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Issue 04

  1. 1. Issue : 4 Volume : 32 25-07-2012 Pages -6 ‘ MIDTOWN reach-out to.....FORHD gathering. Mr. Shambiah, gave a brief report of the foundation and he appealed to all the philanthropic Rotarians to donate liberally for this cause. On this occasion our club donated two big aluminium utensils and also a rack to be used in the kitchen. 27 pairs of black and white shoes with socks were also given away. Sunshine box was full with spontaneous donations which exceeded Rs.5,000/- and the club administration decided to give white uniforms to all the inmates,S erving the humanity at their doorstep, as a response to their request. which was started last year, continued this year also. This years chosen destination The highlight of the evening was the beautifulwas Makkala Mane, by FORHD (Foundation for cultural programme presented by the children,Restoring Human Dignity), which is situated in which comprised of melodious patriotic songsKuvempunagar near ISKCON temple. This and dances. It was a beautiful evening indeedfoundation was started in 2004 for the children of with mouthwatering ‘Channa Bathura’ to go wellconvicts, who become homeless and orphans with the occasion and the weather.and are deprived of social justice. Thisfoundation started with 6 children and slowly The attendance was fairly good, but those whoincreased to 27 now. Former DG Mr. missed really missed something. Dont worry,Revannasiddiah, IPS is the chairman and you can still make it up by visiting FORHDmanaging trustee and former DCP Mr. (Makkala Mane) at #1795, Udayaravi road,Rangappa is the chairman of Mysore chapter. K.Block, Kuvempunagar, Mysore-23, Phone 2463000.On Wednesday, 18th July, the meeting startedwith an invocation by the inmates and the Kudos to Viswa and team. Keep up the pace.president, Mr. R.S.Viswanath, welcomed the ........Nandoo CARDIAC CAMPC ardiac camp was held at RMA on 18th July. 8 Doctors from Cauvery Fortis Heart Hospital screenedaround 85 people which included parents ofstudents in RMA. President Vishwanath,Club secretary Manoj,Rotarians Alagappan,Gopal, Dr.Raghu, Pavithran, Balakrishnan,Narendra Babu, M.S.Raghu, Ramki, Umeshand Aiyanna were present to assist in theactivity.
  2. 2. THIRD EYE VIEW by sini 18th Wednesday was a full ‘Rotary Day’ with cardiac camp in the morning, Interact club installation in the afternoon and community center visit in the evening. Rare birds, brimmingWe would like to thank the management and sunshine box and great attendance at Makkalastaff of Cauvery Fortis Heart Hospital for Mane shows the change in our members aftersuccessfully conducting a ‘Heart Checkup the visit of Madurais hero to our club. BoardCamp’ at Rotary Mid Town Academy. meeting, jolly trip or management class ? It wasI take this opportunity to thank our senior all rolled into one at Ooty. Travel was fun andmembers Rtn. Balu and Rtn. Raghu for their zeal meeting was serious. M.S.Raghu, the charterand enthusiasm in conducting consumer bird gave us insights into management byawareness and career guidance programmes conducting games. The beginning monthsfor the children in different schools. Thank you activities are over successfully and everybody inboth. the board seems to be charged and ready for the coming months projects. ‘Operation Khedda’The first board meeting at Ooty was very was successful in roping Mohan for secretary’ssoothing and relaxing after a hectic installation. post for 2014-15. Congrats!We deliberated a lot of issues in detail and wouldlike to thank all the board members and also our KAKA is no more. He came, he saw, heguests Rtn. Kumar and Rtn. Raghu for making it conquered & he left. What did he take with him?to Ooty. Only his name stands. Friends, we have a lesson to learn here. Let us all do good things toThe team building exercise conducted by Raghu the community because that is the onlywas great fun. Thank you Rtn. Raghu for the satisfaction and name which will beinnovative programme. Lets deliberate remembered when we are not there.important issues in the business meet today. So far only good under the leadership of towering inferno Vishwa. Vishu Cheers!!! MATCHING GRANT #75571 ur matching grant project ambulanceO to SGDM Trust, fully equipped and one of its kind in Mysore has started its service to the community. The firstrun was on 25 April, 2012 with a 70 year oldfemale patient from Mission Hospital,Mysore to Nimhans Hospital, Bangalore. Till20 July, 2012 fourteen people have beenbenefitted by it and our Rtn. Narendra Babu isvolunteering himself to create awareness toall hospitals’ about the availability ofambulance with ventilator facility.Appreciating the efforts of Rotary MysoreMidtown and also realising the worthinessand need of such an ambulance the Deputy Commissioner of Mysore has requested our Rotarian topark the ambulance during daytime at the Royal Palace premises which is in the center of the city sothat in case of emergency service can be extended at the earliest. Indeed this is a great honour to get aplace in the Royal Palace premises. This service to the community was possible because of the goodwishes and support of Rotarians from Rotary Horizon-Chandler USA, RI Dists. 5490/5500/5510.Special thanks to Rtn. Jim Freeman for his presence at our club to do the honours of dedicating theambulance to the community. Our thanks to Rtn. Ramki, the man behind this matching grant project &sincere appreciation to Rtn. Narendra Babu for his selfless service in promoting the ambulance to theneedy. May their tribe increase.
