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Media main task

  1. 1. Typography – The fonts that are used on this ‘Kerrang’magazine are big and bold. This is used because it catchesthe reader’s attention, and wants them to read about it.Layout – The layout is a bit cluttered on this magazine,but you are still able to see everything that’s essential.However, the writing over laps the main picture whichisn’t neat. The route of the eye ‘z’ works well on thisbecause you see the offer and tittle and main news alltogether.Language – The language that is used on this magazinecover is standard English, no big words or phrases, somost audiences will be able to read this as theyunderstand it all.Colour – The colour of this magazine is just three colours,Black, Red and Yellow, which all stand out to each other.The colours go with the genre of the magazine becausefor example, its very ‘rock’ so the red on this magazinecreates and evil, or danger colour.Camerawork – The camera work of this magazine is a midclose, group shot which shows they are a band. Also themid shot shows just there torso and face’s, showing therefacially expressions, which seem quite depressing whichgoes with the genre of the magazine.Mise-en-scene – The mise-en-scene of this magazinecover is very suiting for the genre. They have black outfitson which again, because its dark, goes with the ‘rock’ feelto the magazine.Mode of address – The magazine tries to interact with theaudience by putting words like ‘free’ onto it, because theywill want to buy it because it has special items. It asphrases ‘life is loud’ which shows the genre of themagazine because we stereotype rock with being loudand wild.
  2. 2. Typography – There are many fonts used on this ‘Revolver’magazine, using big bold writing, and italic writing. The‘Slipknot’ in the corner, the font used for that represents thegenre of ‘rock’ very well.Layout – The layout of this ‘Revolver’ magazine is ordered,but doesn’t have a route of the eye, meaning the readermisses a lot of infromation. However, with the main picturebeing a model with a gun in her hand, relating to themagazine name, will attract a lot of male readers, becauseshe is attractive and wearing little clothes.Language – The language used on the ‘Revolver’ magazinecover is very genre suited because of ‘hard rock’ and‘destruction’ signfies the meaning of what is being explained.Colour – The colour of thismagazine cover is very much nearthe same as ‘Kerrang’ front cover because its contains ‘rock’colours such as red, black, and grey. Which is dark and withthe bright colours such as the red is used to locate the maininformation on the cover.Camerawork – The camera work of this magazine cover is afar shot showing all of the model. This is done because it willattract all of the readers, because a male wouldn’t be soattracted to the magazine if it just showed her face, and nother whole body.Mise-en-scene – The mise-en-scene used on this front coverreally matches the magazine genre and name. With thename being ‘Revolver’ which is a gun, the props they haveprovided the model, which is a gun suits this.Mode of address – The magazine tries to interact with thereader by signifying the main information with large writingso attracts the readers to the magazine, and makes themwant to buy it.
  3. 3. Typography – The typography of this ‘Kerrang’ front cover isbold, like most magazine covers, because this stands out andattracts the readers attention because they catch a word, orsomething they like and want to read on.Layout – The layout of this magazine cover is ordered andthe use of the route of the eye is essential on this cover,because you see the title, and the banner, then the mainstory and all of the other stories the magazine contains. Also,with the main picture you can see there main features.Language – The language used on this magazine cover is verypowering, because with words like ‘uproar’ and ‘storm’ isexaggeration to what it actually is, so interests the reader.Colour – The colour of this magazine cover, is very similar toall of the other rock magazines that are out because they arevery coordinated, with black being the base colour thenwhite and red to signify the main information.Camerawork – The camera work is mainly to show who theyare, with a wide shot, showing the whole of the band. Thebottom three pictures are to show them performing, allshowing there ‘rockstars’.Mise-en-scene – The mise-en-scene of this magazine cover isvery stereotypical for a rock magazine, with the dark clothingand a tattoo all over the mans hands. Also, the microphonessuggest there doing a concert.Mode of address – The magazine cover tries to speak to youwith the aggressive appearance, so will attract heavy rockreaders, and will buy the magazine.
