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Issue 05

  1. 1. Issue : 5 Volume : 32 01-08-2012 Pages -4 Ÿ Performance Audits, Ÿ Motivational incentive schemes, Ÿ Network planning, Ÿ Traffic Engineering, Ÿ Operational Productivity Ÿ Globalization and CultureC h a m a r a j a n a g a r Ve n k a t a k r i s h n a i a h Gopinath alias C.V.Gopinath is a retired senior Deputy Director General and Ex-officio Additional Secretary to the Govt. of India, inthe Department of Telecommunication. He is a Mr. Gopinath is multi-lingual, familiar with Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil and Malayalam and makes his presentations in English, Kannada and Hindi.Graduate in both Science & Telecommunication His awards include:Engineering and Post Graduate in BusinessManagement (MBA) with specialization in HRD. Ÿ a. Karnataka Rajyotsva Award-2004 from GovtHe has 25 years of experience in Secretariate and of Karnataka( for contribution to Kannada15 years of field experience. Before Culture)superannuation he has been Advisor (IT) to Govt of Ÿ b. Bhagawan Gopinath Trust,Jammu (forDelhi from 01-07-2006 to 30-06-2010. As a project contributions to Kashmir Culture)leader he has successfully implemented a project Ÿ c. Ateesha Trust, Mysore (for contribution toon Modernization of Telegraph Service with an Budhist preachings)outlay of Rs.100 Crores during 1987-1990. Ÿ d. Chennai Karnataka Sangha,Chennai(for contribution to Kannada Culture)He is a member of the following committees: Ÿ e.The Shugden Society of India,Newdelhi (for contribution to Budhist preachings)Ÿ Inter-Ministerial - Nanda Committee on Ÿ f. Dehali Karnataka Sangha,Newdelhi (for amendments to Indian Telegraph Act. propagating Kannada Culture in North)Ÿ Hazards on Human health while working on Ÿ g. Dilli Telugu Sangham, Newdelhi (for Computer screens (with B.A.R.C.).Productivity contributions to Telugu Culture) linked schemes Committee. Ÿ h. Panun Kashmir Award,New Delhi(forŸ Committee on Impact of Modernization on contributions to sustaining Kashmir Culture) Labour Intensive Service.C.C.I.T.T.-I.T.U.(U.N.) Ÿ I . G l o b a l m a n A w a r d , U A E S.G.Member. Federation,Abudhabi-UAE(for working with children to imbibe Traditional values)As a central government employee he has been Ÿ j. FOSAAC Award-California (USA)(for community development leadership) CARDIAC CAMPposted in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka,Kerala, Ÿ k. Ambassador of Peace-UPF-Jerusalem (Israel) ( Sustaining interfaith and conflictTamil Nadu, Maharashtra, West Bengal and NewDelhi. resolution for Middle East peace process) Ÿ l. UDUPI Paryaya SANMAN-2008(for profound Vedic scholarship )He has received training in Germany, Italy, U.S.A., Ÿ m. Akhila Bharatha Kannada SahityaFrance, Japan and has also been exposed to the Sammelana Sanmana-2009different cultures of Switzerland, Thailand, Ÿ n. Guru Samman Award-2010(For guiding CivilSingapore, UAE, Bahrain, Mauritius, Srilanka, Services aspirants in mock interviews)Nepal, U.K., Israel and Palastein . Heritage documentary films made:He has to his credit, papers and publicationsrelated to the following subjects: Ÿ A Pilgrimage to Kailasa and Manasasarovar ( in English/Hindi/Kannada/Telugu).Ÿ Man Power Planning, Ÿ Amarnath – the God of Immortality ( in Continued on page...2
  2. 2. ........................ ........................ President’s Message ........................ ........................ THIRD EYE VIEW by sini ........................ BINGO! Gangan has opened the account at theDear Friends, Olympics with a bronze. Inroads have been made in badminton, boxing and tennis doubles as of‘Samartha 2012’- Employment for special children now. There have been disappointments andis taking place for the first time in our club. I take this laurels in the beginning but we still have half of theopportunity to thank Rtn. Narendra for taking the 81 member squad chasing their yellow goal. If ourlead and also being the major sponsor for this people bring back some medals it is because ofsocially relevant cause. Friends let us join hands to t h e i r o w n w i l l - p o w e r, d e d i c a t i o n a n dsupport this project. I request each one of you to determination. What else to say and expect frombring entrepreneurs and employers so that the the poor athletes with corruption at helm in ourchildren are benefitted. countrys sports arena. Anyway good luck guys with your LONDON DREAMS 2012.I would like to thank Rtn. Balu, Rtn. Raghu and ouremerging star Rtn. Chandu for conducting Away from the Olympics we have a Talibanorientation, consumer awareness, and drug abuse situation at home. The so called moral police havelectures