  3. 3. FUN UNLIMITED at OOTY President Vishwa is a man with a difference - nobody will contend this statement. But how he manages to do everything differently is BOARD MEETING everybodys curiosity. This time it was board meeting at Ooty, which is UNBORED MEETING going to be described. First board meeting, weekend, venue at Ooty, no signs of rains in Mysore; all good reasons to escape from the monotony JOLLY MEETING of daily routine and have some merry time and chill out. Even the Vice president Bhanu, who initially gave reasons of busybusiness schedules etc. to abstain from the trip, could not resistthe temptation and was the first at Manashanthi (Vishwasresidence) where we all assembled to start our trip on Saturdaynoon. The journey started at 12 noon in four heavy vehicleswhich belonged to four heavy- weights of Midtown. 15 membersincluding the board and guests, Kumaranna and Raghu mom,started the journey. Enroute, the journey was interrupted manytimes for coffee, bhajji, and nearGudalur we had our lunch- menu consisted of idlis, rottis, avarekal gojju, chutney, 2 non veg dishesand not to forget the delicious mangoes from Johns farm (we almost had mango toxicity in 32 hrs. ofthe trip -thanks to Vishwas obsession for mavinhannu). The convoy reached Ooty by 6 p.m and thestay was at Fernhill Resorts – again Vishwa made this arrangement through his Timeshare Sterlingmembership. 3 cottages each with a capacity of 6 members were hired. After a brief relaxation andfreshening up it was time to assemble for board meeting. BOARD EATING It was a marathon board meeting which lasted nearly 2 hours and as the heat in the meeting itself was sufficiently high we did not feel the necessity for a bonfire. After the meeting, the members dispersed for dinner where the spread was sumptuous and scrumptious. The Golden Motte of Midtown, Venky hosted the dinner and the breakfast on Sunday and no words to describe his large heartedness. When we returned to our cottages Thana Mohan had entertainment for the members in his laptop by his collection of
  4. 4. amazing videos. BOARD GAMING Whether it is Sunday, or it is Ooty, Vishwa does not allow people to sleep after 6 in the morning. He wakes up everybody for a morning walk. IPP Raaghu says Vishwa suffers from insomnia as he is 50+. It was chilling cold outside and whole of Ooty was sleeping and Vishwa managed to pull up everybody for the walk and the lady in the teashop outside the resort started abusing when she could not manage. 8 a.m, it was time for breakfast and again everybody enjoyed from bread toasts to masala omelettes to puri bhaji, parathas etc. After breakfast, Sundar, Raaghu and co. wanted to go for the second round of nap but Vishwa had other ideas. It was time for some games exclusively designed for the board members by none other than motivational guru of MT Raghu moms. The three games we played were hilarious and carried some message to take home. It was all about communication, doing a project in an orderly way –all important for the board members to conduct the activities of the club in the coming year. After the games, the golfers of the group separated for a round of golf. Tennis enthusiasts had a round of tennis. It was 2 p.m and time to check out. After a final BOARD OPERATION KHEDDAround of mangoes( 6th round! ), we startedoff back to Mysore. Lunch was at a Chineserestaurant and with some shopping ofhandmade chocolates, broccoli, carrotsetc., the convoy returned back. Coffee andbhajji was enroute (Sundar had only 5). Thefinances and infrastructure of the trip wasexcellently managed by the club servicedirector Umesh. Personally, had a greatweekend and was refreshening. PEACE TEAM ...Dr. PrahladA nnet Manu Bharath, son of Rtn. Harish and Amitha has earned his colours to fly abroad for his Masters in Management atEssec University, Paris which is one of the topfive B schools. Admission criteria is a herculean Rtn. Narasimha and Nagamani doing her Masters. She did her bachelors in computer science at NIE, Mysore. She left India on 19th July to realize her dream which is a 1 ½ year course.task and only 8 students have been selected fromIndia for Essec this year. Like father like son. NO! Masters in Transportation Engineering. AnybodyBetter than father. heard of that? That is what Rtn. Srivatsa & Sheelas son, Annet Shreyas is pursuing atRtn. Narendra & Meeras son, Annet Sumukh is in University of North Carolina, USA. We will have apursuit of his Masters in Embedded Systems at qualified engineer amongst us in 2 years timeUniversity of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. which is the duration of the course. He did his BEHe did his BE in Electronics and Communication in civil engineering from NIE, Mysore. He hasat JCE, Mysore. It is a 2 ½ years course and he is already left for his study destination.flying on 20th August.Department of Information System, Nanyang oo d A+Technological University, Singapore. That is V.gwhere you will find Annet Jyothsna, daughter of
