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Rcbks bulletin vol 19 no 7

  1. 1. Vol 19 Number 7 SELAMAT PAGI 28 August 2010 REF News Studying Techniques Session for Mentees 21 August 2010 On a fine Saturday afternoon on 21 August'10, REF organised a special workshop for our Mentees. 12 Mentees together with their Mentors were present. The trainer conducting the session was Ms Julia Lai Abdullah. Student Time Management was the know about life. This diagram below topic of the day. Since the exams are shows a picture of LIFE in a frame around the corner and the awardees under the REF needed a boost to “PICTURE OF LIFE” plan their days and to motivate themselves. Julia with her smiles and Study/Career Family bubbly nature, did Inspired all with a a The students were also taught how to lively and informative presentation. plan their study time starting from September to November, when their All students got involved and exams will begin. Mentees Darshini participated during the session, they LIFE and Au Yong shared their study were drilled on how to value time and techniques. It was a great motivating on the importance of time and an interactive time for all. management in order to excel in the .... by Ghaurry coming exams. They were taught the Wellness (physical Spiritual/Hope FOUR areas on which they have to & mental) Second Mentors Group Support Meeting The 2nd Mentors Group Support • The Mentoring Policy Meeting was held on 23 August'10. • “ Keeping in touch with non-rotarian 23 August 2010 A total of 23 mentors comprising of mentors Rotarians and volunteers attended the • Mentee Performance Evaluation form session. The meeting was chaired by • Introducing the Awardee Pledge. Dato Yau with REF Chairman PP Dr • Awardee passbook. Yee leading the power point presenta- • Mentors manual. tion. The topics discussed were: Rotary Club of Bukit Kiara Sunrise warmly welcomes..... District Governor Lim Kok Beng
  2. 2. ATTENDANCE Member's Contribution Visiting Rotarian: PP G Balasundram, RC Orewa,NZ Group 7 Intercity Meeting 17 Aug 2010 Guest: Shiksa N., guest of CY DG KB Lim said it was the first intercity meeting this year. The Attendance: 67% Fines: $69.00 venue was the 12th Floor Ballroom of the Sunway Resort Hotel. It was a modest crowd Announcements but the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. For the rate charged, the menu was pretty - There will be a Group 7 Intercity good. meeting on 18 August'10, Dinner meeting will be at Sunway Lagoon There were brief announcements from the respective presidents including Resort Hotel at $40pp. Lim Poh Huu of RC Danau Desa, M C ‘Mick’ Menon of RC Bandar Sunway, Amarjit Singh of RC Bernam Valley and Leong Yeng Kit of RC PJ and Poay - Next Saturday's regular meeting will Lim. DG KB Lim reiterated his call to action. be cancelled. The speaker was Rotarian Julian Hyde from Rotary Club of Danau Desa. A dive operator turned coral reef crusader, he devised a very engaging way of - President's fellowship is on 31 drawing attention to the depletion of marine life. From the mangrove August '10 at Bandar Utama condo, swamps to the ocean depths and the coral reefs in between, the loss of poolside at 12.30pm. All spouses and biodiversity is rapid and frightening. The message was driven home with a children are welcome. quiz in which we were to determine which statements about the state of the marine biodiversity were true. Seemingly drastic figures on the - A club assembly will be held during deterioration turned out to be grossly understated! As luck would have it the District Governor's official visit on [well, they might have been more enlightened], the high table won the prize 28 August'10. Directors are reminded – recyclable shopping bags, how appropriate. to prepare their reports. It was particularly pleasing that Kamarulzaman Omar [KO] of RCPJ told us - Members are reminded to be present that he had read Graham’s article in Expat magazine, his wife being for the REF sessions for the mentees British. and the mentors which will be held on 21 August and 23 August'10 The dire state of the reefs’ health did not stop the party from going on respectively. For