Journey of Social Networking Channels


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What was your first experience with social media? Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest?

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Journey of Social Networking Channels

  1. 1. Team Mango Media Private Limited
  2. 2.  For as long as people have walked the earth, we've been thinking up ways to network  Heres how we've connected since the dawn of time.
  3. 3. CAVE DRAWINGS When: 40,000 years before the internet - give or take a few months What: Neanderthal networking rudimentary images on cave walls • Image of animals, hunting and hands were most popular. • Total "likes" Received: unknown
  4. 4. THE ROMAN FORUM When: 700 BC the ultimate networking site for over 500 years What: The center for everything from commerce and religion, to politics to prostitution.  The original toga party  Party on romans !
  5. 5. TOWN CRIERS When: 146 BC through the 18th Century What: Text messages with legs. town criers ran from place to place spreading the news of the day and the latest word from the king.  Spartan runners were the first, warning the Greeks of the impending roman conquest.  Criers's popularity soared as the english colonized the world.  They showed up wherever a British flag was planted.
  6. 6. NEWSPAPER When: 17th century - in 1605, antwerp belgium's relation rolls off the presses What: Until the internet, the newspaper was only place to get crossword puzzles, comic strips and the daily horoscope.  What's black and white and read all over ?  For many years - a newspapers!  By 1870, there was over 5,000 newspapers in the U.S alone.
  7. 7. CRAKER BERREL When: 1916 What: country stores had big barrels filled with ....wait for it.... crackers.  People ate crackers and networked.  Yes, that's where the term "cracker" originated, as in "you might be a redneck if people call you a cracker".
  8. 8. PEN PALS When: 1938 What: one-on-one networking by exchanging letters between far off lands.  Everyone from charlie brown to pee-wee herman has had pen pals.  Thanks to sites such as,the concept is still strong today.
  9. 9. COMPUSERVE When: September 1979 What: The first internet service to allow the exchange of emails  Hundreds of thousands of users hung out in digital forums.  Moderators called "sysops" ran them.  Finally a place for geeks to call thier own.  The rest of us would have to wait for facebook....
  10. 10. LINKEDIN When: December 2002 What: The go-to place to act professional without a business suit.  Job applicants use it more ans more as a resume.  Also popular with those hanging help-wanted signs  Over 250 million members
  11. 11. MYSPACE When: August 2003 What: Once the world's hottest social networking site...these days, not so much.  Now has street cred for its influence on the music world  Thank justin timberlake. he became the co-owner in 2009
  12. 12. FACEBOOK When: February 2004 What: The most popular site on the web, behind google.  Hard to believe its only been around since 2004  Over 1 billion active users  What's not to like ?!
  13. 13. YOUTUBE When: February 2005 What: A popular video sharing site, now owned bt google  Approximately 6 billion hours of video viewed each month.  100 hours of video uploaded every minute  So many cats and adorable babies, so little time!
  14. 14. TWITTER When: March 2006 What: A micro-blogging site complete with #hashtags and @tagging  340 million daily tweets  1.6 billion searches over the same time  500 million registered users
  15. 15. PINTEREST When: March 2010 What: No, matter what you collect, craft, create or plan, you'll have more fun sharing it with others  Interested? then gather up your favorite things and start pinning.  70+ million estimated users = a good chance you'll find fellow fanatics
  16. 16. INSTAGRAM When: October 2010 What: Take a picture, it will last it to instagram, it will last forever! 2012 - over 100 million active users 2013 - a23% increase in traffic the networking destination of choice for photos and short videos.
  17. 17. So what's going to be the next big thing in social networking ? Maybe YOU have an idea for a hot , new social app ? Whatever it is, we'll all be there!
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