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Community development sandwell event 4 may 2012


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Slides for an event being hosted by Community Development Sandwell and the Wolverhampton University on 4 May 2012

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Community development sandwell event 4 may 2012

  1. 1. Our Society Lorna PrescottSenior Development Officer, Dudley CVS
  2. 2. community development valuesEquality and Anti-discriminationSocial JusticeCollective ActionCommunity EmpowermentWorking and Learning Together
  3. 3. what I’ll coverFrom Big Society to Our SocietyOur approach: Our Society in Dudley BoroughLooking at the Localism Act: CommunityRights made RealCD, assets and systemsKey ingredients ... an invitation
  4. 4. From big society to our societyDay 1: Blog postDay 2: Four people meet in cafeDay 4: Online forum launchedDay 12: 100 people attend eventMonth 6: England-wide forum640 members, 36 groups, 32forum discussions, 79 blog posts
  5. 5. our society online forumNot an organisationLinks to local networksConnections and toolsInforming and sharingInspiring and learningFacilitating and signposting
  6. 6. our society in dudley borough It started with a blog post! Recognise and celebrate existing activity in communities Use Our Society name, ideas and connections Build on Community Strategy, Compact, Comprehensive Community Engagement Strategy etc.
  7. 7. looking at the localism act 46 survey responses 7 focus group sessions (33 participants) 2 Social Spaces workshops Our Society: Our Solutions group Development of MASH idea Meeting with decision-makers
  8. 8. social spaces workshop Tessy Britton Inspiring stories from Handmade Ideas as assets, 3D mapping Collaborate game Skills Game
  9. 9. dudley’s mash labApril: Launch - assessing ideasMay: interviewsJuly: Lab - intensive workshopJuly-Nov: Collaborative activityNov: Learning event
  10. 10. CD, Assets and systems Identifying new and existing assets, using asset based approaches Developing the space of possibilities (Eileen Conn) Reflecting on new and emerging roles Empowering approach
  11. 11. key ingredientsLinks to national networksHappy to be online and tolearn and share onlineBeing in the right discussionsand being confident toinfluenceExposure to different ideasand new ways of workingBuilding on existing activity
  12. 12. an invitationJoin and learn with us in DudleyCommunity Engagement Network eventon Wednesday 27 June with CDX staffFollow me on twitter: @dosticenVisit