more details, contact afterwards even if our contingent left quite sober! Vocational Director Yau. LAST WEEK’S SPEAKER PR Seminar organized by RC Central Damansara Mr James Brook - Square Dancing The half-day seminar was held on Saturday 14 August 2010 at the Commonwealth Club. The takeaway that I want to highlight for ourselves is that the media is saturated with all sorts of news and announcements. To make space for ourselves, we may have to tap the Internet: blogs, websites, twitter and other social networks. Word of mouth has a new meaning today, even more powerful than before. When the message gets repeated five times, all skepticism evaporates. To achieve results for these we learned that the communication needs to be personalized. Name names, keep the language accessible and so forth. Co- create the news. Go with partners like NGOs to spread the appeal. Get our ‘consumers’ to speak for us. So think of getting a message from SMK Sri Permata, for example. A satisfied customer is very good PR. Entertainment Words to Grow By value adds to the attraction of the message. And make use of the CSR factor. Use industries’ network. Laughter is like jogging on the The most significant question from the seminar is whether Rotary is relevant inside.. Exercise your ‘innards’ today? It was asked in various forms again and again. Interestingly guest every day. speaker Raymond Siva, MD of Edelman Malaysia confessed not being a Rotarian and said that it is because no one has asked him! Actually he said that as a provocation only. He did say that his perception of Rotary is that it is a little “old”. I see this to be an issue that the district should resolve since we are on a recruitment drive. .... by President Poay Lim
  3. 3. Today's Programme NEXT CHANGE District Governor Lim Kok Beng 4 September (Sat) 7.30am Speaker: Tbc DG Lim Kok Beng joined the Rotary Club fof Gombak in 1992 and transferred to Rotary Club of Pudu in 2006. He grew up in Penangand was very active in scouts and sports. He read law at the University of London King's College and CALENDER of EVENTS graduated with an LL.B(Hons) in 1968. He then trained as a Chartered Accoun- tant qualifying in 1971 as an ACA of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in President's Fellowship England & Wales. He started private practice in 1987 as a partner in his present Date: 31 August 2010 @ 12.30pm firm. Venue: Bandar Utama Condo Poolside He served as President of RC Gombak in RY2001/2002, as GSE Team Leader, District Enviroment Protection Chair, RYLA Chair, Assistant Governor, District 76th District 3300 Conference EREY Chair and District General Secretary. Date: 10 - 12 December 2010 Venue: Concorde Hotel, KL He has a daughter and son in the UK (with two grand-daughters) Host club: RC Pudu Around the Rotary World District NEWS Rotarians send help to Pakistan INTER-DISTRICT INTERNATIONAL flood victims FELLOWSHIP EVENING Rotarians are reaching out to victims of the heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan, as the About 150 Rotarians and spouses country continues to cope with its worst from District 3230 would be arriving in flooding in decades. Major rivers have flooded KL on a friendship visit. The District valleys in about one-third of the country, comprises of clubs in and around the claiming as many as 1,600 lives and washing city of Chennai (formerly – Madras), away bridges, roads, and entire villages. The United Nations estimates that South India. The evening will be more than four million people have been left homeless. graced by the presence of Incoming Rotary International Director for Zone Relief efforts 6 A, PDG Shekhar Mehta from RC Calcutta. In response to the floods, The Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees is Date : 30 September 2010 accepting contributions to help fund Rotary projects that will support long- Venue : Perdana Ballroom - Bukit term disaster recovery in the affected areas. Jalil Golf & Country Club The district is coordinating with ShelterBox, a grassroots disaster relief Host Club: RC Danau Desa organization supported by Rotary clubs around the world, to help distribute emergency aid. ShelterBox is sending 5,000 water filtration units and 2,500 water containers to flooded areas. More than 1,900 tents and 600 Duty Roster ShelterBox containers have already been deployed. 