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Analysis of music magazines


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Analysis of music magazines

  1. 1. Analysis of Musicmagazines. { Omar Clarke
  2. 2. This magazine is effective for a range of reasons. They have used amasthead that has a background, this is a subversive feature as mostmastheads don’t have a background. Through the red background onthe masthead helps project it despite it having the main image layeredon top of it. They have developed a consistent colour scheme throughonly using red and white. For the vast majority of the text they haveused the colour white, this creates emphasis on the word ‘domination’as it is the only word in red. Through it being the only word in red itcaptures the audience’s attention. Underneath the word domination,they have developed the phonology of the cover, as they have usedalliteration, ‘rebirth of rap royalty’, through using alliteration it allowsthe magazine to stay in the audience’s mind. The main cover line isrelevant to the main image, as you the audience is expected togenerate a sense of domination through the focus expression in thefaces of the artists in the main image. This magazine has only utilisedone image, this also helps create dominance of the artists, as they arethat powerful to be the only image on the magazine and it stillgenerate interest. They have constructed the other cover lines in asubversive way as they have aligned them all to the top right of themagazine cover. They have placed the main image over the mast head,which also emphasises its dominance and effectiveness. Through themain image in this magazine gives direct address as they are lookingat the reader, this allows the cover to generate a more personalapproach.
  3. 3. This magazine displays a very extreme case scenario through itsbackground, main image and main cover line. The magazine displaysexaggeration to execute dominance of Jay Z in the rapindustry, through having him taller than other tall towers of the USAinfrastructure. The main cover line, has ‘JAY-Z’ in the largestfont, this also accentuates dominance of Jay Z. The main cover linedisplays the usage of the rhetorical questions, which appears to beconventional for hip hop magazines to have rhetorical questions. Thetextual information is all in black apart from ‘Jay Z’, also generatingdominance of the artist to make the audience feel as though he isbigger than hip-hop. The selling line at the top is in a small size fontbut due to it being bold it captures the audiences attention. I thinkthe publishers of this magazine have used a dull grey and white asthe main background colour to allow contrast with the ‘all black’clothing of the main image. This allows the main image to look evenmore dominant in conjunction with the question ‚is Jay-Z(mainimage) bigger than Hip-Hop?‛They have kept the text on the left of the cover aligned which helpsdevelops the structure of the magazine. Through keeping the textaligned on the left allows the main cover line to capture theaudiences attention as it is also on the left of the cover but it isn’taligned and is in much larger bold font than the text above it.
  4. 4. This magazine generates a warm approach through its colourscheme. The cover consistently uses yellow and white. The useof a bright yellow and white help to make the magazine eyecatching. In addition the cover has a masthead in large, boldfont. This generates a sense of dominance of the cover. Abovethe masthead they have aligned both the sky line and strapline to be of the same length, this helps to enhance thestructure of the cover. All of the cover lines along the left havebeen aligned and are in quite a small font. The publishers havedone this as these cover lines are not as important as the mainimage and the main cover line. The main image and the maincover line take up three-quarters of the page, accentuatingtheir dominance. Most of the main cover line is in relativelysmall font whilst the subjects are in yellow and much largerfont. They have done this due to Eminem and Dr Dre beingpowerful artists and producers in the Hip Hop industry, suchthat they only need to make it clear that they are the subject ofthe cover line and that is enough to entice the reader.
  5. 5. Main cover lines analysis: I like the way this main cover line has been used as it is unconventional but yet very effective. Most of the main cover lines I have researched more a less keep the same size and colour of the font for each word in their main cover line. Whilst this cover line has the content of the main cover line in white and in small font compared to the subject of the main cover line in yellow and in large font. This accentuates the dominance of the artists. Despite using two colours, they have used two colours that compliment each other and work effectively together. This main cover line uses idioms which is relevant to the Hip-Hop culture as we are used to hearing rappers not pronounce the ‘g’ or ‘ing’ words in their lyrics, hence why the cover line has used ‘cookin’up’. This main cover line is effective for a range of reasons. They have used white font on a dark background which captures the audiences attention. The term ‚power‛ is in larger font then the rest of the cover line and is on a separate line. This accentuates the term ‚power‛. The typography they have used for the term ‘power’ creates a futuristic approach through it’s cut in the letters. This main cover line is effective . Through using white font that is bold accentuates its dominance. The most effective aspect of this major cover line is the white font has a black gradient on it that makes the text look damaged and employs a ‘gritty’ approach. I think this is effective as it represents the Hip-Hop culture as Hip-Hop artists tend to be from a hard upbringing whereby they are used to this ‘gritty’ lifestyle, which is shown through a lot of Hip-Hop artists music.
  6. 6. Mastheads: (1) Mastheads: (2)This mastheads design is original and creates a unconventionalapproach. Within the masthead there is a picture of a microphone , this isa subversive feature of a masthead. From my perspective this makes themagazine more captivating and through the use of the microphone with This masthead contains subversive features as it has a background.a strong fist helps to enhance and develop the hip hop genre through the This makes the masthead more eye catching, especially through amasthead, as hip-hop artists are perceived as strong characters through bright red colour. The typography is bold like the other masthead Itheir lyrics normally being about hard experiences. analysed. The other masthead is clearer to identify it’s genre due to its design having an microphone with firm firsts around it. ThisThe font is quite bold and through the blue outline helps to create a masthead is more dominant and assertive than the other onegraffiti approach to the writing. The publishers have used this as the hip courtesy of its bright red background in comparison to the ‘Source’hop genre rose based around graffiti in urban parts of America in the masthead.1980’s. The have aligned the vertical word ‘the’ with the horizontal word‘source’, this enhances the masthead and makes it subversive as it breaks Both magazines utilise typography that is relevant to the music genrethe conventions of mastheads. as they both demonstrate a ‘graffiti’ approach, emphasised by them being bold and not rigid in their lettering.The size of the masthead isn’t that big in comparison to other magazinesI have researched, however through it’s bold font and thick typography,makes the masthead appear big to the reader. They have placed the mainimage overlapping the masthead, perhaps to accentuate the mainimage(artists) dominance.