respectively at Govinda Rao Memorial come out with a new definition to its policing:School & Mahajanas High School. Groping & feeling a girl in guise. These goons can put their moral policing to use by catching redWe thank our Inner Wheel sisters for celebrating signal offenders, helmetless riders and otherFriendship Day along with us and hosting traffic violators. There is no use blaming anyonesumptuous tea for us. because our law is slow and toothless, whether it is Kalmadi, Tiwari or Raja.Today, lets welcome Guru C. V. Gopinath to hearand visualize Kailash Darshana. Vishu I missed the Varamahalakshmi Pooja invitations from fellow Rotarians as I took the holiday Happy Birthday opportunity to take a break with my family down south. I saw the pooja pictures of Ann Sudha, Amitha and Vimala, very religious and colourful. I Rtn. Ashok Yadav trust the Anns have invoked the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi towards Midtown treasury too.2August Rtn. Naveen Chand Rtn. Elizar Milton The specials are blessed to have Rtn. Narendra as chairman of Samartha 2012. I am witnessing a kind of history in the making in Mysore, as he is toiling to make the awareness programme of employing differently abled in all industries, a success. Let us all join hands with him.5August ROTARIAN Rtn. Rajesh Darla Today we look forward for a virtual tour to the Himalayas through our speaker of the evening and let us gear up for the family dinner meet at “Village” on 6th of this month. of the Cheers!!! MONTH T ? Midtown thanks you for he youngsters making the installation should gear up dbate programme a grand for the Young success and all the support during the month. Rtn.Harish ? Yes No! Generation Month in September. Rotary Midtown has planned a number of activities and one of SPEAKER MEET them is a debate competition in English...Continued from page 1 for the college students (PUC included), held in memory of Prof. Y.Bhagavan- a renowned English/Hindi/Kannada). debater, dramatist and teacher.Ÿ Cosmic Rhythms in Divine Abodes (in Sanskrit).Ÿ Ksheer Bhawani( in English /Hindi).Ÿ Shruti-Smruti(Oral Tradition of India-A DVD to Rotarians, Anns and Annets are requested to teach Children in Gurukula System). suggest topics for the debate which will be held inŸ OM-The Primordial Sound-A perception of the 2 stages- first round to screen and select 10 Religions of East and Ancient Scriptures(Audio finalists & second round to choose the best CD-in English, Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati, among the top 10 finalists. E-mail the topics to Bengali ,Tamil &Punjabi). Prize awaits if your suggested topic is selected. Hurry scratch yourWe welcome you sir. brain.
  3. 3. H V ARAMAHALAKSHMI ere is “Varamahalakshmi”, the harbinger of festivals – after a dry Ashaada without any festivals / celebrations.Come Shravana – there are festivals in queue to POOJAcome one by one. Varamahalakshmi is a festival toseek the blessings of goddess Mahalakshmi, wife of R o t a r i a n sVishnu. The significance of Varamahalakshmi is Ragavendra,that, those who perform this vratha will be blessed Sanjay, Manoharlalwith 8 forces called Ashtalakshmis {Adilakshmi, and Sambashiv.Dhanalakshmi, Vijayalakshmi, Santanalakshmietc}. Finally we landed at Vimala NagarajsWith long list of invitations, we geared-up (!) to first residence where avisit our Rotary President Vishwa and Sudhas colorful rangoli“Manashanthi”. True to its name Sudhas residence welcomed us at thewas peacefully decorated and welcomed us. Sudhas entrance which isdaughter Anusha was dressed to the occasion. With the symbol ofmore than a months meticulous planning, Sudha hospitality ofhad taken care of each and every aspect of Vimala. But Vimalaarrangements and the pooja room looked as if had just left to seekVaramahalakshmi herself had descended from the the blessings ofheaven dressed in a bright, colourful Aruni saree. VaramahalakshmiWe joined our IW president Anupama Ravindranath at other friendsto get the blessings of Varamahalakshmi. We houses. Nevertheless her in-laws and Rtn.Nagarajgreeted each other and left for Amitha Harishs welcomed us. A religiously decorated pooja roomresidence to say Namah. was a pleasing experience with Goddess blessingLots of lamps lighted outside the house welcomed us. Her own little Lakshmi, Samyukta, had made aus, creating an atmosphere nothing less than photo frame using magazine papers for which sheDiwali. We wondered if it was Amithas residence had won a prize in school. My son Pratham hador a film theatre! Clad in traditional silk dresses, lively moments with the colourful fish and wasHarish, Manu & Naren welcomed us with the ever amazed