  4. 4. Typography – The fonts used on this contents are similar to thoseused on the front cover, because they are bold, but this time justless spread out and there is a certain section where the font is abit less straight and more smooth.Layout – The layout in this contents is much more orderedbecause the main picture has no writing overlapping it and is keptclear. Also, the writing around the side of the picture and on top isvery neat because it has page numbers and loads of sub-headings.Language – The language in this contents page is very ‘punking’because it has a lot of words such as ‘chaos’ which signifies itsmeaning.Colour – The colour code on this contents page is the same as thetitle page which is very good because it shows professionalismbecause it is ordered. I believe Kerrang have done this because itkeeps it simple, but still looks good and suits the genre.Camerawork – The camera work of this magazine contents pagehas a variety because there are several pictures, however, themain picture is a close shot, signifying certain features, with hislong hair, grown beard and tattoo on the neck, its matches thegenre of the magazine. Mise-en-scene – The mise-en-scene in this contents page is usedvery much. For example the picture at the bottom on the left isnamed ‘Lamb of god’ and he is singing and the microphone isused to show this off and also he dark clothing and black hairshows the amount of mise-en-scene which is used a lot throughthe magazine.Mode of address – The magazine contents page speaks to theaudience with loads of captions showing ‘snip its’ of the storiesthat are able to be read in the magazine and with sub headingssuch as ‘The king blues’ you want to read on more about it,because ‘king’ shows how good he is.
  5. 5. Typography – The typography of this contents page issimple, and doesn’t have much range of fonts, though thecolour code is the main feature for the font as this is thecolour for every issue, which is there unique house style, sothe magazine in recognized.Layout – The layout of this magazine contents page, is veryordered, but also has its own style, because a lot of contentspages have just the main information down in a straight line,however, with this set up, it will attract readers.Language – The language used on this contents page, suitsthe genre of the magazine because with words such as ‘die’and ‘fear’ it gives the reader the aggression side of themagazine.Colour – The colour of this magazine contents page is thesame as all ‘Kerrang’ magazines, because with the darkcolour’s being the base and white and yellow the maincolour to show important features, everybody will recognizethe house style, with ‘Kerrang’.Camerawork – The camerawork of this contents magazine isa wide shot a ‘mosh pit’ which is very related to rock music,also the rock star is being lifted across showing they areuncontrolled and just do what they want.Mise-en-scene – The mise-en-scene of this contents page ismainly showing the clothing and props that are used, forexample the dark clothing, giving more of a rock feel, andthe microphone and mosh pits also signifying they are at aconcert.Mode of address – This magazine contents page speaks toits audience, because of its wild and careless behaviorshown, which will relate to most teenagers and young adultsbecause they dream of things like this.
  6. 6. Typography – The typography of this metal hammermagazine contents page is very gothic. The curling fontand dripping words, the gives the reader an evil feeling,suiting the genre of the magazine.Layout – The layout of this contents page Is different tomost, because it’s a bit like a normal article page and ismaybe a bit more cluttered than ordered.Colour – The colour of this magazine is like most rockmagazines, though this one contains a lot more red.Connotations of red are associates red with being thecolour of blood, and evil. Because of this the colourmatches the genre perfectly.Language – The language to this contents page is, again,like all other rock magazine with the aggressive words‘death’ representing what the magazine will be like.Camerawork – The camerawork of the photos on thiscontents page are mainly two shots and wide shots,because they want to show who is in the magazine, ifsomeone see’s a band they like then they will buy it andread it.Mise-en-scene – The mise-en-scene of this contents pageis the dark outfits, with ‘punky’ designs on them showingrock. Also, the poses that the people in the picture aredoing are suited to the genre, with the two fingers, on thebottom finger, we stereotype this with rock.Mode of address – The mode of address to this magazinecontents page is very evil and intimidating with the darkcolours and droopy haunted like writing. The readers willbuy this if there hard-core rock fans.
