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Issue 09


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AboutUs Issue 09, Rotary Mysore Midtown

Published in: Technology
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Issue 09

  1. 1. Issue : 9 Volume : 32 29-08-2012 Pages -4 followed by two meaningful interactive sessions. ZONAL Past Asst. Governor Rtn. P. K. Ramakrishna made an SEMINAR elaborate presentation of the Future Vision and on enlightened the delegates TRF with various structures of the Global and District Grants with reference to six areas of focus. He also explained how the grants can fit into the six focused areas of RotarysT he Zonal Seminar on TRF was held on 26th Future Vision. This session August 2012 at Rotary West Association generated maximum interest among the Hall, Mysore under the auspices of Rotary delegates. This was followed by the presentation Mysore Midtown. by Rtn. M. S. Nanadakumar, chairman–Alumni, on various Educational Programs under the RotaryThe programme was well attended by more than Foundation and gave a comparative analysis of60 Rotarians inclusive of Chairpersons of various GSE (Group Study Exchange) and VVTcommittees of Zone VII and Zone VIII., i.e., Mysore (Vocational Training Teams), further he alsoand Chamarajanagar, along with explained that how the rural clubs can participatethe Asst. Governor of Zone VIIIRtn. Prabhakar.The president of MysoreMidtown Rtn. R. S. Vishwanath,called the meeting to order andextended a warm welcome tothe guests and the delegates,this was followed with a briefview of the days program andsignificance of the seminar byRtn. Dr. M. N. Bheemesh,chairman–TRF, Zone VII. in this regard.Asst. Governor Rtn. Joseph Mathew was the guestof honor and expressed his views about the TRF & The delegates actively participated in bothalso the goal of the Zone VII. sessions and expressed that one more program of CARDIAC CAMPDGE Rtn. Gururaj was the chief guest, he this kind should be held after the Dist. Foundation Seminar. President elect Rtn. S. Bhanuchandran proposed the vote of thanks.inaugurated the program by lighting the lamp and ....Bheemeshgave a birds eye view of “Future Vision”. This wasROTARIAN of the Midtown thanks the Clubs war horses for doing excellent projects with the enthusiasm & MONTH vigour which will put the young guns to shame. You both deserve a ‘Sir’ in front of your names. The Club thanks you once again Sir. AUGUST Sir Balu Sir Raghu
  2. 2. President’s MessageDear friends, A couple of weeks before we celebrated the success of man about the landing of ‘Rover’ on Mars. One more feather in the cap of Midtown, Now the moonwalker who created history on July 20,the multi-zonal TRF seminar was hosted by our 1969 died on 25th last Saturday. ‘A small step for manclub for the first time and it was a grand success but a giant leap for mankind’, the hero who said thesewith more than sixty registrations. I take this words was an engineer and crack test pilot, whoopportunity to thank the chairman Rtn. PP. Dr. commandeered the Apollo 11 spacecraft successfully inBheemesh and the expert panelists - Rtn. PP. putting man on the Moon. In the race of placing a man onRamki and Rtn. PP. Nandoo who gave splendid Mars, even India is on the list and is capable. Butpresentations, thank you both. sometimes I wonder that as the land is shrinking in terms I thank our AG Rtn. Joseph Mathew for of acquiring we should speedup our efforts in relocatinggiving us this opportunity , Rtn. Aiyanna for to Mars as the animals need their rightful place here.arranging a sumptuous & elaborate lunch , Rtn. 5 SMS a day, the new policy brought mobileGopi for all the support rendered and each and users to their knees. Website & twitter accounts wereevery one of you for making it a trade mark blocked. The young tech savvy generation wereMidtown event. paralyzed. It was debated whether it served the purpose I thank Rtn. Raghu and Rtn. Balu for for which it was undertaken. In case of security I do feel itcarrying their passion relentlessly. Thank you was necessary to bring in some policy so that they couldstalwarts. throw the mischief mongers out of gear. Attack is the I would like to congratulate Rtn. Narendra best policy and that is what was done.Babu for being the runner up in Coorg golf Amidst all these news, the crowing glory wastournament. the young colts achievement in under-19 World Cup Friends lets discuss business in today’s Cricket by beating Australia. Congratulations boys!meeting. what an AXE effect. Saina, the darling of Badminton is soon to be called Dr.Saina Nehwal as she is to receive an honourary doctorate. Good going girl, keep it up. India expects more from you in the next Olympics.GIFT OF LIFE Cheers!!! WEDDING AnniversaryB aby Omkaraiah of Hubli, beneficiary of the Gift of Life project is recovering at Apollo Hospital. Rtn. Aiyanna visited therecovering child at the hospital with bagful ofgoodies. The parents are so thankful for all the Alagappan 2 September Vijayalakshmi &support and contributions received from Rotariansand the child is making good progress after theoperation. This was possible because of allRotarians support and blessings and thank you 3 SeptemberRtn. Dr. Prahlad for coordinating the project to thischild. Rakesh Babu & Aruna NEXT WEEK IN MIDTOWN AMARAVANI AWARD FUNCTION Venue: RCL Hall, JLB Road, Mysore Date : 05.09.2012, Time : 6.30 pmLast week during our visit to JSS OldageHome we and the inmates enjoyed crispymasala dosa, soft jamoon and hot brewarage.Our thanks to Rtn. M.S.Raghu for hosting it. Q.: What is the minimum percentage of Club meetings attendence of a member as per bye Today’s tea hosted by laws of Rotary? Rtn. R.venkatesh a) 40% b) 50% c) 60% d) 70% (Last week’s answer : 1928 )
