I have iPads in the Classroom. Now What?


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You might be one of the teachers who is excited about the possibilities or apprehensive and fearful of the seemingly overwhelming task in front of you how to manage your classroom, students and the devices AND at the same time use them to improve student learning.

What are some educational models to consider when implementing iPads in the classroom?
How do you handle classroom management?

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I have iPads in the Classroom. Now What?

  1. I have iPadsin My Classroom!N o w W h a t ?Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano
  2. Silvia Rosenthal TolisanoEducational ConsultantLangwitches.org/blog
  3. PedagogyThe Science and aRt of Education
  4. Growing upThe iPad is
  5. BalanceFinding a Natural
  6. through the LensiPads
  7. SAMR Modelby Ruben PuenteDuraDigital Learning FarmByAlan NovemberMultiple IntelligencesBy Howard GardnerBloom’s TaxonomyBy Benjamin BloomiPadsLooking atThroughModern Skills & Literaciesin the classroom
  8. The Digital Learning Farm: Apps for iPadsContributor to SocietyResearcherOfficial ScribeCollaboration CoordinatorTutorial DesignerCurriculum ReviewerSilvia Rosenthal Tolisano~ GloballyConnectedLearning.com~ based on Alan November’s Work:The Digital Learning FarmiBookAudiobooiMovieWordPressSonicPics AnimotoiThoughtsHDLinoDiigoGoDocsNoteshelfEvernotePeekScreenChompShowMeBlogsyGoodReaderPagesTwitterSkypeMobileRSSZiteFlipBoardInstapaperKeynotePosterousExplainEverythingWunderlistSkitch Educreation Replay NoteiMovieWordPressFaceTimeBookCreatorTEDNext!AudioMemosNotes SoundNotesDoodle BuddyE-Mail Twitter FacebookDeliciousBookkmarkYouTubePages VisualizeWordPress GarageBand Pearltrees Skype Twitter Vimeo GooglePlus
  9. RememberingUnderstandingApplyingAnalyzingEvaluatingCreatingiBookAudioboo iMovie ComicBook! ReelDirector SonicPics Animoto Puppet Pals Toontastic DoinkiThoughtsHDLino PoppletToday’sDocumentsDiigo3D CellSimulationGoSkyWatchGoDocsNoteshelfStack theCountriesEvernotePeekNxtApp4KidsAnsel & Clair’sAdventureWordSeek HDGlobeScreenChomp Motion MathShowMePoetryCreator123ChartsIdea Sketch Corkulous BlogsyGoodReadereClickerPagesHootSuite SkypeMobileRSSScience360Zite FlipBoard InstapaperKeynote Visualize PosterousZigZagBoardPresentationLinkXperica GearHDTouchDrawGoodreadsExplainEverythingWunderlistBloom’s Taxonomy for iPadsSilvia Rosenthal Tolisano~ GloballyConnectedLearning.com~Adapted from Dave Mileham
  10. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences for iPadsLogical MathematicalLinguisticsMusicalVisual SpacialInterpersonalIntrapersonaliBookAudioboo iMovieFaces iMake WordCollage WordPressAnimotoIdeaMapper Day One NoteShelfiThoughtsHDDiigoPicCollageMathDoodlesStack theCountriesCargoBot TanZenCut theRope NumbersScreenChompMotion MathSingingFingersGeometryPadBookCreatorComicStoryTinkerBoxLittle StoryMakerHootSuite SkypeMobileRSSPinterestDrawSomethingSkitchMadPad Music forLittle MozartsThumbJam NotabilityGaragebandExplainEverythingPhosterVoiceThreadPoetryCreatorSilvia Rosenthal Tolisano~ GloballyConnectedLearning.comGoogle EarthGearedCorkulousLino JabberPad WhiteBoardProPoppletFacebook Google PlusSpeechJournalSound NotesPages
