted by Rtn. Dr. M. N. Bheemeshs Raja honoured Sri. Manjappa with traditionalfamily, in memory of his father Asthanavidhwan splendor witnessed by an audience who wereProf. M.G. Nanjudaradhya truly deserves it as he unanimous in their opinion that Sri. Manjappabelongs to the diminishing tribe of honest and deserves many more such awards and recognitionsselfless people in this world. not only for his contribution to law education as a Prof. C. K. N. Raja, the chief guest of the teacher and writer but also for his unstinted struggleday enjoyed every bit of the programme right from to get grants from the government which the lawsavoring tasty dosas to honoring hisown student and delivering athought provoking address to theaudience. The evening, as it is everyyear belonged to Rtn. Dr. M. N.Bheemesh and his family, as theywere present along with a largenumber of well-wishers of therecipient Sri. Manjappa and hisfamily members to witness thisunique recognition instituted bythem and given away to deservingeducationists by Rotary MysoreMidtown. President began with faculty deserved. All of this with no personal benefits for his own self. Prof Raja in his address recognized the simplicity of this man and in his comparison to the mythological character of King Balichakravarthy and Lord Vishnu a s Va m a n a r e i t e r a t e d t h e significance of reincarnation and the power of the Lord. He said he was indeed delighted to honor his own CARDIAC CAMP student with the prestigious Rotary Mysore Mid town Amaravani Award. Sri. Manajappa in his acceptancecustomary ease as he attended to the protocols and speech felt that the objectives in hisafter a pleasant welcome address handed over the life took priority to his personal needs. Heproceedings to Rtn. Dr. M. N. Bheemesh. mentioned about him becoming a writer accidentally and remembered all those responsible Bheemanna began with a brief introduction for him to reach such heights and dedicated hisof the award instituted by his family. He was able to achievements to them. His modesty wascontrol his emotions better this year when he appreciated by the august audience as the programremembered his father and his contribution to ended with thanks giving by Rotary Midtown to alleducation. He then introduced the recipient and his those responsible for making the event a success.good friend Sri. Manjappa to the audience. Withsuch deceptive looks and simplicity Sri. Manjappaseemed awed with the occasion. ...Bhanu
  2. 2. president’s MESSAGEDear Friends Thank you team leaders Rtn.Thank you Thank you Thank you for making the Mohan, Rtn. Bhanu, Rtn.Midtown Cooking League a grand event which was Kumaranna, Rtn. Srinivas, Rtn.held for the first time in Midtown. It was a total family Harish, Rtn. Sait, Rtn. Umesh, Rtn. Venky andentertainer with lots of fun. I would like to thank Rtn. Rtn. Prahlad and also all the Rotarians and theirBalaji for sposoring the soft drinks, Rtn. Alagappan families, but for your enthusiasm, planning andp a r t ifor giving us the venue, Rtn. Aiyanna for making cipation the programme would not have been such aelobarate arrangements, Club secretary Rtn. Manoj super hit. Thank you all once again.and Club service director Rtn. Umesh for themeticulous planning and my special thanks to Rtn. Today lets welcome the participants for the debateMahesh and Vyjayanthi, Inner wheel sisters made competition hosted by Rtn. Raghus family and getthe event very colourful and thank you for the lip engrossed in the relevant subjectsmacking chats and tea and the entertainment Vishuprogramme.Ladies’ Eye View on Men’s Cooking ...Lavanya It was surprising to see our men folk discussing food and recipes instead of sports, politics andbusiness for the past one month. All thanks to “Mens Cooking Day” and the amount of preparation that hasgone into it – burnt hands and cut fingers of the amateurs trying to master the skill which we ladies arealways proud of, and not to forget the messed up kitchens used to perfect their dish. Finally the D-Day arrived on 16th Sep with the rain Gods trying to play a little hide and seek on theprevious day, bringing a small doubt on everybodys mind about the success of the programme.Fortunately the day began with a bright sunshine and the venue looked beautiful with the colourful teambanners adorning the stalls. Vehicles jam packed with gas cylinders, stove, utensils, groceries andvegetables arrived and the stalls were organized to start the competition which began at 10:30 a.m assoon as the president Rtn. Vishwanath gave the count down. The “Mysore Maharajas”, led by Mohan, started their cooking traditionally after a small pooja andbegan by peeling peas and corn, boiling potatoes for chats and arranging to grind dhal for their vadas.Team leader Mohans leadership skills came to the fore in this exercise making him the crown prince forpresident-ship in the near future. The second counter belonged to the “Nal-Packs”, of the managementGuru Bhanu who proved his management skills with meticulous planning and organization of his teammates and delegation of work. Each member of the team knew what was expected of him and got ontotheir job immediately. Kumarannas stall “Chat Express” smelt of burnt peas and Sanjay needed a band aidfor his cut finger while trying hard to chop the vegetables. But their spirits never came down and they redideverything quickly and brought out good stuff. “Kafe Krooks” was more of a one man show with the wholeteam relying on Seenu to churn out his delicious Veg-Biriyani which was literally given to him by Vishwa sothat there is some guaranteed edible food at the venue. The jail uniform was a novel idea. The team mateswere dutifully helping the master chef by taking instructions and Rtn. Narasimha brought out his tried andtrusted “Gasagase payasa” to satisfy the sweet tooth after eating the Biriyani. The ladies did not miss theopportunity to take tips for making the perfect