Robot Heart Stories Case Study


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Robot Heart Stories Case Study

  1. 1. RobotHeartStories caseStudy GO
  2. 2. Why? Robot Heart Stories is an exceptional project because of it’s collaborative structure thatpermeates all aspects of the project as well as it’s grounding in experiential education
  3. 3. Robot Heart Stories theOverview42 Students Montreal and LA 2 Teachers10 Stories 1 Rocket into spaceRobot Hearts Stories, a Reboot Stories prototype, is an experientiallearning project that uses collaboration and creative problem solvingto put education directly in the hands of students. It was developedby experience designer Lance Weiler and creative producer JanineSaunders with 50+ volunteers and 42 students. This fall, twoclassrooms, a continent apart, will work together to get a lost robothome, and they will need the audiences help.The project concluded with an actual space launch! That’s right therobot along with copies of the students stories and artwork boardeda commercial rocket that headed to the space station. {A}
  4. 4. Robot Heart StoriestheTrailer
  5. 5. Robot Heart Stories thePlatformsClassrooms Website Tumblr HeartpackLAIKA Space Vimeo Book
  6. 6. Robot Heart Stories cooperationcollaboration Ethnographic research by a collaborator has lead to the following results how to improve open collaboration... Lessons learned: ideating The co-creative process evaluating should leave room for social commentary create {confidence} Still discovering share {intellectual property} mechanisms to trust {ethics}{B} cc Ele Jansen.
  7. 7. Robot Heart Stories storyco-creationexperimental co-creation evolved* from a framework of.... TheThe ARC The story’s TheA Robot reporting The The narrative Narrative Narrative callback about Earth &the Humans thatlive on it Theme prop Backbone Thread ‘Share your passion to propel Fish Out of Water Laika & A robot plush toy The robots journey education propelled the story bridged collaboration, This consisted of Laika forward forward & created story & curriculum. finding joy in what the emotional connection. kids are passionate about and then amplified that energy ** this evolution happened during and after the creation process rather than a pre-determined framework. cc Ele Jansen {B}
  8. 8. Robot Heart Stories storyco-creationCo-designing a Curriculum Driven Story.. Narrative + game + education equals a curriculum based on playful, experiential learning
  9. 9. Robot Heart Stories experientialeducation"a philosophy that informs many methodologies in whicheducators purposefully engage with learners in direct experienceand focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, developskills, clarify values, and develop peoples capacity to contributeto their communities."
  10. 10. Robot Heart Stories experientialeducationCan a Robot help reboot education? This is the fundamental question that the Robot Heart Stories team is asking... Through co-creation & a move into the experimental education movement this team is looking at new ways to creative productive & meaningful learning environments
  11. 11. Robot Heart Stories theAudience Target Groups: Goals:Target Audience: “To inform a wider + elementary groups + higher education audience including+ kids + parenting groups political and administrative+ educators + after school programs decision makers to+ parents + science education reboot education and+ global + math education show that experiential + creative writing learning and co-+ all ages + media literacy advocates creative storytelling + digital technology experts can lead the way”
  12. 12. Robot Heart StoriesThe Original Tweet... thereach 700+ Student Led To Projects 8 Countries 50+ Collaborators
  13. 13. Robot Heart StoriesModelsofParticipatorydesign Experiential Education as A Design Feature Laika crashes & needs to get home 2 classrooms one in Montreal (French speaking) the other in LA (English speaking
  14. 14. Robot Heart StoriesTheClassrooms STATS • Cities visited: 56 • Miles travelled: 2010 • Rivers hopped: 47 • Words learned: 7106 • Photos taken: 397 • Mountains climbed: 16 • Friends made: 100 • Passions shared: 890 The story is played by two groups of students – one in Using their geography, Montréal, the other math and problem solving in Los Angeles. skills, the students must learn to collaborate to help a stranded alien robot get himself across the country and onto a rocket back home.
  15. 15. Robot Heart StoriesModelsofParticipatorydesign Experiential Education as A Design Feature To get her home students will use math, science, history, geography and creative writing to help the robot make her way across North America.
  16. 16. Robot Heart Stories heartpackLaika, the Robot, is powered throughthe passion and creativity of theaudience. To get the audienceinvolved they are invited to create a"heartpack" and share somethingthey love. This work then becomes apart of a "heartpack" gallery fromparticipants around the world. Themore "heartpacks" that aresubmitted, the greater the robotsstrength becomes to make her wayhome. It is a great way to get theaudience involved as the actions aresimple but fun. Two options weremade available: a foldable 3-Dversion and a flat version.