  3. 3. An Evening with the ‘Golden-Aged’ which everything is conducted including varieties inO ur community visit to JSS old age home on 22nd August was an experience of a different the menu charted out for the whole week in k i n d a l t o g e t h e r. O u r p r e s i d e n t advance. Rtn.Vishwanath R.S. flanked by Rtn.Aiyanna He thanked Rotary Midtown for their long standing(acting Secretary /standing –in for Rtn.Manoj association with them & thanked for the whole-Kumar) on one side and JSS old age home manager hearted support.Sri. Gurumallappa on the other side adorned the Rotary Midtown “Karna” Rtn. Venkatesh.R donatedstage. They were joined by IW President mixer-grinder & Smt.Kamalamma, mother of clubSmt.Anupama Ravindranath.The meeting started with national anthem where weRotarians were gasping to catch up with spiritedyoung-at-heart inmates of the old age home. Rtn.Mohan Kumar T N briefed about what is Rotary & itsactivities, for the benefit of the inmates of the old agehome. President Rtn. Vishwanath, donated mosquito netsManager Sri Gurumallapa spoke about JSS old age to the inmates as per their requirement.& the objectives behind the formation of the The most heart-touching part was when one of theorganisation. He recalled the circumstances which inmates Sri Tyagaraj, a retired employee of MICOlead to the birth of it under the aegis of JSS Maha shared his views with us. He was philosophicalVidya Peeta of Suttur Mutt. He informed us that JSS when he recounted his life experiences. He talkedold age home was started on 11th Sep 2000 & now it about how one gives up worldly things the in theseis brimming with more than 25 inmates housed in twilight years & aspires to attain self-actualisation.two buildings. The present inmates span from 66 to His rendering of “ Sri Chamundeswari “, a work of90 years of age. One of the inmates, Sri Ramanna Sri Jayachamaraja Wodeyar was melodious.who is aged 88, said he feels at home in this place. A meaningful evening, with tea hosted by Rtn.Sri Gurumallappa elucidated on the facilities Raghu, concluded with the un-invited but welcomeprovided for inmates of the institution which included guests - trainee nurses from the neighbouringTVs, newspapers, magazines, library, yoga, games nursing hostel witnessing the chess, dice etc. It was inspiring to learn that atypical day for the inmates begins as early as 4am! ....Thana MohanHe also mentioned about the systematic way in Our Guligesidda now a GOLF CHAMPION Rtn. Narendra Babu won the runner up trophy in the Coorg Golf Tournament - Stroke play net H/C 0 to 18 Category, with 64 net score. He is seen receiving the trophy from Kodagu Golfers Association President Dr.N.M. Caveriappa who is an ex-member and also the past president of Rotary Mysore Midtown.
  4. 4. R tn. Balu has set to enlighten as many students and staff on consumer awareness. One such session was heldat Mahajana High School on August 28, 2012which was well received by 340 students and adulteration in milk, butter, sweets, coffee, tea etc. During the programme Mrs. Savitha Ranganath delineated on the various aspects of Right to Information Act 2005 through a number of examples. Last week on 21st30 staff. It was a half day programme presided August the same team conducted Awarenessby Prof. S.K.Ramaswamy, Vice principal of the programme at Maharajas High School andschool and Sri Venkatesh Shetty welcomed 228 students were benefitted by it. Still therethe gathering waiting to be enlightened. Rtn. are more people in the dark with respect toBalu was assisted by N. Krishnamurthy who consumer awareness, so please keep up thedemonstrated with examples to detect good work Balu Sir. hall. Our Rtn. M.S.Raghu handled one of the sessions to educate the drivers. The feedback from the drivers is very positive and they expressed it by saying that they are charged and geared up for the next three months and promised that they will meet Rtn. Raghu for guidance in their lives. Sunday being a holiday, around 80 teachers of Marimallappa High School took the opportunity of learning from our Midtown Guru Rtn. Raghu. The session was on “Effective Teaching” and our most effective teacher Rtn. Raghu highlighted the methods andM ythri an initiative by the distict administration to train auto drivers in spoken English, personality development, conduct,communication skills and basic information techniques of reaching the students mindset and passing knowledge in a most effective manner. Thousands of students are going to be the indirect beneficiaries of this programme. Thank you Raghu sir.about tourist spots in the city was held at RCL and immediate past president of the Rotary Club ofRotary Information Maryville-Alcoa, Tennessee. “Not having clean water and sanitation impactsElementary schools across Mexico City have cleandrinking water and improved sanitation thanks to children’s ability to go to school. Students get sickU.S. and Mexican Rotarians. and they miss school,” says Appuhn. He adds thatSince 2008, Heart 2 Heart, a project of District providing schools with basic necessities allows4170 (Mexico) and seven districts in Illinois, teachers and administrators to focus on educatingIndiana, Louisiana, and Tennessee, has funded the the students. Local Rotarians arrange for theinstallation of clean water tank systems in more construction and delivery of the water tanks, assistthan 50 schools, improving the daily lives of tens of with the installation and plumbing, and trainthousands of students. A 10,000 liter tank is school officials in routine maintenance. Each tankconnected to each school’s internal plumbing and is refilled weekly by the government at no cost tofiltering system to provide clean water for the school or Rotarians. Each tank costsdrinking, toilet flushing, and hand washing. US$3,500. They are made mostly of steel and lastBetter sanitation at schools means healthier up to 40 years. The plan is to install 50 to 60 morestudents and more time spent in the classroom, clean water systems, according to Appuhn.says Ron Appuhn, one of the project’s coordinators