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Sdm corrected final

  1. 1. Dear Sir/Madam, Season's Greetings! We invite the participation of your institution in the “Y. Bhagavan Memorial Inter-Collegiate Debate Competition”. The event is being organized in collaboration with Rotary Mysore Mid- th Town on Saturday the 19 of October 19 2013 at SDMIMD Mysore. This event is an opportunity to set free the debater in your students. It is a platform to challenge the awareness, acumen and logic of the students from the top institutions in Karnataka from the 5 streams of education - Management, Medical, Engineering, Law & Humanities. We are sure your esteemed institute will participate in this event in which the best minds from leading educational institutes in Karnataka actively debate over a contemporary topic. We wish to bring to your notice that -  The participation is 'BY INVITATION ONLY'  Rupees Fifty Thousand in cash prizes and trophies to be won  Finalists will receive Certificates Please find attached the event literature for your perusal. Do send your entries on or before th October 4 2013. For the more details and updates please log on to event webpage . We look forward to the participation of a team (two participants) from your institution. Best wishes & regards, Dr. H. Gayathri Deputy Director MEMORIAL ENGLISHDEBATE Competition STATE LEVEL INTER COLLEGIATE Y.BHAGAVAN sdmimd rotaryMID-TOWN MYSORE
  2. 2. Dear Sir/Madam, “To be a warrior is not a simple ma er of wishing to be one. It is rather an endless struggle that will go on to the very last moment of our lives. Nobody is born a warrior, in exactly the same way that nobody is born an average man. We make ourselves into one or the other.” - Carlos Castaneda Warm Greetings from SDMIMD, Mysore! Scouting for an occasion to set free the debater in you? And in doing so what if you could win prizes worth Rs. 50,000 in cash, Trophies, Certificates and other Perks!!!? The time has come to challenge your business awareness, acumen and logic among the most reputed B-School / Medical / Engineering / Law colleges of Karnataka by participating at the Y. Bhagavan Memorial Inter College Debate Competition to be held at SDMIMD in association with Rotary Mysore Mid- Town, Mysore on Saturday, October 19, 2013 at SDMIMD, Mysore. A ba le of wits... Mind racing against me… it will be fast… it will be furious… Get ready to think quickly, think differently and Get ready to be Blitzkrieged! Awards:  Rs. 50,000 will be the cash prize distributed to the top 3 winners along with the trophies.  Two consolation prizes apart from the winners.  The Top 10 contestants will be given the certificate. Last date for receipt of entries: October 4, 2013 Registration: As the participation is ONLY BY INVITATION there is NO Registration Fee Date: October 19, 2013, 9:00 A.M. onwards Venue: SDMIMD Auditorium, SDMIMD, Site No. 1, Chamundi Hill Road, Siddarthanagar Post, Mysore – 570 011 General Instructions: 1. A maximum of 2 participants from each Organization 2. Each speaker will have 3 minutes in the first round and 5 minutes in the second round. This is THE stage where thoughts are challenged, new ideas are generated and knowledge is accentuated. Adding to this is the presence of eminent personalities from the corporate world to share their extensive experience. So roll up your sleeves and prove your mettle!!! We look forward to your positive response and also request you to circulate this information among your students. MEMORIAL ENGLISHDEBATE Competition STATE LEVEL INTER COLLEGIATE Y.BHAGAVAN sdmimd rotaryMID-TOWN MYSORE
  3. 3. MEMORIAL ENGLISHDEBATE Competition STATE LEVEL INTER COLLEGIATE Y.BHAGAVAN sdmimd rotaryMID-TOWN MYSORE For any further information, please contact Sunil M.V., Librarian Mobile: 9986439832; Email: Sachin Patel, Student Co-ordinator : Mobile: 8884133598, Email: For other details log-on to event Web page We look forward for your participation. Best wishes & regards, Sachin Patel Student Coordinator SDMIMD, Mysore
  4. 4. ROTARY MYSORE MIDTOWN Rotary Mysore Midtown is part of Rotary International the largest voluntary organization in the world. Rotary International through its 1.2 Million Volunteer Rotarians is doing a yeomen service to Mankind across the Globe. The thrust area for Rotary International to serve the community includes: Polio Eradication ---- “we are this close to eliminating polio” Basic Education & Literacy Fighting hunger Provides Drinking water & Sanitation to many Promoting World Peace & Conflict resolution Rotary Mysore Midtown is recognised locally for its innovative projects and programs which are need oriented for the local community. Some of the projects envisaged include: Bhandhavya 2013 Asports andCulturalMeetfortheIntellectuallyChallenged. Hongirana TheSightRestorationfor BlindduetoDegenerationofRetina. Samartha 2013 ProvidingJobOpportunitiestotheDifferentlyAbledthrough anInnovativeProgram. Diksoochi 2013 ACareerGuidanceProgram for theyounggeneration. SDMIMD Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD), ranked among the top Business Schools in India, is located at the foot of Chamundi Hills in the heritage city of Mysore in Karnataka, 140 kilometers from Bangalore. Its charming campus has won architectural and landscape awards, and provides a great setting for learning and germination of managerial intellect. The institute is promoted by the Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Educational Trust, a much admired non-profit educational trust that runs MEMORIAL ENGLISHDEBATE Competition STATE LEVEL INTER COLLEGIATE Y.BHAGAVAN sdmimd rotaryMID-TOWN MYSORE
