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Digital citizenship: A global perspective
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Digital citizenship: A global perspective


Published on

Webinar presented March 2014 - to focus on how to move digital citizenship ideas and actions from local to global. The recording of this 1-hour webinar is here: …

Webinar presented March 2014 - to focus on how to move digital citizenship ideas and actions from local to global. The recording of this 1-hour webinar is here:

Published in: Education

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  • As a flat classroom certified teacher I use this text in my life as a technologist on a daily basis. Cyberbreaking material!
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  • 1. Digital  Ci)zenship   A  Global  Perspec)ve   Julie  Lindsay   March  2014  
  • 2. Julie Lindsay Director Learning Confluence P/L MA Music, MA Educational Technology Leadership EdD Student, University of Southern Queensland Adjunct Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Charles Sturt University @julielindsay | |
  • 3. ….my global journey Kuwait Bangladesh China Qatar Zambia Ocean Shores Melbourne
  • 4. AGENDA   •  PART  1   –  Issues  in  digital  ci)zenship   •  PART  2   –  Defining  digital  ci)zenship  in  a  global  context   •  PART  3   –  Best  prac)ces  for  empowered  digital  ci)zenship   ac)on  
  • 5. Digital  Citizenship   “…the  norms  of  behavior  with   regard  to  technology  use”   Ribble  and  Bailey  
  • 6. ISTE  NETS.S   Students  understand  human,  cultural,  and   societal  issues  related  to  technology  and  prac)ce   legal  and  ethical  behavior.  
  • 7. ISTE  NETS.S   Students  use  digital  media  and  environments  to   communicate  and  work  collabora)vely,  including   at  a  distance……   Develop  cultural  understanding  and  global   awareness  by  engaging  with  learners  of  other   cultures.  
  • 8. ISTE  NETS.T   Develop  and  model  cultural  understanding  and     global  awareness  by  engaging  with  colleagues     and  students  of  other  cultures  using  digital  age     communicaGon  and  collaboraGon  tools  
  • 9. Issues  in  digital  ciGzenship     PART  1  
  • 10. Horizon  Report  HED  2014  
  • 11. Horizon  Report  K-­‐12  2013  
  • 12. Emerging  technologies   •  Mobile technology •  Social media •  Cloud computing
  • 13. New  Media  –  Social  Media   We  want  our  students  to   learn  and  par)cipate   confidently  and   effec)vely  in  the  new   media  landscapes  both  in   and  out  of  school  
  • 14. Mobile  Technology   Africa   649  million  mobile  end  of  2011   Link to essential services Banking – Farm advice – Health insurance Kenya – mobile money 70% of households have one M-Pesa user Mobile phone text messages to rural areas Farming - Health
  • 15. Networked  and  Connected  Learning   (Cloud  CompuGng)   InformaGon  literacy  –  digital  fluency   Personal  learning  networks   CommunicaGon,  collaboraGon,  criGcal  thinking   Engagement  and  creaGon  
  • 16. Communica)on   st In the 21 Century….. A learne access h r without web as no op portunity to devel op the technop ers essentia onal skills l for suc cess
  • 17. Communicate  -­‐  Blended   Virtual Participation
  • 18. Using  Web  2.0   technologies  to:   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  QuesGon   Build   Invent   Connect   Have  meaning   Understand   Excel   hp://  
  • 19. Red  arrow   poinGng  to   latest   acGvity  by   students  on   the  Ning     Flat   Connec)ons   Global  Project   Ning  (Educa)onal   Community)    -­‐  Connect    -­‐  Communicate   Blue  arrow   poinGng  to   global  real   Gme  chat  by   students  on   the  Ning     Communicate  -­‐  Blended  
  • 20. Citizenship Sorry for accusing you, the history makes it look like you Why did you delete stuff off the wiki? OMG I JUST SAW THE HISTORY ON THE WIKI..Really sorry for any problems BTW I didn’t delete anything
