DevOps India Days' 17 Keynote

Neependra Khare
Neependra KhareFounder at CloudYuga, Docker Captain at Docker Community, Corporate Trainer on Container Technologies
Sailing through your career
The Community
Neependra Khare, CloudYuga

• Founder and Principal Consultant at CloudYuga

• Docker Captain

• Author of Docker Cookbook - 2015

• Author of Kubernetes course on Edx

• Author of Introduction to Cloud Infrastructure Technologies course on Edx

• Self Paced online courses at
• Containers Fundamentals - Docker, runC & rkt, online self paced course (2017)

• Containers (Docker) for Dev and QA , online self paced course (2017)

• Running Docker Meetup Group in Bangalore for around 4 years now
I am just talking from my
Change is the Permanent Thing
Is only IT industry susceptible
to change ?
DevOps India Days' 17 Keynote
VM -> Containers -> Serverless
Will there be a full stop ?
Business needs drive changes and
accordingly respective industry
gets adjusted
IT industry has been adjusted with
Open Source, as first strategy
And where does innovation
happens in Open Source ?
Where like minded people share code, knowledge and opportunities …
What role communities played
in my career ?
What role a community can play in your career ?
• Satisfaction

• Get visibility 

• Get the job you love

• Start something of you own
What stops us from being part of community ?
• Time commitment

• Company Culture 

• Fear

• Don’t want to get out from comfort zone
A turtle only makes progress
when it sticks its neck out.
James Bryan Conant
How to get started ?
• Attend Meetups/Conferences 

• Start fixing simple bugs

• Volunteer to do documentation 

• Share more 

• Blog

• Speak at meetups/conference
Build a brand for yourself
Things to keep in mind
• Look at the larger picture, before selecting a project

• Be Open

• Follow community guidelines 

• Be willing to take responsibilities 

• Things take time

• There is very thin line between community and commercial interests
Business and commercial benefits
are by-products of community
There are more good people to
help, than we think !!
Thank You !
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DevOps India Days' 17 Keynote