The CEO of Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperative


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The CEO of Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperative

  1. 1. The CEO of NuevaSegovia Consortium ofCooperatives
  2. 2. NSCC PLAZA NOW BECOMING A CENTER OF EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES IN THE REGION Right after its inauguration on March 27, 2011, the NSCC Plaza has been a venueof educational activities in the Region. The Municipality of Caoayan, became a busytown and NSCC PLAZA is now becoming a talk of the town among cooperatives andnetwork. Cooperatives from different parts of the country, different personalities andprominent people have visited and stayed at NSCC Plaza. Trainings, forums,celebrations, entertainment presentations, lakbay aral and other activities have beenconducted at NSCC Plaza.
  3. 3. NSCC SERVES FINANCIAL NEEDS OF CERVANTES, ILOCOS SUR NSCC SERVES FINANCIAL NEEDS OF CERVANTES, ILOCOS SUR Cervantes is an upland municipality and one of the most remote part of Ilocos Sur. Travel from this municipality is eight hours from the City of Vigan. However, the long hours of travel will take you to discover the beauty of nature, as you will be trekking in between mountains while breathing in fresh and cool air. Although it is remote, risky and hard to reach, NUEVA SEGOVIA CONSORTIUM OF COOPERATIVES still brought financial services to Cervantes to give the residents the opportunity to establish a credit line and earn a living. NSCC had seen the potential of this part of Ilocos Sur because roads now are under construction and isinterconnecting with the province of Benguet and Mountain Province. As the Municipal Mayor Hon. BenjaminMaggay said during the visit of NSCC Heads “the as the roads will be finished this will open doors fordevelopment of Cervantes” As of today, the NSCC Branch has a total of four hundred members who haveavailed financial assistance for their livelihood business. The NSCC hopes and with the support of the localgovernment units, more will be availing the financial services of the cooperative to increase employment andeconomic activity of the municipality. NSCC also operates a WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER SERVICE inCervantes for easier remittance and money transfer transactions. This program was launched on August 28,2008
  4. 4. Ms. Janina CarineMedina with NSCCCEO Divina Quemiawards soft loans todeserving Bigueñosthrough the NuevaSegovia Consortiumof Cooperatives.
  5. 5. NURTURING THE SPIRIT OF ILOCANO ENTERPRISE livelihood opportunities for thousands of enterprising Ilocanos through PinoyME partner, the Nueva Segovia Consortium of CooperativesThis article is taken from PinoyMe Foundation Website
  6. 6. TURN OVER OF FUND FOR RENNOVATION OFFUERTE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL NSCC Chief Executive – Mrs. Divina C. Quemi turned over a check for the renovation of some classrooms ofFuerte Elementary School , Caoayan, Ilocos Sur that were damaged by typhoon pepeng. The check was received by the faculty and staff headed by the Principal Mrs. Primitiva Quiba on January 22, 2010 at the said school.
  7. 7. NSCC HOLDS COCONUT TREE PLANTING ACTIVITYThe Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives incoordination with the Philippine Coconut Authority,Ilocos Sur Chapter conducted a Coconut Tree PlantingProgram at Barangay Catucdaan, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur.Coconut farmers in the area are given five (5) coconutseedlings each to plant within their backyards. Aboutsix hundred seedlings were distributd and planted tothe said Barangay.The officers of the Philippine Coconut Authority alsogave orientation on how to manage the seedlings andgrow into a healthy coconut tree. The CEO of NSCC,Mrs. Divina C. Quemi also explained why NSCC isgiving importance to the development of the coconutindustry of the province as she said “ coconuts arevery useful from the roots to the top of the leaves”And she explained that this can be an incomegenerating activity of the Barangay in the future. Thrua MOA signing it was agreed that proceeds of theplanted coconut seedlings shall be divided into thefollowing:30% - livelihood fund of the barangay35% - care taker of the seedlings35% - Barangay Fund for the sustainability of theproject
  8. 8. NSCC GAVE HIGHLIGHTS TO THE 3RDANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION OFNAGSANGALAN SAVINGS AND DEVELOPMENTCOOPOn August 23, 2008 marks the 3rdanniversary of Nagsangalan Savings andDevelopment Cooperative inNagsangalan, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur.Highlights of the celebration includes aninspirational talk from the NSCC CEO Mrs.Divina C. Quemi who stressed the 3important Ps in making a Cooperativesuccessful.
  9. 9. TWO NEW BRANCHESSUCCESSFULLY LAUNCHEDThe Baguio Branch Manager is Ms. GuadalupeGarcia and Bauang Branch Manager is Mr.Federico Rabilas, Jr. Said branches were theseventh and eight’branch of NSCC under theinitiative and leadership of Mrs. Divina C.Quemi, the Chief Executive Officer.
  10. 10. NSCC TRIUMPHS AS 3RD GRAND WINNER OFCALESA DECOR CONTEST Part of the grand celebration of the Vigan City Binatbatan Festival of the Arts is the calesa décor contest. NSCC sponsored the calesa of Mr. Florentino Abella and was chosen as the 3rd Grand Winner of the said contest held on May 3, 2009.