to see Rtn. Nagarajs huge collection ofsmiling Amitha right behind them. A tastefully trophies. A chilling badam milk added taste to thedecorated pooja room had Amithas touch (not to occasion. We said good bye and left with a long listforget the beautifully stitched ready to wear of friends yet to be covered.designer saree for the Goddess). We were joined by ...Chaitra MohanT he opening batsmans of our Club are still at the crease and scoring. The two young senior Rotarians M.S.Raghu and Balakrishnan are showing such energy, its hard to believe. The whole week they conducted programmes and projectsrelentlessly.Last Thursday, 1st and 2nd PU students of Chaitra College got anopportunity to hear Rtn. Raghu on the topic “Empower to Excel”. On28th morning Rtn. Raghu conducted an orientation programme for140 students of Mahajana Highschool between 8:30 and 11:30 NOT !a.m on the same topic. He hadtaken Rtn. Chandu to speak onDrug Abuse and he handled thesecond session. On the sameevening, Rtn. Raghu gave a talkon “How to build your club” for themembers of Vijayanagar RotaryClub.Last week Rtn. Balu conductedConsumers Awareness OUTprogramme at Bagini Seva Samaj and on 28th, he was at M.GovindaRao High School giving demonstration and lecture on “AdulterationPrevailing in Mysore in food stuffs”. Rtn. Balu enlightened around 110high school students and 25 teachers on Consumer Awareness Act.Dr. Krishnamurthy, former scientist at CFTRI, gave a livedemonstration to identify adulteration in around 10 products.Still more to come out of these two batsmen. Good going gentlemen,we at Midtown are proud of you.
  4. 4. I n 1958, Bob Izon ran but has remained active the mile in world- record time in the ROTARY as a Rotarian, a justice of the peace, and a school under-16 age I board member at St.category, becoming the N Paul’s Church ofEnglish schools champion. But the most F England Primary Schoolmeaningful run of his life took place in O in Hereford.May, when the founding member of the R Other torchbearersRotary Club of Hereford Wye Valley, M Ken Logan, a member ofHerefordshire, England, carried the A the Rotary Club ofOlympic torch through his hometown. Braids, Lothian, TIzon is one of several Rotarians who have I Scotland, ran hiscarried the torch on its relay to the new O segment of the relay inOlympic Stadium in London for the June. He was nominated in part for his role in anopening ceremony of the 2012 Summer N Edinburgh charity that delivers aid to Bosnia,Olympics on 27 July. “I consider myself for which he has raised over £10,000 throughvery fortunate to have been chosen, as half the marathons and long-distance swimming.bearers are ages 15 to 25,” he says. “It gave me Mike Thorn, a member of the Rotary Club ofa chance to pursue three objectives: inspire the Cheam, Greater London, carried the torchyounger generation, publicize Rotary’s good through Kent in, and show that a diagnosis of “It’s an opportunity to be part of history. It’sParkinson’s disease does not always condemn priceless, and it doesn’t get much better thanone to a nonactive life.” this,” says Thorn. “It’s the nearest thing toIzon was diagnosed with the disease in 1992 running in the Olympics.” SOME ABBREVIATIONS DINNER MEET @ VILLAGE NEWS: North South East West. CHESS: Chariot, Horse, Elephant, SoldierS. COLD: Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease. Hosted by Board Members at JOKE: Joys of Kids Entertainment. ‘Village’, 4th floor, Mall of Mysore AIM: Ambition In Mind. on 6th evening. DATE: Day And Time Evolution. EAT: Energy And Taste. TEA: Taste And Energy Admitted. PEN: Power Enriched in Nib. SMILE: Sweet Memories In Lip Expression. Today’s tea hosted by Inner Wheel Sisters BYE: Be With You Everytime. Courtesy:Nandoo GEAR UP FOR RI CONVENTIONS Jun 23-26, 2013 Lisbon, Portugal Wedding Anniversary Jun 1-4, 2014 Sydney, Australia Jun 5-8, 2015 Sao Paulo, Brazil May 29-June 1, Jun 10-14, 2016 2017 2018 2019 Seoul, Korea Atlanta, Georgia (USA) Toronto, Canada Durban, South Africa August 6 2020 Honolulu, Hawaii Rtn.C.R. Krishna Courtesy:Aaa Chaa LAST WEEK RIDDLE’S ANSWER 1. Is it the TRUTH ? Women - Omen - Men 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned ? Lucky winner Rtn. Umesh 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS ? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned ? CONGRATULATIONS !!! NEXT WEEK IN MIDTOWN Q uiz Q.: Who was the president of the first SAMARTHA 2012 Rotary Club ever formed ?Venue: Seminar Hall, Information Science Block, a) Paul Harris b) Silvester Schiele SJCE Campus, Manasagangothri, Mysore c) Arch Klumpf d) Ramakrishna Kannan Date : 08.08.2012, Time : 10 am (Last week’s answer : 2005 )