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Becoming a Global Educator - Online collaboration and pedagogical change

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Connected, Flat, Global
Connected, Flat, Global
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Becoming a Global Educator - Online collaboration and pedagogical change

  1. 1. Becoming a Global Educator Online Collaboration and Pedagogical Change Julie Lindsay @julielindsay Keynote, April 2016
  2. 2. Presentation working mode • Twitter hashtags: – #theglobaleducator & #FedUni – Be more than an ‘echo chamber’ – Critical interaction – Share resources and ideas – Be yourself – not an imposter | #theglobaleducator | #FedUni | #Forum4qualityEd
  3. 3. Backchannel | #theglobaleducator | #FedUni | #Forum4qualityEd
  4. 4. The Tyranny of Distance “My book is essentially about people and commodities, and for them the cost of distance has actually been high. But for ideas the freight has often been cheap. In the history of this land, ideas have usually leaped with relative ease across the ocean and even across inland.” Geoffrey Blainey 50 years 1966 | #theglobaleducator | #FedUni | #Forum4qualityEd
  5. 5. The World has SHRUNK and FLATTENED and OPENED
  6. 6. Australia has a unique advantage
  7. 7. • The global educatorPart 1 • Concepts underpinning collaborative learningPart 2 • Online global collaboration in practicePart 3 • Shifting pedagogies for online collaborative learningPart 4
  8. 8. The Global Educator Part 1
  9. 9. ….my global journey Zambia Kuwait Bangladesh Qatar China Ocean Shores Melbourne
  10. 10. Third Culture Kid
  11. 11. Julie Lindsay @julielindsay
  12. 12. Photo by Leo Reynolds - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License Created with Haiku Deck
  13. 13. Photo by giulia.forsythe - Creative Commons Attribution License Created with Haiku Deck
  14. 14. Photo by Foxspain Fotografía - Creative Commons Attribution License Created with Haiku Deck
  15. 15. You do not need to leave home… The Global Educator
  16. 16. You know you are a Global Educator when you…….. Connect and share
  17. 17. A short story about connection….
  18. 18. | #theglobaleducator | #FedUni
  19. 19. ‘Flatten’ the learning You know you are a Global Educator when you……..Citizenship CollaborationConnection
  20. 20. Encourage & model global ‘digital’ citizenship You know you are a Global Educator when you……..
  21. 21. Collaborate anywhere, anytime You know you are a Global Educator when you……..
  22. 22. Use online technologies to bring learners together You know you are a Global Educator when you……..
  23. 23. You know you are a Global Educator when you…….. Design futuristic online learning environments
  24. 24. Before the Internet……..(Hanvey, 1982) Perspective consciousness ‘State of the planet’ awareness Cross-cultural awareness Knowledge of global dynamics Awareness of human choices
  25. 25. Yes! ….and…… am/am not ….share with the person next to you | #theglobaleducator | #FedUni | #Forum4qualityEd
  26. 26. Backchannel Jumps in!
  27. 27. Concepts Underpinning Collaborative Learning Part 2
  28. 28. Connected learning G. Siemens and S. Downes
  29. 29. “The pipe is more important than the content in the pipe.” Connectivism – George Siemens ‘Connectivism’ “…..draws upon the fact that the very concept of knowledge and learning are changing before our eyes with the advent of new technologies.”
  30. 30. Collaborative learning “[C]ollaborative production is simple: no one person can take credit for what gets created, and the project could not come into being without the participation of many.” Clay Shirky, Here comes everybody
  31. 31. Community of Practice (CoP) Domain CommunityPractice Collective learning Practitioners Relationship building Shared identity Learning CommunitiesE. Wenger
  32. 32. Online Learning Communities Online Collaborative Learning Communities Tool: Padlet
  33. 33. Online learning today
  34. 34. Impact of Technology Social, Interactive, Visible
  35. 35. TPACK
  36. 36. What about – ‘Blended learning’?
  37. 37. Learning Design Balance Synchronous Asynchronous
  38. 38. Synchronous Asynchronous Blended learning modes to support online collaboration
  39. 39. Online Global Collaboration in Practice Part 3
  40. 40. Geographically dispersed learners Use of online technologies Learning with not just about Co-create new understandings and share work online What is online ‘global’ collaboration?
  41. 41. Online global collaboration is imperative for all learners to be globally competent Online global collaboration provides a focus for digital online technologies Online global collaboration is a new paradigm for modern learning Online global collaboration supports glocalisation Online global collaboration concepts
  42. 42. Building an effective PLN and PLCs Finding reliable partners Learning standards and frameworks Curriculum design Web 2.0 tools 24/7 learning for everyone Technology infrastructure Technology access Technology fluency Global digital citizenship skills Curriculum conformity Misunderstanding about embedded collaborations Attitudes towards using digital technologies Enablers and Barriers
  43. 43. Local to global learning modes Intraconnection Interconnection Teacher global connections Managed student connections Student collaboration
  44. 44. Online Global Collaboration Taxonomy Examples of successful global collaborations
  45. 45. Level 1: Online interactions Level 2: Real encounters Level 3: Online learning Level 4: Community of practice Level 5: Learning collaboratives Online Global Collaboration Taxonomy Blog posts, sharing online artefacts Webinars, Skype, Online chat MOOCs, Distance education Specific collaborative outcomes Global collaborative communities
  46. 46. Online Global Collaboration Taxonomy How to use…… Determine online learning objectives Examine courses/curriculum Map collaborative learning Implement new approaches
  47. 47. Stories of global connection…..
  48. 48. Flat Connections Global Project Student leadership Co-creation – research and multimedia Global awards - celebration Emerging technologies - the future of learning
  49. 49. Singapore American School International School of the Sacred Heart, Japan Theme 2016: Climate Change Asynchronous global debates between classrooms Tools: Voicethread & Padlet
  50. 50. Yes! ….and…… ….share with the person next to you | #theglobaleducator | #FedUni | #Forum4qualityEd
  51. 51. Backchannel Jumps in!
  52. 52. Shifting Pedagogies for Online Collaborative Learning Part 4
  53. 53. Teacher Activator Institution Conduit to collaboration Community Partners in learning Student Active learner Changing roles……
  54. 54. © Julie Lindsay, 2014
  55. 55. Evolution of online global collaboration
  56. 56. The missing piece…..? Cosmogogy Androgogy Heutogogy Peeragogy Pedagogy
  57. 57. The CSU Online Learning Model Small group support Teacher presence Interaction with workplaces Personalised support Interaction between students Interactive resources E-Assessment
  58. 58. Skills for the future
  59. 59. Make the shift…..
  60. 60. Three takeaways for online global learning #1 #2 #3
  61. 61. Become a global educator by being a networked learner and teacher – in a ‘flat’ learning environment it’s who you know not what you know #1 | #theglobaleducator | #FedUni | #Forum4qualityEd
  62. 62. Don’t be held back by the ‘tyranny of distance’. Lead the way for new pedagogical approaches to online collaborative learning! #2 | #theglobaleducator | #FedUni | #Forum4qualityEd
  63. 63. Go beyond the wow - we have the technology, we have the pedagogy - it’s time to connect the world for meaningful co-creations! #3 | #theglobaleducator | #FedUni | #Forum4qualityEd
  64. 64. Coming in April 2016! Pre-orders taken See website for Australian & New Zealand orders through Hawker Brownlow Published by the International Society for Technology in Education
  65. 65. Julie Lindsay @julielindsay