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Unit 3 product market


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BTEC Creative Media Unit 3

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Unit 3 product market

  1. 1. Unit 3: ResearchTechniques for Creative MediaIndustries 2 Be able to apply a range of research methods and techniques The Brief You are working as a researcher for Castle Films, an independent British film production company. They have acquired the rights to a screenplay for a horror film about a group of young people with a paranormal storyline. You have been assigned the task of completing a feasibility study into whether they should proceed with production of this film. You will need to complete a range of independent research to find out about the market, target audience, and potential production of this film. You must use both primary and secondary research methods. Research Task One: Product Market The first step in your research is to investigate the market for paranormal horror films. Quantitative Research How financially successful are horror films at the box office? Identify 3 recent horror films and research their financial success. Qualitative Research Complete qualitative research into attitudes to horror films. Find audience and professional reviews of relevant films and consider the positive and negative points identified in regard to the films you are researching. Resources