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N:\6form\media\media coursework research

  1. 1. Media Sam Arblaster
  2. 2. <ul><li>My film is going to be an action genre. I am going to be looking at the following films (James Bond – Casino Royale, Die Hard and Deja Vu) I think that these films are going to help me with my research on what I would like to achieve on my film, I like the way the selected films make you feel when you watch them, the way the directors use the different camera shots are an inspiration to help me try and achieve a higher and more professional and get the best result </li></ul><ul><li>I would like to make an action film about a micro chip being sold to a multi billionaire, however the deal doesn’t go down well, and bad things happen. ‘bad things happen’ one of the characters gets shot when the deal with the chip takes place, however she shoots the other character and the character doesn’t tell the buyer which container the chips in. there for it’s a mad rush to find the chip before somebody either heard the gunshot or just walks past. I would like to achieve a very up beat adrenalin rush. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Twilight At the beginning of the film we see this logo with a blank background to focus this logo. The audience see’s who produced the film. Film makers often include there logo at the start because it makes them known more in the film industry. It also gives the audience a fair warning that the film is about the start. I will try and use this method in the starting of my film because I feel that it gives a very professional look and it also shows who the producers are. I know that twilight is not the same genre as my film however I the opening are shots that are very open genre, as the starting shots of my film are very similar and you don’t understand what genre my film is in the first 2 minutes.
  4. 4. Twilight This is the second showing of Summit Entertainment, however this time they don’t have a logo and just have their Company name. Maybe this suggests to the audience that their not very well known so they show there name more than once to get them more well known and also to make the audience remember. The audience may well like this film so that gives Summit Entertainment a good name and will make more audiences watch more of the productions.
  5. 5. Casino Royale - (Setting the scene) At the beginning of the film we see this low angle camera shot on a building, the black and white effect works well for this shot. The effect a low angle shot gives out to the audience in this particular shot is to make the building seem the main focus in this shot and to make it feel bigger than what it really is. I like this idea however to involve this with a character. The low angle shot gives the scene a suspicious and mysterious look especially with the black and white effect. These effects make the audience feel intimidated and very involved in the scene. There is a slight pause before the subtitles appear to tell the audience where this scene is set, the pause sets a calm look on this scene. I like how the producers have done this and also would like to achieve this in my film. From this shot we can’t really make out what the film’s going to be about. I like this because it creates an enigma, so you have to watch more to understand the film. I want to create the same enigma in my film to capture the audiences interest. The sub title shown in the shot is the same font as the rest of the films titles. The title came up letter by letter and made a bullet sound. The bullet sound is a little clue to what the films about and I like this and maybe want to include this in my film.
  6. 6. Casino Royale This is the first high angle shot, this shot is a close up looking down on the character who we don’t know nothing about. This shot makes the character seem very venerable and also that he is unimportant. At this point as viewer I wouldn’t see him as a main character in this film however just a first victim. 0 I like this shot and would like to include it into my film for the main character though. I think this is a really good way for the audience to remember faces.
  7. 7. Casino Royale <ul><li>The shot below on the left is about 1 minute in, then as the main character turns around and fires a bullet this cartoon design appears. I like this shot because, you can tell that he is the main character because it makes him stand out with the cartoon graphics around him. </li></ul><ul><li>I would like to involve this into my film and try to get something similar if I can not achieve this I would like this to inspire me to create something similar to this in my film. </li></ul>
  8. 8. Casino Royale This shot is about 1 minute 23 seconds into the film. This shot is part of the opening credits and tells us the production team and there company. This is mainly used as mise en scene, the colour represents blood and there is the main character in the middle of the shot faded. The font is more of a bold font and stands out as the blood runs down the screen, this shows that the film is about action maybe and this is what helped me choose my genre action. There is a soft and gentle background music playing all the way through the credits. This makes us think that the film is going to be a boring and that just has a few people killed and not very energetic, however the film cover shows different that there is going to be car chases and extreme adrenalin rush every minute that you watch the film. I like how the producers do this and I would like to include this in my film.
  9. 9. Casino Royale <ul><li>This shot is after the credits and it sets the scene from a low angle shot. I like how they have done this, to show all the things that are happening in this shot. </li></ul><ul><li>It makes the car look big and threatening like its quite sinister. It makes It look like the car is the most important in this shot, however the framing suggests that the bad guys are going to step out of this vehicle, although the framing makes you more aware of the car and if you explore more into the shot and look beyond the car you will see the wooden shack where the good guys are in there. </li></ul>
  10. 10. Deja Vu This shot is blurred, this shows that there are two people in the shot however you are not supposed to be focussing on the people. I liked this shot because the shot made me feel intrigued on who they are and be more focussed on the film, it gives the shot a more mysterious feel. I want to involve this in my film because I think it gives off a good effect.
  11. 11. Deja Vu This is an ariel panning shot, this shot sets the scene and its obvious the main object in this shot is the boat at the harbour, because this is a wide angle shot this shows us everything in this scene before it zooms onto the boat. It looks very nice and a calm place however it contrasts with the end of the film. You don’t see that this boat is the what makes the viewers understand the film until the end of the movie where the same ariel panning shot appears however the trick to the film also happens. I like this weird feel that you get when you watch the film and that you want to watch on to get how It all comes together.