  7. 7. Typography – The typography in this double page spread is only one font which is big and bold like all of the other pages. There is a kicker in thearticle which makes the reader want to read about it because it catches there eye.Layout- The layout of magazine is very ordered, because with one page having the main picture and the second page having the whole articleand bit more information. I believe that this is good because it makes the reader want to read because they can see it all, and it attracts them.Language – The language is like the front cover of the ‘Kerrang’ magazine, it is very standard with no ‘over the top’ language that a less educatedperson will struggle to understand, so most audiences can buy it.Colour – The colour of this double page spread is very dark, even the pictures have had all the colour been taken out of them. There is redincluded which stands out, but the colour suits the genre well because rock is associated with dark and evil colours.Camerawork – Camerwork to this double page spread of a ‘Kerrang’ magazine is mainly just mid-close shots and close –ups. This is goodbecause it shows the emotion of the person featured in the photo, and rock singers and artists are usually known to show emotion in thereperformances such as anger.Mise-en-scene – The mise-en-scene on this double page spread is used a lot, because there is a lot of rock associated props and costumes. Forexample the microphone shows the singing, and the card around the mans neck with a skull on suits the genre. Also the recording studio showsmusic is being produced.Mode of address – This double page spread speaks to the reader with quotations from the band. ‘were being the best mcr we can be’ Thismakes the audience want to know what extra they are doing to make this happen so wish to read on.
  8. 8. Typography – The fonts that are used are like what you would expect to find on a road sign, which usually shows key information you need toknow, so with this font used, people will read into it.Layout – The layout of this double page spread is ordered, with the bands name taking up most of the first page, and the quote that willattract readers, the second page is the article.Language – The language used on this double page spread is a little less aggressive than the other’s which shows a calmer, however, stillrocky enough to attract rock music fans.Colour – There isnt a colour code on this double page spread, which there usually is in other magazines, but there are still the odd bit ofcoding, such as the red kicker, showing the start of the article.Camerawork – the camerawork of this double page spread is a wide shot showing the whole band with the camera looking up at them andone of them pointing to us, showing they are powerful.Mise-en-scene – The mise-en-scene of this magazine double page spread is a scruffy sort of look, which is a lot less intimidating than most ofthe other rock magazines. With the scene that there at and the clothes, it seems a little more indie than rock.Mode of address – The double page spread speaks to the audience mainly with the band leader pointing his finger out to us, which attractsthe reader to see why he is pointing towards the camera as though it has something to do with ourselves.
  9. 9. Typography – The typography of this double page spread is a mixture of bold, but also a haunted sort of font. The haunted looking font,which is coloured red, makes it look evil and like a bit of blood.Format – The format of this double page spread is ordered, with the picture taking up the whole of the first page and the article the second.This is good because it attracts readers because it is tidy, and easy to approach.Colour – The colour of this double page spread is mainly white and red, with the person pictured the only one having a different colour,black. With the white and red, the clash, so stand out to each other, which is good because the reader will read them as it appeals to them.Also, the red is a colour associated with evil, showing the genre of the magazine.Language – The language used in this double page spread is used to pull readers in. With the title using onomatopoeia this is catchy, but alsowith the bottom quotes ‘I lived in a house that matthew Hopkins witchfinder used to stay in’ shows that the person mentioned is famousand is a well-known magazine to contain this information.Camerawork – The camerawork of this magazine double page spread is a mid-shot showing the torso upwards of the person featured, this isto show who he is, what he is wearing, which matches the genre and also his emotions, which are very ‘rocky’Mise-en-scene - There isn’t much mise-en-scene used in this double page however from what there is used, which is the dark clothing andthe persons make up, makes the genre of the magazine stand out.Mode of address – The magazine tries to connect with its readers with its rocky feeling but also by quoting the main things a rockstar hassaid, making us feel that we need to know it, therefore buy the magazine.
  10. 10. Questionnaire Result Evaluation These first two question’s show which audience are answering my question. Half of those were male, and the other half female. This is good because there is a equal variation. The age of most people was 16, and the odd 17 year old answering, this may be a bit bias as teenagers enjoy different things to older people. So teenagers will be my target audience.
  11. 11. Questionnaire Result Evaluation These two question results show that 6/8 people read magazines often, and 4/8 of those read them moderately often. This shows that magazines are still a major interest and shows that I will need to design my front cover well to get any interest from the public. 5/8 people would be happy to pay in the range of £2.00 - £2.99 for a magazine, which shows the public will pay quite heavily for a well published magazine.