  • 21. Managing   your   ‘Digital   Taoo’     Personal   Branding   cc  licensed  (  BY  )  flickr  photo  by  Steve  Jurvetson:  hp://  
  • 22. We,  our  digital  selves,  and  us   Explores  idenGty  –  online  and  offline   Created  by  Alan  Levine,  2012  hp://  
  • 23. The  2  minute  challenge   How  connected   are  you  as  an   educator?   How  are  you   connec)ng  your   students  to  the   world?  
  • 24. Defining  digital  ciGzenship     in  a  global  context   PART  2  
  • 25. Enlightened Digital Citizenship model ©  Vicki  Davis  and  Julie  Lindsay  2011  
  • 26. Technology  Access   Map of world’s Facebook connections Source: Facebook December 2010
  • 27. Technical  Awareness   Technical  awareness  is  the  core  awareness  that   enables  a  person  to  be  a  digital  ciGzen.   It  lets  you  put  on  your  “shoes”  and  run  into  the   21st  century.   Image:  'Running  Shoes’  hp://  
  • 28. Individual  Awareness   It  comes  down  to  how  you  want  to  behave   online,  and  if  you  will  go  online.   Healthy  lifestyle  choices,  balance  and  a  person’s   individual  goals.   Image:  '"Where's  Daddy's  VISA?"’    hp://  
  • 29. Social  Awareness   The  digital  ciGzen  is  able  to  interpret  situaGons   and  retain  interpersonal  skills  with  friends  and   colleagues  whether  they  are  face-­‐to-­‐face  or   online.   Image:  'Ulaanbaatar,  Mongolia’    hp://  
  • 30. Cultural  Awareness   þ  Everyone  is  not   just  like  me.   þ  Everyone  is  like   me  in  some  ways.   Image:  'Flat  Classroom  Skype’    hp://  
  • 31. Global  Awareness   •  Different  countries   have  different  laws   –  Copyright,  legal   –  Taboo  subjects     •  NaGonality  transcends   culture   –  Every  naGon  has   mulGple  cultures   –  Never  stereotype  a   naGon   Image:  'M  like  Muslim?’    hp://  
  • 32. ‘lenses’  for  being  beer  global   digital  ciGzens  
  • 33. Enlightened  Digital  CiGzenship   model   ©  Vicki  Davis  and  Julie  Lindsay  2011  
  • 34. The  2  minute   Ci)zenship!   challenge   Digital   Ci)zenship     What  are  you  doing  in   your  school  to  foster   global  digital   ciGzenship?  
  • 35. Best  pracGces  for  empowered   digital  ciGzenship  acGon   PART  3  
  • 36. designing  for  ac$on  
  • 37. pitching  for  ac$on  
  • 38. collaboraGon  to  co-­‐crea$on  
  • 39. Digiteen/tween  project  outcomes   Team  forma)on,  Handshakes   Research  Topics,   Collabora)ve  Wiki  Authorship   Ac)on  Project  Design  and   Implementa)on   Celebra)on,  Reflec)on,   Sharing  outcomes  
  • 40. hp://   Digiteen  and  the   Vienna  Interna)onal   School  2007  
  • 41. Digital Citizenship Action Teaching  eGquee  and   respect  online  through   Minecras   Sharing  strategies  to   overcome  cyberbullying   View all past project archives on
  • 42. ‘Choice’  and  new  cultural  interac)ons   in  a  Qatari  Classroom  
  • 43. Hua  Shi  Yi  Fu  Zhong  High  School   Wuhan,  China  
  • 44. Join our Worlds Together Cultural  Understanding,  Global  Competence,  Interna)onal  Mindedness  
  • 45. Student Co-creation Online A Week in the Life Project Gr 3-5 Co-creating a Popplet with students around the globe.
  • 46. Co-Created Showcase Voicethreads: AWL
  • 47. Student Summit
  • 48. Be  a  DigiTeacher   •  Research  the   technology  and  lead  the   way   •  Monitor  and  be   engaged   •  Avoid  the  fear  factor  &   make  a  difference   •  Model  legal  wisdom  &   choose  your  own   copyright   hp://  
  • 49. Global  Digital  Ci)zenship  
  • 50. Don’t  forget  to  have  some  fun!  
  • 51. Flat  Classroom  Conference  Sydney   hfp://www.flatconnec)  
  • 52. Learning about the world, with the world Main website - Teacher Network-
  • 53. Julie Lindsay Director Learning Confluence Global Educator, Leader, Innovator, Author @julielindsay