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How my magazine appeals to my audience


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How my magazine appeals to my audience

  1. 1. COLOURS The colours that I chose for my front cover were black, white and red, this is because the black and white contrast well and all of the colours are conventional for a rock magazine and will appeal to my target audience. From research that I have done I found out that those were the colours which most people in my group wanted making it even more appealing to them. The reason that I chose these colours were mainly because these are the colours which connote the negative things such as anger, death and violence making them more appealing to my audience, it also allows the text easily readable.
  2. 2. COLOURS The colours used on the contents page are the same ones that I used on my front cover, this then makes a house style for the rest of the magazine. This was done so that it creates brand recognition for future issues. I have split the page up into two different colours to allow the main body of text to be seen and readable, I then had the text in the black half in bigger, white text so that it is just as easily read as the rest. By using the same colours again it allows the connotations of violence and anger to carry on.
  3. 3. COLOURS Yet again I have used the same colours as the other pages to keep with the house style. By using the bigger pull quote is breaks up the text and in the colour makes it more eye catching, by removing the background on the image it allowed him to stand out more as it means that only the person in the image was visible making him the most eye catching part on the page. I also used the same colours for the fonts and headers if they were on a black page like on the top half of the contents. This adds to the house style and the red shows what type of genre the magazine is as it is a blood red.
  4. 4. FONTS I have used a total of 5 fonts on my magazine all of them are in a gothic sans serif font, this is because it is conventional for a rock magazine and will appeal to my audiences as the text looks more modern than serif fonts. Also sans serif fonts are conventional for a rock magazine, I found this out through my research and it was what my audience wanted making it more appealing to them. My fonts as a group are conventional for a rock magazine because they are big, bold and also gothic which is conventional for a rock magazine.
  5. 5. FONTS For my contents page I have used different fonts but the font for the brand name has stayed the same, this is to create brand recognition. The fonts that I have used still look gothic and conventional for a rock magazine, but connote different things, this is to allow variation through out my magazine. The text is the same front but the important parts are bigger, the same with the sub-headings, they are the same so you know it is to do with the same thing. The fonts up the top are very minimalistic but effective and conventional at the same time.
  6. 6. FONTS I have used 3 fonts on the double page, the text font is the same one that I used for the page previews on the bottom half of the page, this is so there is some similarities and creates a generic font for text in the magazine. The header and pull quote have stuck with the basic but effective look, this is so the text is easy to read and stands out well on a black background. Just like all the other pages the fonts are sans serif as that is what the audience wants and it appeals to them, it is also conventional in rock magazines as it is a informal and modern look.
  7. 7. CONTENT As I have created a rock magazine all of the cover lines and cover stories will be based on rock bands or of things to do with the rock genre. The pull quote which has been used as the main cover story “everybody hates us” will attract the audience. By using famous bands on the strip line it makes it more appealing to my audience as it is their favourite bands. The other cover lines which I have decided to use will also attract the audience and appeal to them as all of the stories are eye catching and interesting.
  8. 8. CONTENT The content on this page is what people expect for a contents page in a rock magazine, the image which has been used is eye catching as the person is playing the guitar and his facial expressions will interest the reader. The main two parts of this page which would appeal to the audience would be the subscription box as it is in the route of the eye and is in a big and bold font. The other feature is the text at the bottom, by making the band names bigger and in a different colour it attracts the reader as they it is a different colour and to the rest.
  9. 9. CONTENT The content on my double page is conventional as it has everything most rock magazines have. It has the on main image taking up almost half of the double page, the main article, a stand first, and multiple pull quotes, one of which is breaking up the text. By putting this pull quote in the middle of the article it not only breaks the article up but it attracts the reader as there is a big bold piece of text in a small sized article, it also makes it less boring to look at which appeals to the younger audiences which my product is aimed at. The article is appealing to the younger audiences because it uses informal words and the words are not too big and it is easy to understand no matter what ages you are.
  10. 10. IMAGES The image that I have used is conventional as it uses conventional facial expressions, camera shots and angles, and mise-en-scene. All of these together makes the image conventional and appealing towards my audience as it has everything they expect. The mise-en-scene which has been used in conventional as they have musical instruments which are stereotyped with the rock genre. The lighting is conventional as the light is shining down on them as they are in a spot light. The shot type is a long shot as it gets their whole body in the shot, and the shot angle is eye level so that they reader feels a connection with the band members, these two put together makes the image conventional which in turn makes it appealing to my audience.
  11. 11. IMAGES The image used in this is similar to the image on the front cover as it uses the same mise-en-scene. He is playing an electrical guitar which is typically used in rock music. The facial expressions used are conventional as he is screaming while playing the guitar, this connotes anger and violence. Also the low lighting and upper body mid shot makes the image conventional for a rock magazine, making it appealing to my intended audience.
  12. 12. IMAGES Once again I have only used one image for my double page, this image is a full body shot and is taken at eye level, the mise-en-scene is conventional as he is wearing black clothing and has a blank expression, even though he does not have any props it is still conventional due to his clothing. His pose connotes authority and intimidation which is also conventional. All of these conventions put together means that it appeals to my target audience as it is what they want.
  13. 13. MODE OF ADDRESS The mode of address for my front cover is a mixture of aggression and violence, as well as excitement. The aggression is connoted by the fonts, text, and images that have been used. However the excitement comes from some of the cover lines such as “Green Day back in business” which connotes excitement as people may have been waiting for them to come back. This mode of address is conventional for a rock magazine meaning that is will attract my audience as it is what they want to see.
  14. 14. MODE OF ADDRESS The mode of address for my contents page would be aggressive and dramatic which are both conventional for the rock genre. The colours used on the text in the bottom connotes blood and aggression and the image connotes drama as he is screaming in a dramatic way. The fonts that I have used feel informal but modern and the fonts used at the top are very basic but are still conventional for the rock genre.
  15. 15. MODE OF ADDRESS The mode of address for my double page is similar to the front cover, it is aggressive like the rest of my magazine as that is conventional through-out rock magazines, and it also feels very dark and depressing, this is due to the colour of the background and the dark red which has been used for the sub headings. Also his blank expression gives a sense of seriousness. All of this is conventional for a rock magazine meaning it is appealing to my audience.
  16. 16. LAYOUT All of my pages follow the same layout, they all follow the route of the eye with the main heading along the top and in the primary optical area and then the text and other things in the terminal optical area.