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Designing and Delivering Life Content


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Why web designers should be interested in designing content-based native (and Web) mobile apps for people with big ideas.

Because it's been happening for 500 years...

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Designing and Delivering Life Content

  1. 1. Designing and deliveringLife Contentfor anyone who needs it(wherever they need it)Kristofer LayonSXSW 2011
  2. 2. Moab, Utah www.wikipedia.orgThe graphic presentation of content started 12-15,000 years ago
  3. 3. Mesak Settafet, Libya
  4. 4. Why were they made? • storytelling • wayfinding • life contentWhy were petroglyphs made?
  5. 5. Printing Press Johannes Gutenberg 1441 d.umn.eduThe world’s most popular tablet has been around for 500 years already.
  6. 6. Martin Luther 1483-1546 www.wikipedia.orgAnd here’s the world’s first mobile app developer. The app was the Bible, translated fromLatin to German.
  7. 7. www.wikipedia.orgThe marriage of tech and content. This is not a new idea... and it’s always been about contentmore than tech.
  8. 8. Martin Luther• democratized content ★ through translation and increased access• made life content mobile
  9. 9. PhotographyJoseph Niépce1826
  10. 10. Film / Motion PicturesEadweard Muybridge1878
  11. 11. PhonographThomas Edison1899
  12. 12. “Multimedia”• 19th century innovations• barely over 100 years old!• foundation of our work today (SXSW is about all of it, right?)
  13. 13. London Underground Map Harry Beck 1931 20th century brought us graphic design: making complex data and stories more simpleand elegant.
  14. 14. Apple ISteve Wozniak and Steve Jobs1976
  15. 15. Apple IIApple Computer, Inc.1977
  16. 16. Macintosh Apple Computer, Inc. 1984 www.wikipedia.orgApple’s been doing mobile devices since 1984...
  17. 17. PowerBook Apple Computer, Inc. 1991 to get it right...
  18. 18. Macintosh Apple Computer, Inc. 1993 www.wikipedia.orgDudes... not quite there...
  19. 19. iTunes Apple Computer, Inc. 2001*ding* It’s about content, isn’t it, Apple?
  20. 20. iPod Apple Computer, Inc. 2001 www.wikipedia.orgSo now we need a pocket computer for our life content.
  21. 21. January 9, 2007• Apple Computer, Inc. becomes Apple, Inc.• new focus on life content
  22. 22. iPhone Apple, Inc. 2007 pocket computer just has a better screen. And a Phone app.
  23. 23. iPadApple, Inc.2010
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Mobile applications• storytelling• wayfinding• life content
  26. 26. ArtAlphabet Aesthete Software, LLC 2009My first app was content I could design. It was my only app idea.
  27. 27. ArtAlphabetAesthete Software, LLC2009
  28. 28. The opportunity to design native apps with Web Standards.
  29. 29. The only development framework featured on I was sold.
  30. 30. (Android version launched last fall)
  31. 31. Web Standards• HTML• CSS• JavaScript
  32. 32. The pillars of today’s Web. But it’s now about more than the Web layer. WebStandards can inform other layers of the Internet, too --- like native apps and appstore content.
  33. 33. OrthoAnatomyAesthete Software, LLC2010
  34. 34. OrthoAnatomyAesthete Software, LLC2010
  35. 35. Web Standards• Aren’t just for the Web…• …also for other layers of the Internet ★ Email, Twitter, App Stores
  36. 36. My book’s goals• Provide better documentation for Xcode and NimbleKit• Cover app design from A-Z• Orient you to distribution (iTunesConnect + App Store)
  37. 37.