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Script and storyboard


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A2 Media Studies production planning

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Script and storyboard

  1. 1. Script and Storyboard Lesson Outcomes: To plan your video production.
  2. 2. Homework Reminder Homework 2: Test Shots Take a series of test shots illustrating possible locations, props, costumes, casting choices. You may also want to film some test footage to check lighting, sound, etc. in your chosen locations. Upload this to your blog. Due 2/10/14
  3. 3. Progress Checkpoint – 2/10/15  Your blogs will be assessed at the end of this week.  The minimum expectation is that the following work is complete and on your blog:  All research tasks should be complete (Genre Research and Audience Research)  Production Concepts  Outline  Pitch  Feedback  Script, shotlist (possibly storyboard)
  4. 4. No Crying About Scripts  A SCRIPT IS NOT JUST DIALOGUE SO DON’T TELL ME IT IS. It is a written description of everything you are going to film.
  5. 5. Scriptwriting The script is a written guide to what your are going to film. All action should be in the script. Your script should be in the correct format. Use Courier size 12 font.
  6. 6. Use scene headings for every scene. INT/EXT – LOCATION – TIME OF DAY First appearance of character should be in capitals, with a brief description.
  7. 7. Your scripts will probably have limited dialogue so this is a useful example of how to write action in a screenplay.
  8. 8. Scriptwriting Resources  
  9. 9. Shotlist  Once you have written your script you can then use that to create a shotlist.  Consider how you are going to film your action.  You need to give careful thought to the most effective shot types and angles.  Your shot list should include:  Shot number  Shot type  Angle  Duration  Description of action
  10. 10. Storyboards  Some students don’t take time to do the storyboard properly. So it looks like this. DO NOT DO THIS. DO NOT DO THIS.
  11. 11. Storyboards  The process of storyboarding is essential to the success of your product. When you produce your storyboard you need to be thinking about what each shot will look like. You should consider:  How you will use shot types and angles to communicate meaning  How you intend to use composition to communicate meaning  The role of mise-en-scene  Use of framing  How you can use camerawork in a visually striking way
  12. 12. Lesson Progress Production Concept/Outline Pitch Audience Feedback Script Shotlist Storyboard Lesson Outcomes: To plan your video production. Resources are on the Media Department blog Progress Checkpoint Homework Reminder FRIDAY 2nd OF OCTOBER