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SydStart Pitch Deck for StartSomeGood


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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SydStart Pitch Deck for StartSomeGood

  1. 1. Flickr: AlohaTeam
  2. 2. Flickr: PT Money
  3. 3. Flickr: Fleshmanpics
  4. 4. Image by Michael Dawes
  5. 5. Image by Cage Skidmore
  6. 6. We Start GoodStartSomeGood is a crowdfundingplatform for social good ventures andprojects globally, built specifically forsocial entrepreneurs by socialentrepreneurs.
  7. 7. Why StartSomeGood?Our platform is:•Global•Built by social entrepreneurs, forsocial entrepreneurs•Provides high-touch support•Has a unique “tipping point” model•Offers ventures the best chance ofraising the most funds possible
  8. 8. Our Co-Founding Team Bryan EmersonTom Dawkins Alex Budak Parker Taylor Previously:Previously Founder, Tech Lead Designer & CEO, Vibewire sparked, BUILD Host, QA Engineer,1st Social Media Co-founder, AshokaTech SymantecDirector, Ashoka Philosophie Podcast B.S. Engineering B.A. UCLA; MPP B.A. UNSW and CS, UCLA Georgetown UCLA
  9. 9. Partners
  10. 10. Our Advisors• Charles Best, founder and CEO of DonorsChoose• Steve Huffman, co-founder Hipmunk and Reddit• Christina Jordan, founder; Ashoka Fellow• Tikhon Bernstam, founder of Parse, YC alum• Martin Stewart-Weeks, public policy, Cisco• Jacob Colker, co-founder, Echoing Green Fellow• Lauren Anderson, collaborative consumption guru• Hildy Gottlieb, founder of Create the Future
  11. 11. Current Trajectory
  12. 12. Current Trajectory
  13. 13. The MarketPandoDaily:“Categories would be: Financial Investments,Consumer Products, Content, and SocialGood.Categories could also be divided along thelines of reward type, such as: Equity,Incentive, and Altruism”
  14. 14. Funding• We’re seeking $300,000 in order to:• Improve technical functionality and design;• Scale our high-touch approach;• Increase our marketing outlay to build our community.
  15. 15. PeerBackers
  16. 16. Business Opportunity• Crowdfunding market size estimated at $100 Billion (David S. Rose) to $300 Billion (Fred Wilson)• Charitable giving in 2011: $347 Billion in the US alone• Initial Market: early-stage social ventures
  17. 17. Impact OpportunityEmpower anyone, anywhere, with agreat idea to create new futures fortheir community.
  18. 18. We Are Looking For• Funding• Amazing world-changing initiatives• People who want to support amazing world-changing initiatives