  12. 12. Questionnaire Results Evaluation This question result shows that R&B and Rock are very popular with the music fans. This gives me my answer to decide whether to chose the genre of Pop or Rock.
  13. 13. Questionnaire Result Evaluation These two questionnaire results show me that 100% of people would prefer to read about the genre of music that they enjoy listening to, this tells me I need to chose a genre that the public like and make it solid to that musical theme.
  14. 14. Questionnaire Result Evaluation This questions show the results of what people wish to see in there magazine that they buy. Many have chosen interviews with people and information about the music world, therefore I will supply my magazine with these features.
  15. 15. Questionnaire Result Evaluation These results, when asked about what colour scheme the would like to see has a mixture however most of the base colours that I would have expected to have found are on there, such as red, black, and blue. This shows I need to have these colours involved in my colour scheme.
  16. 16. Questionnaire Result Evaluation This questionnaire results shows that most people would prefer to have informal language in there magazine as a pose to formal language. After these results I have decided that I won’t be using formal language.
  17. 17. Questionnaire Result Evaluation These results tell me that people that buy the magazine would much prefer to have items involving there favourite artists, instead of random free items. They want discount of a concert of your own choice and items signed by artists, this shows that they want to get closer to the artists.
  18. 18. Front Page Font Idea’s These are the font’s that I have chosen, that might feature on my magazine cover. The genre of my magazine will be rock. The first font is good for the genre of magazine that I have chosen. Rock is sometimes associated with blood, and if we see some in a rock magazine, we are not shocked, as this is normal. I feel that the dripping font, makes this look like blood, and also brings a little bit of horror to the magazine. This could catch the readers eye, because it is different from many. The second font that I have chosen is a very bold font. This has good and bad points. The good points are that as it is bold, it will stand out, and this is good because it will pull readers attention in. Also as it is simple and nothing fancy about it, it will be good for a title, however, even though it can be good being simple, as it doesn’t have as much features as the other three, it will look boring. The third font that I have chosen for my magazine cover has a lot of design added to it. This is good because it will give my magazine its own style, and will be different to others. This font also suits my genre because it is ‘in your face’ and will definitely cause a customer to stop and see what it is. The fourth and final font that I have chosen for the title of my magazine cover, has a very unique style. The words by themselves are very dull and boring, however with the thick outline of black, it creates a lot more, and makes it loud. I feel that this will capture many readers interest.
  19. 19. Caption Font Idea’s These are font’s that I have chosen for the captions of my magazine. The first font I have chosen is good for a caption I believe because a caption isn’t the main information, so if it is this font, which isn’t ‘in your face’ but isn’t to simple is just right for it. This one again suits the genre with the flow of the font. The second font I have chosen is very bold, and I believe that this would only be suitable for small and thin captions because it is so large. It can be used as a title font, but also a caption if used correctly. I feel with the border, it connects with the genre. The third font chosen for my magazine, is very simple, but has a style to it which I feel is good because it gives it something different to all the other fonts. This would be very good for a caption because it isn’t to large, or to small and shows what you want to see in the perfect font. The last font that I have chose for my magazine is very comic like. I think this is good because it will give my magazine a retro feature, whilst being modern at the same time. This is a very basic font, but gives a great addition to the magazine.
  20. 20. Colour Scheme’s This colour scheme consist of red, black and white. I have chosen these colours because they all stand out against each other, but do not clash poorly. I think that these colours suit my genre of rock, with the red signifying evil, which is associated with rock, and black and white being the two base colours. This colour scheme involves purple, white and blue. I feel that these colour’s connect with my genre but not as well as the previous scheme. With white being the base colour, and purple and blue being used for key information and articles, I believe that this moderns the magazine and gives it a house style. This colour scheme has a lighter blue than the previous scheme, black, and a lime green. I think that these colours are good to use because they all catch the readers eye, and with the base colour and lime green standing out against it this will be a good feature. Also, many rock bands have green in their names and logo’s, so green in a recognised colour in rock.