Biriyani. Harish led the “Loot & Scoot” and the membersjustified their team logo and name by playing a small prank of stealing a few things from other stalls. Theircurd rice and desert looked more like art pieces than food stuffs with all the decoration. The “HyderabadyNawabs”, led by Sulaiman Sait, came a little too early for the next competition with the stall lying emptyeven after the competition began. However they did manage to bring out their dishes before judgment andwin the Clumsiest Team award. Umesh managed to bring the glow on his stall “Thondas Thadka” withbright aprons, and lively Sundar helped to bag the Lively Team” award. For once Motte Venky brought out100% veg meals from his “Chettinadu Mess” and all members were aptly dressed in Chettinad style. Afterhaving created all the rukus on facebook, Prahlads “Prestige Cookers” brought out their really softChappatis and Korma (which really was Palya) and managed to bag the Booker Prize as well. While a lot of hard work was going on at the stalls by our men, we ladies and children had a fieldday, cycling around, playing games and with a little concern prepared chats and refreshments for theparticipants and viewers. The Inner Wheel ladies composed an apt invocation song with the names of allthe dishes on the menu and also presented a musical orchestra out of kitchen equipment to entertain thetired cooks and the audience, followed by sumptuous lunch prepared by amateurs which was unbelievablydelicious. All the dishes were beautifully displayed for judgement. The three judges Mrs. Geethashree, MrsShaila Amarnath and Mr. Srinivasan (chef of Olive Garden) were overwhelmed and had a tough time infinalizing the prizes for various categories. The team members did try to woo the judges through theirvocabulary skills by making a lovely description of the dishes. The day came to an end with the prize distribution ceremony which had to be rushed throughbecause the dark clouds started gathering around us. Conclusion – Point to be noted: Our men can cook,so how about they cook for us at least once a week!
  3. 3. Feast Pictures Speak Plays Sings Works Sees Eats Tastes Cuts Cooks Rests Tips ResultsHats off to photographer Venkatesh for capturing the beautiful momentsof ‘MEN’S COOKING DAY’ helping us to relive the fun and excitement.
  4. 4. NEWS IN BRIEF Rotary Information ROCK TALK In 1962, Australia was a country grappling with change. Many older Australians wereRtn. Rakesh spoke on "Entrepreneurship in still emotionally rebuilding after World WarModern era" to engineering trainees in a II, and the nation was beginning to dismantlefinishing school in Mysore. The programme its anti-Asian “White Australia” immigrationincluded a Q&A session. Mr.Sudhanva, CEO of policy.ExcelSoft and Mr.Venkatesh, CEO of RIIIT can When Yoko Sekimoto arrived in Melbournebe seen in the pic.. that year as Japan’s first Rotary Youth Exchange student, she didn’t realize that many people were wary of her visit. Fifty years later, she continues to marvel at the graciousness of her hosts. “Everyone treated me like a daughter or sister. It was only 17 years after the war, but I felt a warm welcome and great hospitality,” says Sekimoto (her married name – at the time, she was Yoko Miyazaki). Japan’s Youth Exchange program began with help from an Australian Rotarian. Don Farquhar addressed the 1961 RI Convention ANU SPEAKS in Tokyo about the need to build friendships and cultural understanding throughout the Ann Anuradha spoke on world – particularly with Japan. He main streaming for considered student exchange to be the best supported decision way to do that. making at SPANDANA “Don was a person of both immense courage National Trust for the and foresight,” says Stuart McDonald, welfare of persons with program development officer for Youth Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Exchange in Australia. “In 1942, during Mental Retardation and World War II, Don was blinded in actionMultiple Disabilities at Ministry of Social Justice against the Japanese. However, heand Empowerment, Govt. of India, New Delhi on maintained a desire and a mission in life to5th September 2012. promote peace and goodwill.” After Farquhar delivered his speech, he was SPONSOR approached by a Japanese district governor,On 14th Sep, Mrs. Vijaya Srinath sponsored a who asked him to help arrange the first Youthcataract surgery for a deaf and dumb gentleman. Exchange involving a student from Japan. TheRtn. Sulaiman helped in identifying this person Rotary clubs of Rosebud and Kurumeand Dr. Prabhu also reduced his charges by half. coordinated Sekimoto’s year abroad. A few weeks after her arrival, another group of Japanese students came to Sydney, and the next year Japan welcomed several Australian students. The country’s exchange program had officially begun. Debate Competetion Finals Sekimoto’s visit to Australia, along with the beginning of Youth Exchange in Japan, was Venue: RCL Hall considered so historically significant that Date: 26.09.2012, Time: 6.30 pm photographs from her exchange are now housed in the National Archives of Australia, McDonald says. “It was a hard time for Japan when I was 16,” 1. Is it the TRUTH ? Sekimoto says. “When I came to Australia, it 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned ? was just like heaven. It was such a different 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS ? style of living. That became a big turning point 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned ? for me – it completely changed my life.” Her experience as an exchange student Q uiz Q.: In which year were women officially awakened a curiosity to explore the rest of the world. After returning home to finish high allowed to become members of Rotary? school and college, Sekimoto worked as a flight attendant, married, and lived in Egypt a) 1993 b) 1991 c) 1989 d) 1987 before going back to Japan.(Last week’s answer : North Carolina)