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Rcbks Bulletin Vol 18 No 30


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Rcbks Bulletin Vol 18 No 30

  1. 1. Vol 18 Number 30 SELAMAT PAGI 20 March 2010 RCBKS Education Fund, Youth Presentation Night, 17 March 7pm Leadership Camp Agrotek Garden Resort We had BBQ for dinner. And I was 15 - 18 March 2010 pleasantly surprised at the good turnout at the Camp. Arrival and Opening Ceremony Doing my mental roll call we have - SM Sri Permata Mr Ong (Principal), Mr Batma The crowd started building up in SM Sri (Student Counsellor), Puan Lim & Puan Permata as the student participants Kong (teachers). CIMB Bank En Yusof arrived along with Rotarians Graham, (Area Retail Mgr) & Alice Tan (Solaris Yoke Leong, Karen, Sunny and Kong. Branch Mgr). EQ Training trio Shankar, The bus was a little late and caused Andy & Selva. Guests Mohan & Gina, Hulu Langat/Pangsun locality. DG Leslie some initial anxiety. However, the driver President Robin Tay (RC Pudu) & son officially opened the camp with a simple made up for lost time by selecting the Marcus. Our Club members came in digital launch. All speakers thanked our right route to take, using the Cheras large numbers - Poay Lim & Jenny, major sponsor, CIMB Foundation for their highway. 4 cars followed behind the bus Thomas & Malhwi, Angie, Elsie, Ghaurry, generous donation which made the from the school and several more of us Kong, Susanne, Graham, Yoke Leong & camp into a reality. came separately finding our own way. Frances made our way to Agrotek. Ghaurry was earliest at the venue with EQ Principal Shankar ended off the hubby Siva and daughters in tow; opening ceremony with a brief The presentation from each of the teams Frances arrived next. Thomas came with background of some of the Rotarians’ had a common theme - encouraging the objective to take good pictures of the occupation; and asked that each student positive change and tells the story of opening ceremony. We were joined by to emulate these “leaders in their making choices and taking control of DG Leslie Salehuddin, Group 9 AG industry” and aspire to be at the top of decisions towards improvement ie be Veiven Goon and RC Pudu President their chosen vocation in time to come. the driver and not a mere passenger. Robin Tay. With the students on a ra-ra mode, there And of course the mandatory group countless war cries and “one clap” By 10am, the girls and boys were photo completes the opening ceremony. sessions. The presentations kept us dropped off at the entrance of Agrotek I give it to Shankar to give such clear entertained with one really good and ushered to tea in the peaceful instructions to the students to move impersonation of Shankar. Comparing coffee house adjacent to the peaceful furniture around and also arranged the participants tonight to Day One, I stream. everyone in the picture to a perfect pose. could see that most of them are highly Then it was time to leave the participants energised, motivated and prepared to The opening ceremony started off to the professional trainers. step forward to face challenges. What a punctually @ 10:30am in the large hall big difference a short 3 days has made. I at the top of the hill. The ceremony took am totally impressed to say the least. on a relaxed mode with Graham doing the welcome and emcee. Frances gave While the judges tabulated their scores, an opening speech off the cuff and En Yusof was invited to say a few words. extracted the promise from the girls/ He ended his speech by urging the boys to make full use of the time and students and their families to patronise participate in the 4 days programme so CIMB Bank for mutual benefit. Mr Ong that they can have A Better Start, to a delivered an inspiring speech and stood Better Life. Next to speak was Yoke out as a truly caring/nurturing principal. I Leong, who imparted more technical was given the chance to address the details and encouraged each and audience. I encouraged the students to everyone to be a driver in their own continue to stay motivated and shared destiny. DG Leslie wrapped up the with them the analogy of “it only takes a “official bit” of the programme and REF Awardees (from left): Jenny, Thanaletchumi, Darshinii, Yu Xin, spark to start a fire going”. shared some of his youth time adventures as a scout camping in the Pui Yee and Amirul ....continue on next page
  2. 2. ATTENDANCE Today's Programme Visiting Rotarian: President Robin Tay, RC Pudu Rotary Youth Leadership Awardees 'Expreriences at RYLA 2010' Attendance: 63% Fines: $30.00 LAST WEEK'S SPEAKER Announcements President Robin Tay - Walk to End Polio - Group 9 meeting is on 27 March'10. The dinner meeting will be at Eco Green President Robin from RC Pudu gave restaurant. Cost for members $20 and a presentation on the Walk to End guest $35. Host club is RC Pudu. Polio which began from Alor Setar to KL on 22 Dec'09 till 7 Jan'10. The - Medical camp a joint project with RC team comprising of 3 other Rotarians, Shah Alam will bw hled in May. completed the walk in 22 days and raised a total of $32,000. He also Leadership Training Program (REF) spoke on the preparations and the PP Graham briefed members on the diet regime that they had to follow camp