  5. 5. I I N N T S E T R A A L C L DE PAUL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL T ASitting from L to R: Pramitha Ramesh, Rtn. Dr. Raghu, Mr. Sunny Francis - Dean C Tof Academics, Rtn. R.S.Vishwanath-President Rotary Mysore Midtown, Rtn.Manojkumar-Club secretary, Rtn. Raju Baliga-Director youth service. L IStanding from L to R: Sagar Philip , Jerry Wilson, Daniel Robin, Vinay Swami ,Nathash Betts , Vaibhav Singh, Miss. Mamatha, Emilda, Sabha Naz, Raksha, U ODona Sandra. B N activities.Gopikas @ Udupi We foursome Midtowners (PDC Chandrika Raghu, President Anupama Ravindranath, Anuradha and myself) traveled the long 8 hours journey from Mysore to Udupi and beating the heavy downpour made it to the abode of Udupi Krishna for his darshan. Chandrika Raghu who is always young at heart and playful like a teenager, was reminded by her age to take care of her body which caused a little imbalance. Due to her ill-health we had to leave the assembly midway and start for Mysore. Leaving the wet Malnad behind, we arrived at dry Mysore at 9 p.m, and reached Mrs. Chandrika safely to her husband Rtn. Raghu who was anxiously waitingHumidity is the identity of Udupi, and on 22ndJuly, amongst perspiration and torrential rains,the 43rd District Assembly of IW 318, “SnehaSinchana”, was held at Ananthashayana Hall,Hotel Kediyoor, Udupi. Association Presidentfor IW clubs of India, Mrs. Sarita Lunaniinaugurated the event by churning butter forLord Krishna of Udupi. “Rukmini” alias Mrs.Suma Krishna was installed as the DistrictChairman for the year 2012-13. The “Chutuku”queen introduced her team members withhumorous, rhyming “Chutukugalu”. Mrs. Sarita for her. Humid weather, good darshan of LordLunani, coming from a traditional, conservative Krishna through the Kanakana Kindiand huge Marwari joint family, inspired the IW (nevertheless we were fully drenched in rain),members with her own story of how she grand installation ceremony, safe and timelyintroduced her mother-in-law to IW, handled return was the experience of the Udupi pressures and devoted her time to IW ....Lavanya
  6. 6. T he Rotary Foundation inducted five couples from India into the Arch C. Klumph Society on 19 June. Thesociety honors those who give at leastUS$250,000 to the Foundation. Attendeesat the ceremony, held at RotaryInternational World Headquarters in the Rotary Club of Bombay West and a pastEvanston, included the consul general of district governor.India in Chicago, Mukta Tomar, and severalRotary senior leaders with their spouses. 2. Sudhansu and Mina Bhattacharyya -India is the second-largest Rotary country in member of the Rotary Club of Bombaythe world, with more than 121,000 Central.Rotarians. “As we induct our friends as 3. Habil F. and Nafisa Khorakiwala -members of the Arch C. Klumph Society, we member of the Rotary Club of Bombaysalute their generosity in putting India North.among the top-giving nations to The RotaryFoundation,” said Foundation Trustee 4. Rajju and Sandra Shroff - members ofAshok Mahajan. the Rotary Club of Vapi.The members inducted are : 5. Surya and Foram Varsani - member of the Rotary Club of Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles.1. Sajjan and Chanda Goenka - member of R Take a five-letter sign on a certain door, remove its first letter, and you’ll have a word meaning SIGN. Remove the new word’s first letter and its a sign on the nearby door. Find all three words. H A PPY BIRTHDAY Rtn.M.N.Bheemesh 26/07/2012 Rtn.Narendra Babu 31/07/2012 (Correct answer wins a prize. E-mail your answer at Rtn.Dr.Raghu 31/07/2012 In Brief Mrs. Vanitha Bhat, principal of RMA has Today’s tea host donated one computer to the school for students’ benefit. Rtn.P.Sanjay Rtn. Balakrishnan conducted consumer awareness programme at Bagini Seva Samaj on 20th July 2012. 1. Is it the TRUTH ? Rtn. M.S.Raghu conducted career 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned ? guidance programme for the students of 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS ? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned ? RMA on 21st July 2012 Q uiz NEXT WEEK IN MIDTOWN Q.: Rotary celebrated 100 years of SPEAKER MEET service in the year ________. Venue: RCL Hall, JLB Road, Mysore a) 2004 b) 2005 c) 2006 d) 2007 Date : 01.08.2012, Time : 6.30pm (Last week’s answer : Birmingham )