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Presentation given on #ehsaldmc on 7 March 2013. Talks about what a community is, why to build one, how to start and nurture a community and measure success.

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Community building

  1. 1. Community building beyond social Koen Delvaux @kodel
  2. 2. DEFINE A COMMUNITY @kodel
  3. 3. Social Media is easyCommunity building is hard a decent online course costs $8000 USD‘community management’=moderating a social media presence =not what this is about @kodel
  4. 4. values communityactivity interest @kodel
  6. 6. •  network •  force of like•  learn minded people•  make friends •  get project done•  find work •  influence•  get access •  defend interest YOU WIN/WIN COMMUNITY When you provide value to others, it will reflect positively on you @kodel
  7. 7. The pyramid of influencesource: Alex de Carvalho, @alexdc @kodel
  8. 8. source:Alex de Carvalho, @alexdc @kodel
  9. 9. source:Alex de Carvalho, @alexdc @kodel
  10. 10. source:Alex de Carvalho, @alexdc @kodel
  11. 11. source:Alex de Carvalho, @alexdc @kodel
  12. 12. source:Alex de Carvalho, @alexdc @kodel
  13. 13. source:Alex de Carvalho, @alexdc @kodel
  14. 14. WHY BUILD A COMMUNITY? @kodel
  15. 15. Companies want communities to•  Do marketing for them (wrong!)•  Learn how they can become better•  Delegate work to people outside•  Do market research•  Develop a product or service•  Lower support cost•  Decrease churn @kodel
  16. 16. EXAMPLES @kodel
  17. 17. Lego @kodel
  18. 18. RC Groups @kodel
  19. 19. Banana Hobby(vendor of RC stuff, subforum on RC Groups) @kodel
  20. 20. Zappy Baby @kodel
  21. 21. Natuurpunt @kodel
  22. 22. Patients Like Me @kodel
  23. 23. HR community Belgium @kodel
  24. 24. ‘Samen Groener’(initiative by Lampiris & Natuurpunt) @kodel
  25. 25. Cocreation group(initiative by Lampiris) @kodel
  26. 26. Internal community(based on the Yammer platform) @kodel
  27. 27. HOW TO BUILD A COMMUNITY? @kodel
  28. 28. The first steps (how to start)•  Select people (start with common interest)•  Propose what to do together•  Get exposure for the work, even if small•  Talk about goals (eliminate on values)•  Define membership•  Give active people a higher status•  Attract new people from network of existing•  Create core group to steer the initiative•  Get together physically (show the activity) @kodel
  29. 29. Critical Success FactorsMembership: a feeling of belongingPurpose: goals of members match those of thecommunityIdentity: members have a way to express thatthey are part of the communityInfluence: members feel they can influence andbe influenced by the communityAttachment: members share an emotionalconnection @kodel
  30. 30. Roles in community building source: Forrester, online community best practices @kodel
  31. 31. COMMUNITY LIFECYCLE @kodel
  32. 32. Phase 1: Inception•  Focus on growth•  Develop relationships with potential members•  Nurture an active core group•  Foster tone and styleThe community reaches critical mass when>50% of growth and activity is generated bymembers. source: the pillar summit @kodel
  33. 33. Phase 2: Establishment•  Focus on activity•  Deepen sense of community•  Broaden outreach•  Create content for and about the community50 to 90% of growth and activity isgenerated by members. source: the pillar summit @kodel
  34. 34. Phase 3: Maturity•  Focus on scaling the community•  Maintain sense of community•  Assess and opimize processes•  Co-create content and develop collective valueMore than 90% of growth and activity isgenerated by members. source: the pillar summit @kodel
  35. 35. Phase 4: Mitosis•  Focus on division and expansion•  Monitor for subcommunity developments•  Consult community•  Conceive and establish new communityRepeat life cycle process for each newcommunity. source: the pillar summit @kodel
  36. 36. HOW TO MEASURE @kodel
  37. 37. Measuring success: quantitative•  Number of interactions versus number of members (=activity)•  How many people communicate externally about their membership?•  (if applicable) growth or requests for membership•  Value in $, e.g. number of ideas generated x value per idea + number of times mentioned on internet + value per mention @kodel
  38. 38. Measuring success: qualitativeSet KPI’s for the previous parameters, butdon’t forget to also define your goals:•  retention•  acquisition•  customer care•  lowering development cost•  increasing product to market fit @kodel