at Agrotek Resort, Ulu Langat strictly in order to complete the walk. from 15 - 18 Mac'10. The team plans to do another walk PP Sunny presenting a cheque of from Alor Setar to Thailand and from $1,060 to President Robin Rotary Information Johor to Singapore in the near future. District Assembly Visit to Padmasambhava Children Loving Association The district assembly, held each April or 6 March 2010 May is an opportunity for Rotarians to by Ee Lay increase their Rotary knowledge, develop leadership skills and meet On 6 March 2010, 10 members of other rotarians in the district. RBCKS with their friends and family members visited Padmasambhava The leaders recieve resources at the Children Loving Association in Klang. district assembly to help them lead and The Home has 36 kids and 2 disabled motivate their club members, along with adults. The visit was part of our information on their role and responsi- Club’s Chinese New Year Cheer bilities. They also can meet incoming program. district leaders, including the district governor, assistant governors and Instead of presents for the children, various committee members.This is the Home had requested for why incoming club board members and provisions and groceries. Frances committee chairs are expected to attend had called for the “gift” to be this one day event. substantial and led the initiative with donations received from her friends. That was followed by personal donations from other club members and their friends in Attendees use case studies to ex- both cash and kind. These donations together with funds from the club had change ideas and brainstorm solutions enabled us to bring along with us quite a lot of groceries and provisions in on common club issues, while also addition to arranging for lunch. drawing on the expertise of other Rotarians in their district. Sessions While the above was viewed as “substantial” by an adult like me, the only item dedicated to public speaking, long- popular with the kids was an oversize toy goat brought by Nicholas with him for the range planning and effective goal visit. They took turns riding the goat while chomping on the pizza, chicken wings setting are among the most popular. and curry puffs. The other item which brought smiles to the kids faces were of course ang pows distributed by Frances. The assemblies also provide Rotarians with information about tbeir district's During the visit, the principal of the Home, Ani gave us an introduction of the home goals for the next year, the new RI and informed that they were in the midst of planning a charity concert to raise theme, the Club Leadership Plan and funds to purchase the two terrace houses which they were currently renting. This membership recruitment and retention could be event which RCBKS could render assistance. Graham and Dr Yee also strategies. inspected the rather small kitchen of the Home during the visit to determine in what other ways RCBKS could help. The distirct assembly helps to motivate club members for the upcoming Rotary This visit to Padmasambhava concluded the Community Service festive cheer year while enjoying the fellowship of program for the year. Last but not least, we would like to record our thanks to other Rotarians in their district. Frances, Susan, Angie and her brother, CY, Frankie, Siew Hwa, Nicholas, Karen, Graham, Dr Yee, Alvin and my colleagues for their time and donations.
  3. 3. Youth Leadership Camp NEXT CHANGE .....continue 27 March(Sat) 7.00pm RCBKS has help to ignite the spark and Group 9 Intercity Meeting it is up to them to keep the fire in them Venue: Eco Green, TTDI going and perhaps spread to other students and friends to influence 3 April (Sat) 7.30am change. Speaker: Tbc The team with the highest presentation 10 April (Sat) 7.30am score was Yellow team (The Speaker: Mohan & Gina Catalyst)with a grand total of 25,500 Topic: Living in Saudi Arabia Winning Team - The Catalyst (2,000 bonus for Jayaram doing a good Shankar impersonation). Next came Green (Trio Unity) 22,200 Red (Facebook) 22,100 and Blue (Vibrant Youth) 20,000. CALENDER of EVENTS The students ended the night with a item which they initiated - showing their 2nd Planning Meeting RY 2010/11 appreciation to sponsor CIMB Bank, RCBKS, their school and also EQ Training Date: 25 March 2010 through a song and a fully signed art sheet. Board meeting What a lovely way to spend the evening and end the day on a high Frances Date: 8 April 2010 Pre-PETS Seminar 76th District Assembly 12-14 March 2010 Date: 16 - 18 April 2010 by PE Poay Lim Venue: Sunway Resort Hotel Pre-PETS are attended by president-elects at the district level in preparation for Fireside chat@ Tanjung Malim their year in office as presidents of the club. The second one for my cohort and me Date: 1 May 2010 was held 12-14 March at Holiday D’Villas in Ampang. PDG Jimmy Lim generously Venue: PP Elsie's residence made it affordable for our organizing committee to hold the function there. Cost : $20 (BBQ dinner) It was obvious to me that after Pre-PETS 1 at A’Formosa, Melaka, last September, Medical Camp my ‘classmates’ are now more familiar with one another and are more willing to Date: 9 May 2010 speak up in discussions and contradict one another in civil debate. That made