28 August (Club Service) RC Sharpstown, Texas filled two 40-foot shipping containers with relief supplies, and is coordinating with District 3271 to deliver them to Karachi, Sargeant-at-arms Sunny where local clubs will help distribute the goods. Desk Duty Karen Introducer Cecelia Meanwhile, RC Multan Metropolitan, Punjab, has established five flood relief Thank Speaker James Lau camps at local hospitals. Club members are collecting tents, household Fines Siew Hwa items, food, and medicine. 4 September (Vocational Service) World Water Works, a Rotary-club sponsored relief organization that provides disaster victims with water purification tools, has sent more than Sargeant-at-arms Yau 600 boxes to the southern province of Sindh. Hugo Pike, chair of World Desk Duty Niklas Water Works and a member of RC Chelwood Bridge, UK, says each box Introducer Sanjay contains a water purification kit that can supply each member of a family of Thank Speaker Teng Yoong four with about 2 quarts of drinking water every day for a year. Fines Jeremy Syed Shahab Balkhi, governor of District 3271, says Rotary clubs can do the most good by planning for the rehabilitation of flooded areas. “This is unprecedented flooding and has been incredibly widespread,” Balkhi says. Visit our Blog @ “Long-term recovery will be acute and painful. But help has been promised http:// rotaryclubbks. by every club in my district and District 3272.” blogspot.com
  4. 4. Board of Directors 2010/11 HEALTH NEWS President Tan Poay Lim 77277127(O) Knee pain relieve President Elect Looking for a natural way to relieve knee pain? You may want to tweak your Steve Robinson diet. A growing body of research suggests that small dietary changes can +66818336310 (BK) add up to big benefits for knee health. ?A number of foods have powerful anti-inflamma-tory and pain-relieving properties that may be as effective as Immediate Past President some prescription medicines for arthritis and other types of knee pain, Frances Po 21731618(O) Diet and Knee Pain: Go Fish Vice President The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are natural anti-inflammatories. Alvin Tan Calming joint inflammation can often help ease knee soreness.The acids 77275822(O) were found to ease pain and reduce the duration of morning stiffness in people with rheumatoid arthritis. Honorary Secretary Ghaurry Diet and Knee Pain: Order Indian Food 23003757(O) A helping of curry could do wonders for your knee pain. Because turmeric, Honorary Treasurer a spice used in curry and other Indian dishes, contains curcumin, a PP Sunny Khoo powerful anti-inflammatory. 22849089(O) Diet and Knee Pain: Use Ginger Generously Club Administration PP Karen Chong The herb ginger traditionally has been used to relieve upset stomach, but 012-2893380 researchers recently discovered that it also reduces knee pain by decreasing inflammation. In a study of 261 patients with moderate to severe Service Projects knee pain due to osteoarthritis, ginger extract significantly reduced knee PP Graham Bennett pain during standing and walking. Cooking with this spice can increase the 012-2918619 flavor of meals while decreasing knee pain. The Rotary Foundation PP Jeremy Ng 012-2186660 Membership Development District 3300 Sister Clubs James Cheong 78803333(O) District Governor K B Lim RC Bugis Junction [D 3310] 03-21630292(O) Saturday, 08:00 am New Generation limakbmy@gmail.com Hotel Inter-Continental Ghaurry 80 Middle Road, Singapore 23003757(O) Assistant Governor Mani Raja 03-79805529(0) 03-79813514(Fax) RC ChiangmaiThinthaingam[D 3360] REF Chairman Thursday, 12.00 noon PP Dr Yee Yoke Leong International Center 22824602(O) Rotary Clubs in Group 7 Chiangmai University, Thailand Bandar Sunway Bernam Valley Bulletin Committee Bukit Kiara Sunrise RC Chungli Chung Shing [D 3500] Thursday, 12.00 noon Kong (Editor) Karen (Production) Danau Desa No 4, Ln 10, Gwo-Ti Street Abdul/Kong (Speakers Programme) Petaling Jaya Chungli, Taiwan