  23. 23. Draft Double Page Spread PICTURE ARTICLE ARTICLE
  24. 24. Research into companies, producing similar productsIPC Media – abbreviated for International Publishing Corporation is a magazineconsumer, and digital which is located in the United Kingdom, selling over 350 millioncopies. IPC Media started as IPC Magazines Ltd but a management buyout financed byCinven, and the company was renamed IPC Media.IPC Media groups its current titles under three magazine divisions each focusing ondifferent target audience, as stated below - Connect — mass market women SouthBank — upmarket women Inspire — menThis shows that they have a variety of audience’s and are recognised globally.IPC Media have a variety of different magazines, for example – - NME (Music Magazine) - Wallpaper (Interior Designs) - TV Times (The hottest TV news) - Marie Claire (Britains leading fashion brand)This lists shows just the minority of the different magazine that IPC Media produce. Theyall have different target audience and they focus on this as a main point. All of themagazines they produce also have a monthly subscriptions available showing that theyhave a lot of buyers.
  25. 25. Pitching my magazineWhat I found out?After all the research that I have done in my objective to design and launch asuccessful magazine that will sell to the public, I have found a lot of information thatwill help me towards my goal.I found out that people would much prefer the magazine to have a layout, rather thanto be cluttered and have no ‘route of eye’. Using the route of the eye would give theaudience that are scanning past to see the main information and to be attracted tobuying it.I have found out that people want the magazine to connect in every aspect as to whatthey enjoy. For example, if people like the music genre rock, they want to read aboutonly rock, and all of the artists they enjoy listening to.I are not only bothered about what the magazine contains as they also choose amagazine because of they way the colours are used and, when and where the picturesare put as this influences them to buy it. They want to have things such as specialoffers, and latest gossip, because people want to be closer to there favourite artistsand bands.
  26. 26. Pitching my magazineMy target audience:For my magazine, as my genre will be rock, the target audience will be old teenagersto young adults. I have chosen this because many of people from this range choose tobuy the rock magazine, often.Older teenagers and younger adults seem to like rock, because by they time they haveindependence, because their parents give them freedom and don’t decide what theylisten to.To appeal to my target audience I feel that I have to have a lot of gossip and interviewsin my magazine because this is what attracts people. I have to use my colour schemeto influence my target audience because the colours need to interact with my choiceof genre too. For example, red is an important colour in rock because it signifies eviland blood, which is ordinary to see in rock.Another way to attract my target audience is to give them ‘offers’ such as free items,or discount for concert tickets etc. this will pull in my target audience becauseeveryone will see this offer and feel that they need it.
  27. 27. Pitching my magazineSelling my magazineAfter exploring magazine and getting research to help me design my own.I believe that, after learning what the public want to feature in their magazine that they buy. Also, I have learnhow different things, affect parts of the magazine.I think that my magazine will sell because I will use all of the features that the public wish to see For example,the public want non formal language, and would rather more words that have relevance to the genre theywant, such as, ‘chaos’ and ‘hard-core’ you would expect to find these words in a rock magazine, so I shallinclude them.The pictures that I will use, will use the right props, outfits and setting. Because I will be making a rockmagazine I will be using a dark setting, and props such as am electric guitar. I believe that if I use to theirpotential the magazine will really connect with the readers and will encourage them to tell there friends aboutthe magazine.I will include things such as special offers because this will pull readers attention as they will look at the offerand want to know more about it. I feel that this would increase the sales of the magazine if this was to go onthe shelfs at shops.Finally I think that my magazine will sell because the layout of the magazine will be very ordered and easy tounderstand which will pull the audience in because they see it clearly, where as if I didn’t do a ordered layoutand make it cluttered it will lose buyers.
  28. 28. Production PlanMy pictures for my magazine will be on Ben Stanhope, who is a year above me. I willuse Ben because he has the features of a stereotypical ‘rock star’I will use the school for my setting, I will try to use a dark area with a little bit ofleaking light so I can use it as my spotlight. I feel this would be perfect for mymagazine if I can do this.Finally