Venue: Shah Alam Pre-PETS2 much more productive in my view. The programme ran through aspects of Project Funding, Public Relations, What makes a club effective, and the like. I Trip to Taiwan - took the opportunity to run inform my mates on what we have done with REF so far. RC Chungli Chung Shing Anniversary You will be pleased to know that our REF programme fulfills the whole checklist as Date: 18 - 23 May 2010 far as project planning and execution are concerned – at least till now. Doubtlessly, we will in due course report on the projects like the Youth Leadership Camp to the RC Bugis Junction Installation stakeholders and hopefully create some PR that the project deserves. The percep- Date: 10 July 2010 tion among our fellow Rotarians is that RCBKS is one of the more effective clubs in the district. PP Bindi endorsed our REF brochure thus: Very professional! And I overheard DG Leslie telling the Group 4 delegates about REF as an example of a good project. It fell on me to defend our club when the suggestion came up that Rotarians should wear a jacket and tie during our meetings. The question was asked, “Would a CEO want to join the club if Duty Roster they saw us during meetings?” Look- 20 March (Membership) ing at our club we can say we have some pretty good-quality members Sargeant-at-arms James Lau who enjoy the club’s fellowship and Desk Duty Sanjay activities. This is more than some Introducer Kong better-dressed clubs can claim. I think Thank Speaker Fang Keong that if we are looking only for CEOs to Fines Yoke Leong join Rotary then the membership will continue to slide downhill. But this was Group 7 (from right) PE Lim Poh Huu 27 March (Club Service) NOT an issue with the District. District (Danau Desa), AG Mani Raja (Bandar Sargeant-at-arms James Lau Trainer PDG Paul Lee did say that the Sunway), DGE , me and PE ‘Mick’ Menon Desk Duty Karen matter rests with the individual clubs. (Bandar Sunway). Introducer Poay Lim The Training Team under PDG Paul were noticeably better prepared this time Thank Speaker Cecelia around. There were hiccups in the administration which didn’t mar the proceedings Fines Frankie in anyway. The fellowship was great. We had a very fun fellowship “Kampung Night” (sarongs and T-shirts!) on Friday for which RC Central Damansara under organizing chair PP Siva Shanker must be congratulated.
  4. 4. Board of Directors 2009/10 Around the Rotary World President Frances Po Chilean districts orgnize 21731618(0) efforts to aid quake victims President Elect Rotary districts in Chile are organizing efforts to aid tens of thousands of Tan Poay Lim homeless people in areas devastated by a powerful earthquake and tsunami 77277127(0) that struck the country’s Pacific coast on 27 February. Immediate Past President/PR Chile’s government, along with other international aid organizations, has Elsie Low supplied food and water to desperate survivors as the death toll has risen to 77281807(0) nearly 800. Many coastal towns were destroyed, first by the 8.8 magnitude quake, then by surging tsunami waves. Vice President/Membership Director Dr Sanjay Doshi Luis Veliz Severino, governor of District 4320, has allocated an initial 23008030(0) US$9,500 to relief efforts. Four clubs in the hardest-hit areas of Bío-Bío and Maule have set up donation drives for clothes, shoes, and blankets. Honorary Secretary Cecelia Matuya A ShelterBox response team is en route to Chile’s capital, Santiago, to 56342870(0) deliver an initial shipment of 448 ShelterBox containers. RC Santiago will conduct an emergency meeting on 3 March with the ShelterBox team to Honorary Treasurer decide where to distribute the containers. PP Graham Bennett 012-2918619 “The full extent of the damage in Chile is yet to be seen, but there will undoubtedly be a need for emergency shelter,” says John Leach, head of Club Service Director operations for ShelterBox. “Our response team will work closely with PP Karen Chong Rotarians in Santiago to make sure the aid reaches the people who need it 012-2893380 most.” Vocational Service Director Six Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholars who were in affected areas PP CY Fong have reported in safe. 78032276(0) RI President John Kenny offered condolences via e-mail to governors of districts 4320, 4340, 4350, and 4360 in Chile. He asks Rotarians to learn Community Service Director the latest on Rotary’s relief efforts and how they can help as it becomes Ho Ee Lay available at 019-3395688 International Service Director District 3300 Sister Clubs Susan Lim 012-2325860 District Governor Leslie Salehuddin RC Bugis Junction [D 3310] 03-61424628 (0) 03-61424058(Fax) Saturday, 08:00 am New Generation Director Hotel Inter-Continental Ghaurry 80 Middle Road, Singapore 23003757(O) Assistant Governor Veiven Goon 03-79805529(0) 03-79813514(Fax) RC ChiangmaiThinthaingam[D 3360] Rotary Foundation Chairman Thursday, 12.00 noon PP Sunny Khoo International Center Rotary Clubs in Group 9 22849089(O) Chiangmai University, Thailand Ampang Bukit Kiara Sunrise Bulletin Committee KL West RC Chungli Chung Shing [D 3500] Thursday, 12.00 noon Pudu James Lau/ Karen (Editor/Production) No 4, Ln 10, Gwo-Ti Street Sri Petaling Poay Lim (Speaker’s Programme) Chungli, Taiwan