  11. Communicate/CollaborateCreate/ CriticalThinkingGlobal LiteracyNetwork LiteracyMedia LiteracyInformation LiteracyAudiobooiMovieDiigoGoDocs NoteshelfZiteTwitterSkypeMobileRSSFlipBoard InstapaperFlat StanleyIdea MapperModern Skills & Literacies for iPadsSilvia Rosenthal Tolisano~ GloballyConnectedLearning.comGlobeDropboxFacebookiPhotoMobile FotosVocieThreadComicLife BrushesInstagramYouTubeSkypeWordPressWordPressPinterestGoogle EarthBookCreatorGoodReaderShowMeTweetDeckAnimoto GaragebandTrip AdvisorIdeaFlight HootSuiteTwitteriThoughtsHDDeliciousBookmark PinstagramEvernotePosterousGoogle PlusGoogle PlusKeynoteLinoFlickrTinyTap iBrainstormGeocachingWolframaiMovieVocieThread
  12. SAMR Modelby Ruben PuenteDuraTech acts like a direct tool substitute,with no functional changeTech acts as a direct tool substitute, withfunctional improvementTech allows for significant task redesignTech allows for the creation of new tasks,previously inconceivableSAMRSubstitutionAugmentationModificationRe-DefinitionAutomatingInformatingEnhancementTransformationAmplificationBy Alan NovemberEmpowering Students with Technology&
  13. Substitution vs. Transformation
  14. CC by: http://www.flickr.com/photos/clarism_4/3063501034/Beyond theBells & Whistles
  15. Beyond theReplacingPaper & Pens with an App
  16. Imagination
  17. TeachingToolIpad as a
  18. LearningToolIpad as a
  19. ThinkingToolIpad as a
  20. PersonalizationToolIpad as a
  21. Personal LearningToolIpad as a
  22. PresentationToolIpad as a
  23. CreationToolIpad as a
  24. WorkFlowFluency
  25. LearnFlowLearn-Create-Share
  26. ConstellationTeacher iPad1 iPad Groups 1 : 1 iPad3 - 5 i P a d s 1 iPad Per StudentShared / Check-out dedicated
  27. Classroom ManagementStorageUpdating / SynchingRulesOrganizationExpectations FOcusTime LimitsFlat on DeskChargingPlacement during ClassPlacement when not in useSharingcarryingGuided Access“Eyes on Me”/”Covers down”ConsiderationsReceiving InfoSharingPushing of InfoBehavior: On-Task/EngagementTech-Free BackupMissing ToolsDigital CitizenshipSkillsLiteraciesFluencyEarly Finishers / Down TimeShow On-task BehavioriPad Identification2 Eyes 2 FeetProcedures Double Tap Home: Checkon Last Apps UsedWorkflowShare Student Work via ProjectorFor Sharing work
  28. Examples from theClassroom
  29. Art Classroomipads in theClassroom
  30. StorytellingS t o r y K i tWorld Languageipads in theClassroom
  31. BloggingW o r d P r e s sA u d i o M e m o &
  32. BloggingW o r d P r e s sA u d i o M e m o , C a m e r a&
  33. BloggingW o r d P r e s sS a f a r i&
  34. Reading Fluencyi M o v i e
  35. PostersP i c C o l l a g e & W o r d P R e s s
  36. Book CreatingB o o k C r e a t o rC a m e r a , S a f a r i , D o o d l e B u d d y&
  37. Book CreatingB o o k C r e a t o r
  38. WritingDoodle Buddy
  39. Book CreatingB o o k C r e a t o rP i c C o l l a g e &Early Learningipads in theClassroom
  40. Transferring Skills
  41. VisualizationD o o d l e B u d d yElementary Yearsipads in theClassroom
  42. Reading Fluencyi M o v i e
  43. ReseachSafari & Photo Gallery
  44. AssessmentNotability
  45. Middle Yearsipads in theClassroom
  46. Tutorial DesignE x p l a i n E v e r y t h i n g
  47. BackChannelingToday’s Meet
  48. AnnotatingS a f a r iN o t a b i l i t y &
  49. Visual LiteracyC a m e r a & i P h o t o
  50. Collaborative BooksB o o k C r e a t o r
  51. Collaborative BooksB o o k C r e a t o r
  52. 52Improvement of Student LearningImprovement ofInstructionalPracticeImage  by  Ma,ox-­‐  h,p://www.sxc.hu/browse.phtml?f=profile&l=Ma,oxcreaAvityfluencymoAvaAoninnovaAonengagementconnectednessempowerediPad SuccessHow do we Measure?
  53. Questions
  54. Silvia Rosenthal TolisanoEducational ConsultantLangwitches.org/blog
  55. I have iPadsin My Classroom!N o w W h a t ?Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano