Movie trailer eval


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Movie trailer eval

  1. 1. Movie trailer draft1This draft mainly used as a template, to find a introduction and to give me what kind ofediting Im going to mainly use, also it pointed out things that I was missing from my trailer.So this draft goes straight into two characters talking/bragging about there self, which usedfade in and fading out, also cuts between it giving you images of what will happen later on inthe movie jumping in and out. This kept the attention of the viewers instead watching thesame clip for 10 seconds because it begins to drag when you watch someone talk for a longtime. Instead of just using the video to give you your own opinion of the character and whatthe movie trailer is, because some viewers like to know what the trailer is about that theyare watching. So in my next draft Im going to add title screens which tells you what is goingon, how the characters are reacting, about the character and what the movie is about. Ivealso added a heart beat for back up, this keeps the viewers on edge. e.g. why is there aheart beat sound, why as it gone faster or slower, Is something going to happen. I crossfaded into the next scene and cut down the talking because it goes on to long and madesure the words go together when cut. So people dont see the cut, the sudden change withinthe image of my character Ive faded in and out of small clips covering up the cuts. Ive alsocut out the screaming because it made people laugh instead of reacting to it in a fearful way.But other then that I liked all the scenes and where they are placed, but the other things Iwould change is the clip with mask I like the dance scene and the music, it tells you aboutthe characters, but it comes of story and takes away the scary tension, so Im going to takethat out. Also Im going to take out the clip what doesnt work
  2. 2. Movie trailer draft2Things I like:I like the use of still title screens because it gives you a underlining of what is going on andwhat the characters are like.The use of sound effects for example heart beats and screams.The cutting and cross fades.The use of clips jumping in and out so you dont see the drastic change in how the cameraas moved.The clips showing both characters being upsetThe clips showing a bit of action but in slow motion, because the slowness gives it a moredepress look, like this is not right, wish I could change it all.The end scene of the person walking in and a guy is on the floor lying there to finish of thetrailer and how the mask hits the ground and makes a loud sound.So in my finale draft I think I am going to keep all these thingsThings I dont like:I think it should just be the mask with a black background and white mask.I the sound effect of the dead heart beat it stands out to much.I dont like how no loud drums have been used to grab the audiences attention.How the screen moves into the corner when they are talking in the start.I think some kind of music should play all the way through the trailer, until the last scene butcome back in to finish it of.So I am going to add these things in my finale draft.