  17. 17. Robot Heart Stories ModelsofParticipatorydesign Experiential Education as A Design FeatureA team of producers, The students, & otherartists &designers audience members could then They documentedtraveled with laika track Laika’s progress the process inacross Canada & the US pictures & videos
  18. 18. Robot Heart Stories Launchingintospace The team behind Robot Heart Stories does not think small....The Robot Heart Stories team have been talking with NASA about launching the Robot, storiesand artwork into space. Their plan is to hitch a ride into space early next year on a scheduledlaunch to the International Space Station. User-Defined Footer Text
  19. 19. Robot Heart Stories LaunchingintospaceWill the students be able to participate in the launch? This is what RHSsays:Well, there will actually be two launches -- one that makes use of a high altitude weather balloon that willreach 90,000+ feet above the earth (which is not actually space, but is still very cool). This launch will bedesigned and controlled by the students themselves, as we want to incorporate a hands on scienceopportunity into the experience. It also enables us to capture the robots journey on camera, which we willhave to work together to find after the weather balloon pops and the elements fall back to earth. Later,well all be able to follow the robot during the second space launch. Check out Laika’s test launch at:
  20. 20. Robot Heart StoriesLaunchingintospace Laika will be launched into space She will take the kids artwork & stories with her ensuring a belief that these kids can do great things The Launch is Scheduled for 2013
  21. 21. Robot Heart Stories thebookAt the end of this phase of the project a coffee table book will be createdthat includes: artworks created by the kids user generated content Proceeds from the book will go to all of the stories support an organization that helps to bring creativity into childrens lives. User-Defined Footer Text
  22. 22. Robot Heart Stories thedocumentation A major part of this As with all other parts project was to of this project, the conduct research documentation was also and create useful a collaborative project documentation that could be used for further phases ofan academic case study by Ele this project as wellJansen can be found at: as a resource other to learn from.
  23. 23. Robot Heart Stories Laika GPS Connected Toy...* air quality altitude geolocation air temp GPS Co-ordinates 42.93401 74 F 56.93401 934019234* GPS was used for this first prototype. Tribecca Media Fund is funding R&D Development for the second phase including adding more sensors to Laika, sending her around the world & creating sellable Laika dolls.
  24. 24. Robot Heart Stories Laika 2 Photographers: On Laika’s Journey She... Mike Hedge and Tiffani bearup visited 56 cities traveled from travelled 2010 miles IMG: Mike Hedge + Tiffani Bearup Montreal to LA“The key task forthe journey was to with Laikafind destinations that generated 397 the curriculumbuild, for instance theAlamosa Wind Millfarm in New Mexico”
  25. 25. thetechnology iPads SkypeGPS Plush Toy Pico Projectors ©
  26. 26. Robot Heart Stories socialmediacampaign Retweets, facebook likes, tumblr shares of content spread the word about the project & launch... + RHS Outreach + Collaborators Outreach + Offering Prepped Tweets + RHS Outreach to Bloggers+ Collaborators Outreach to Bloggers
  27. 27. Robot Heart Stories themoney$23,000 USD $2,165 USD internal funding Raised of $15,000 Goal Volunteers provided much of the work for no monetary support enabling the project to grow bigger than its budget.
  28. 28. Robot Heart Stories theTeam Project Documentation Team: Ele Jansen Cynthia Jabar Maya Zuckerman Adipat VirdiLance Weiler Janine Saunders Sai PathmanathanCreator Creative Producer LA / Story Pirates Associate Producers: Producers: Elena Parker Duke Doyle Adipat Virdi Curriculum Jamie Salka Mike Hedge Development: Connor White Marc Ruppel Story Pirates Ele Jansen Quinton Johnson Yo Park Lorie Marsh Julie Stratton Montreal CoordinatingAtley Loughridge Production + Story Producer: Jasmine PisapiaCreative producer Producer: Lorie Marsh Story Development + Writers: Elena Parker Lance Weiler Social Media: Site for illustrators & LA Teacher / School: Jen Bengel Coordination: Dennis Hagen-Smith Montreal Teacher / Design Related Artistic Trainer:Ele Jansen Photographers on the Matt Sung Translation Producer: Daphnee CyrMedia road aka Laika: Karine HalpernAnthropologist Mike Hedge Tiffani Bearup RebootStories Translators: Blogger: Lea Pisapia Jason Hood Karine Halpern Felicia Pride Fabienne Olivier Teaser Video: Jordan Gray
  29. 29. Robot Heart Stories keypartners Story Pirates Vectorface UCLA Open Access Week Fondation du Dr.Festival Du design related Northern Army DIY DAYS Julien P’tits LoupsNouveau Cimena
  30. 30. rebootstories.tumblr janinesaunders.comReferences{A}{B} Reboot Stories: An experiment in experiential learning throughco-creative storytelling Author: Ele Jansen For a thorough academic case study please see: For a documentation from the Reboot Stories team:
  31. 31. Get in Touch contactus TMC Resource Kit tmcresourcekit.comRobot Heart Stories Case Study was prepared by: anthea foyer @antheafoyer
  32. 32. tmcrkpartners THANKS to...
  33. 33. Robot Heart Stories Case Study is released under a NonCommercialShareAlike Creative Commons license to be shared, remixed andexpanded non-­‐commercially, as long as you credit the TMCResource Kit, the creator of the Case Study, Anthea Foyer or Dr.Siobhan O’Flynn, and license your new creations under the identicalterms.Third party images retain their original copyright.