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Transformative iPad Use in  Elementary School
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Transformative iPad Use in Elementary School


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Using the iPad beyond a digital worksheet. Examples from the early elementary classroom.

Using the iPad beyond a digital worksheet. Examples from the early elementary classroom.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Transformative Use of the iPad in Early Elementary
  • 2. Century Skills, LiteraciesTolisano Silvia Rosenthal & Fluency Educational Consultant
  • 3. There is more to iPads than Apps 3
  • 4. The iPads as aPersonalizationTool
  • 5. The iPads as aCollaboration Tool
  • 6. Book  CreatorCreating a Collaborative eBook 6
  • 7. AudioBoo Working Toge ther 7
  • 8. The iPads as aPersonalLearning Tool
  • 9. VisualizationOrganization AnnotationNotability 9
  • 10. i ng s t ing Te a t a lu ingEv i s t A ss 10 Dragon  Dicta<on
  • 11. iPad Fluency Doodle  Buddy 11
  • 12. o o d h or y b c gh en i u e l N F r ad u P O iGoogle  Earth 12
  • 13. The i T h PadsTool in as a ki ng
  • 14. a n as o iP ds i a t heT e a ToolC r
  • 15. he i P ads as a ti onT m u ni caC om T ool
  • 16. re ad Do c e n ts Vo ic eThVoiceThread 16
  • 17. Transliteracy- QR Codesand Art 17
  • 18. Pa re n tC omm u n ic at i o nScan 18
  • 19. a s ng a i d s a d ool h iP e a TT e R
  • 20. in addition to? replacing?
  • 21. Safari Re ading 21
  • 22. The 3 R’s
  • 23. Re ading F lue ncy Port folioiMovie 23
  • 24. Little Story Maker Reading- Listening-Customization -Personalization 24
  • 25. The iPa ds as aCre Boo ati k ng Tool
  • 26. First GradersCreate an eBook First  Graders  Create  an  eBook 26
  • 27. TinyTap in the Foreign LanguageTinyTap Classroom 27
  • 28. Book  Creator 28
  • 29. D The r a iPToo w ads l in a as g
  • 30. iPads in ArtBrushes 30
  • 31. The iPa Sto ds as aTel ry ling Tool
  • 32. StorytellingStoryKit 32
  • 33. ll in g o ry te S tSock  Puppet 33
  • 34. Bo okTr a i l e rs iMovie 34
  • 35. TheDo iP cu ads Too m as l ena ta ti on
  • 36. Pr oiPrompt  Pro Vid duc e o t io n 36
  • 37. The iPads as aP h o t og ra p hy Tool
  • 38. Visual Story PromptsVisual Reflections
  • 39. The iPads as a P h o t og ra p hy ToolP h o t o B l og
  • 40. a a ing s t a s s ool d a T iP c he dT o P
  • 41. Magic Tree House Podcast
  • 42. as a ds ation i Pa t se n reP ool T
  • 43. PicCollage Think Language Vocabulary Science DefinitionsLibrary Term Glossary Math TermsVisual Dictionary
  • 44. a l s a a i a iP ods rT e h ut e r T sig l n D e Too
  • 45. Kindergarten Math- StorytellingShowMe 45
  • 46. ShowMe TuDe t o s ig r i a 46 ne l rs
  • 47. 47 al r i rs to eTu n s ig De ShowMe
  • 48. & DiscussArticles
  • 49. Download  Evalua<on  Guide  and  Checklist(pdf) 49
  • 50. Bloom’s Taxonomy for iPads Creating Audioboo iMovie ComicBook! ReelDirector SonicPics Animoto Puppet Pals Toontastic Doink Evaluating Mobile Science HootSuite Skype Zite FlipBoard Instapaper Goodreads Wunderlist RSS 360 Analyzing iThoughts Today’s Explain 3D Cell GoSky Lino Popplet Diigo GoDocs HD Documents Everything Simulation Watch Applying ZigZag Poetry Keynote Visualize Posterous Presentation Xperica GearHD ShowMe Creator Board LinkUnderstanding 123 Good Touch ScreenChomp Motion Math Idea Sketch Corkulous Blogsy Pages Charts Reader DrawRemembering Stack the Evernote NxtApp Ansel & Clair’s Word iBook Noteshelf eClicker Globe Countries Peek 4Kids Adventure Seek HD Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano~ adapted from Dave Milham
  • 51. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences for iPads Intrapersonal iBook Mobile Faces iMake Word Idea Collage WordPress Popplet Day One NoteShelf RSS Mapper Interpersonal HootSuite Skype Draw VoiceThread Something Lino JabberPad WhiteBoard Facebook Google Plus Pro Visual Spacial Stack the iThoughts Google Earth Pinterest Motion Math Corkulous Countries PicCollage Skitch Phoster HD Musical Singing Music for Thumb Poetry Animoto Fingers MadPad Little Mozarts Garageband Jam Notability Sound Notes Creator Linguistics ScreenChomp Audioboo iMovie Explain Book Comic Little Story Speech Everything Creator Pages Story Maker JournalLogical Mathematical Diigo Math Geometry Cut the Doodles Pad TinkerBox CargoBot TanZen Rope Geared Numbers Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano~
  • 52. 21st Century Skills & Literacies for iPadsInformation Literacy Mobile Instapaper Good TweetDeck Delicious Pinstagram Zite FlipBoard RSS Reader Bookmark Wolframa Media Literacy iMovie Audioboo iPhoto YouTube Animoto Garageband Posterous Keynote Flickr Network Literacy Twitter Diigo Facebook Mobile Fotos Instagram WordPress Pinterest Trip Advisor Google Plus Global Literacy Skype Globe WordPress Google Earth Flat Stanley Twitter Google Plus Geocaching VocieThread Create/ Critical Thinking Comic Brushes Book ShowMe Idea Mapper iThoughts TinyTap iMovie Life Creator HD iBrainstorm Communicate/ Collaborate GoDocs Noteshelf Dropbox VocieThread Skype Idea Flight HootSuite Evernote Lino Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano~
  • 53. Century Skills, LiteraciesTolisano Silvia Rosenthal & Fluency Educational Consultant