Evolution of Newspapers EDUC 515
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Evolution of Newspapers EDUC 515



This short powerpoint shows the evolution of how we get our news.... From the public postings to CNN to Hear Yee.

This short powerpoint shows the evolution of how we get our news.... From the public postings to CNN to Hear Yee.



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Evolution of Newspapers EDUC 515 Evolution of Newspapers EDUC 515 Presentation Transcript

  • Hear-Yee, Hear-Yee!:The History of the Newspaper
    Lauren Keane
    EDUC 515: Evolving Educational Technologies
    San Diego
    Special Education Technology
    Jeff McKendricks
    Summer 2009
  • How do you get your daily news?
    Internet, phone, television, magazines, radio, or how about an “old-fashioned” newspaper?
    We all depend on the news to keep us updated on world, U.S., and local news, business, weather, sports, and entertainment.
  • Where it all began…. There are a few discrepancies as to who can take claim to having the first newspaper….
    Some say it all began 500 years ago in Europe. It was in Germany where in the late 1400’s then pamphlets were given away to tell the news of the town…. (http://library.thinkquest.org)
    Some say it was in Rome in 59 BC when Julius Caesar ordered to post happenings around the city…..
    It has also been said that the first known printed newspaper was in 748 in Bejiing…..
  • In the Americas……
    On September 25, 1690, Richard Pierce and Benjamin Harris printed the 1st paper called Publick Occurrences, Both Foreign and Domestick. Only one issue was made.
    The Boston News-Letter was published in 1704 by Postmaster John Campbell (weekly with only 1 advertisement!)
    The new Postmaster took over his position and called it The Boston Gazette.
    James Franklin wrote a piece in the New England Courant that criticized the government and was sent to jail.
  • Young Benjamin Franklin
    James’ 13 year old brother took over the newspaper as editor and publisher…
    There were many problems with newspapers:
    Paper was really hard to get and expensive
    Many people were illiterate
    Printing was very difficult….
    Good thing Johann Gutenberg came up with the Gutenberg Press back in the 1440’s….
    It was revamped and made into a movable press to making printing easier!
  • Let’s fast forward to the last few decades….
    Some of you may also use your cell phones, personal digital assistant, www.ebscohost.com (a website filled with thousands of articles), or a Kindle for your reading pleasure!
    There’s a good chance that when you hop on your computer these days, the 1st place you go is email or check a news site…..
    Some of my favorites are:
    www.theonion.com (just for kicks!)
  • What is Hear-Yee?
    The “first pod casting town crier”
    A new text to speech technology that converts your RSS feeds into spoken podcasts….
    People can add any type of text or article to their feed (any kind) and it will automatically translate it to speech!
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