  5. 5. over 40 recognized educational institutions in Karnataka, including engineering and medical colleges. Dharmasthala, 'the abode of dharma', has been a renowned pilgrimage centre for hundreds of years and canons of selfless service, integrity, and social development stand embedded in all of the Trust's activities. The Trust and all the associate Institutions benefit from the visionary leadership of our Chairman, Padma Bhushan Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade. SDMIMD's AICTE-approved PGDM program that is accredited by NBA runs for six terms over two years with an impeccable quality of academic rigor. The institute is well known for its research activities and the dedicated research publications have come in for praise from the world of academics. The Institute' Research Centre has been recently recognized for conducting Ph.D. program. Further, a recognized two year part-time PGDM program is being launched this year. A brief introduction of Sri Y. Bhagavan : Y. Bhagavan was a renowned teacher of English . He had a passion for literature, drama, poetry and debating. People who knew him well would say his best friends were Shakespeare and Keats. He was a pioneering teacher who would bring Shakespeare's characters to life in the hallowed lecture halls of Maharaja's college. He started his career at a very young age and many of his students were older than him. Y. Bhagavan was the winner of the All India inter-university debate held in Trivandrum in 1947. He retired as the Principal of Maharani's Arts College, Mysore. MEMORIAL ENGLISHDEBATE Competition STATE LEVEL INTER COLLEGIATE Y.BHAGAVAN sdmimd rotaryMID-TOWN MYSORE
  6. 6. RULES AND REGULATIONS Y. Bhagavan Memorial Inter-Collegiate Debate TAKEAWAYS: Prizes worth 50,000 and many more rewards up for grabs! st  1 Prize : Rs 20,000 with Trophy and Certificate nd  2 Prize : Rs 15,000 with Trophy and Certificate rd  3 Prize : Rs 10,000 with Trophy and Certificate  Two Consolation Prizes  Top 10 Debaters to get Certificates EVENT GUIDELINES: Eligibility:  Participationis 'BYINVITATION ONLY'  AmaximumoftwoparticipantsfromeachOrganization  Participantscannotbechangedatalaterstage Format  Therewillbetwostagesinthecontest Preliminaries:  Inthisround,eachparticipantwillbegiventhreeminutestotalkfor oragainst thetopic. Finals:  In this round, the top ten contestants selected from the previous round will have to talk for or againstthetopic.  Thetopicwillbeannouncedonehourpriortothefinals.  Eachparticipantwillbegivenfiveminutestotalk. REGISTRATION PROCEDURE:  As theparticipationis 'BYINVITATION ONLY' thereisno RegistrationFee  The Registration form herewith attached has to be filled and duly signed by the respective authoritiesandpostedtotheaddress belowlatestby October4,2013: Sunil.M.V Librarian ShriDharmasthalaManjunatheshwara Institutefor ManagementDevelopment(SDMIMD) SiteNo. 1,ChamundiHillRoad,SiddarthanagarPost, MYSORE -570011  Kindly send the scanned image of the filled application form duly signed by the respective authoritytotheemailIDs:; MEMORIAL ENGLISHDEBATE Competition STATE LEVEL INTER COLLEGIATE Y.BHAGAVAN sdmimd rotaryMID-TOWN MYSORE
  7. 7. IMPORTANTDATES: Submission ofRegistrationForm: On orbefore4thOctober,2013 Event : October 19, 2013 GENERAL RULES:  Atanystage,thedecisionoftheorganizerswillbefinal. th  The event is scheduled to start at 9:00AM on October 19 2013. The participants are expected toreportonehour priortothecommencementoftheevent  The prize, trophy and certificate will be awarded at a valedictory session to be held on October th 19 2013  The information provided in the registration form must be genuine. ARRANGEMENTS:  BreakfastandLunchwouldbearrangedbytheorganizers. CONTACT US: Dr. Sunil M V Librarian Tel. No. +91-821-2429722 Extn.3006 Mobile: 9986439832 Email: Sachin Patel Student Coordinator Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD) Email: Mobile: 8884133598 Visit us at for further details MEMORIAL ENGLISHDEBATE Competition STATE LEVEL INTER COLLEGIATE Y.BHAGAVAN sdmimd rotaryMID-TOWN MYSORE
  8. 8. REGISTRATION FORM Name of Institution: Address: Tel No.: Email ID: Name of Contact Person (for future correspondence): Designation: We nominate the following two students from our institution / college for the debate being held th on October 19 2013 at SDMIMD Mysore. PARTICIPANTS DETAILS Participant 1 Contact Details Name Postal Address: Email ID: Mobile No: Participant 2 Contact Details Name Postal Address: Email ID: Mobile No: Signature of Head of the Institute / College with Seal MEMORIAL ENGLISHDEBATE Competition STATE LEVEL INTER COLLEGIATE Y.BHAGAVAN sdmimd rotaryMID-TOWN MYSORE