  11. 11. PUBLIC AWARENESS ON GENDEREQUALITY IN COOPERATIVES Different cooperatives and local government units joined together at the NSCC Cooperative and Microfinance Training Center for the conduct of the Public Awareness on Gender Equality in Cooperatives on November 20, 2009. This was conducted by the Asian Women in Cooperative Development Forum (AWCF) in participation with theSwedish Cooperative Centre (SCC) and hosted by the Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives.
  12. 12. This is an article published in Kapatiran Newsletter November 2010Stichting Kapatiran started out as a call fors imply solidarity: Solidarity withFilipinos in the Netherlands and elsewhere,and solidarity with the Dutchand other migrant groups. The members of theboard in the formative yearswere mostly Filipinos by birth. Only one was Dutchwho was married to aFilipina. Now the composition is half Filipinos, halfDutch. Apart fromsolidarity activities, small scale income generating projectswere startedmostly in the areas in the Philippines where the Filipino boardmembers hadtheir roots. It was in 2000, that Kapatiran officially started withits BasicLiteracy Programme. This programme was welcomed with open armsamongthe very poor in rural areas spread all over the Philippines. With thepartnership with NSCC, its variousprojects in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte shall beundertaken or monitored by the NSCC.
  13. 13. NSCC MICROFINANCE SERVICE NOWINTRODUCED TO ADAMS, ILOCOS NORTE Consortium of Cooperatives introduced its microfinance service to the people of Adams, Ilocos Norte during the conduct of KALAHI (KAPIT-BISIG LABAN SA KAHIRAPAN) CARAVAN on October 16, 2009. NSCC took this opportunity of joining the caravan to inform the financial services of the Cooperative to Adams and scout for potential microentrepreneurs within the area. The commitment to offer financial services to Adams started with the challenge from Landbank Countryside Development Foundation, Inc. to NSCC. Said foundation has been encouraging NSCC to try providing microfinance service and other development programs for said town, because it is an isolated municipality of Ilocos Norte.
  14. 14. GENERATE YOUR BUSINESS IDEAS SEMINARIn order to effectively start a business, one must learn how to generate greatbusiness ideas. This is a seminar given by the CEO Divina C. Quemi incoordination with the National Livelihood Development Corporation and the CityGovernment of Vigan. Twenty five entrepreneurs from Vigan City attended theseminar.
  15. 15. FREE TRAININGS FORPRIMARY COOPERATIVESIN PARTNERSHIP WITHAGRICULTURAL CREDITPOLICY COUNCIL the Chairman of the NSCC, Mr. Alexander Raquepo discussed bonus topics on good governance. Mrs. Divina C. Quemi, NSCC CEO, also gave the participants inspiring message and stressed on their important role as cooperative officers.
  16. 16. AFLATOUN INVADES CAOAYAN SCHOOLSThe Aflatoun program is adopted byNueva Segovia Consortium ofCooperatives from the NATIONALCONFEDERATION OF COOPERATIVES(NATCCO). It is being introduced to theCooperative thru Ms. Ma. Lasalette M.Gumban –Youth Program Coordinator.This is a global child savings program thatis being implemented by Cooperativesand NGOs. The program encourages thepupils and students to embrace the valueof thrift thru setting aside from theirallowances a savings deposit to becollected by the Cooperative. The savingsdeposit will be recorded in a passbookand the amount accumulated will beused during graduation or for emergencypurposes.
  18. 18. NSCC AS ACCREDITEDTRAINING PROVIDER –NSCC was able to pass thecriteria of the CooperativeDevelopment Authority asone among its pool ofTraining Providers forCooperatives in the wholecountry
  19. 19. Description of theCDO nominees’exemplaryperformance (Whatmakes the coop leaderworth winning of theaward?)
  20. 20. Participation of Women Standing Committee toBoard of Trustee representing the WomenSector International Cooperative Alliance
  21. 21. Vice Chair AsianWomen CoopForum
  22. 22. Consultantoffice of Congressman Jose R. Ping –AyCongress of the Philippiness
  23. 23. NATCCO Director 2007 - Present
  24. 24. REGI O COOP N 1 SECTO E RAL R POVE RATIVES RTY C TO TH EPRESEN T he N O E TATI ationa MMISSIO NATION VE Repub l An ti - N (NA AL AN O F li Po PC) T I- Allevia c Act 8425 verty Com ti o m basic on Act, ins r the Socia ission, by v se ti t lR ir progr ctors in he utionalized eform and tue of a ms fthe co or pov lping the g the partici Poverty opera er o ve p at tive se ty alleviatio rnment on ion of ctor in n. The it Regio CEO r s n 1. epres ents
  25. 25. Vice ChairRegional Cooperative DevelopmentCouncil 2011- present
  26. 26. RDC Region I - Private SectorRepresentative Cooperative Sector
  27. 27. NAPC Region I Cooperative SectorRepresentative
  28. 28. NSCC AS MOSTOUTSTANDINGCOOPERATIVE IN THEENTIRE LUZON – awarded bythe National LivelihoodDevelopment Corporation asone of the most outstandingcooperative from among itsconduits in the entire Luzon.It was awarded onSeptember 28, 2011 duringthe 6th Sipag AwardsCeremony.
  29. 29. Federated President of NGOsCauayan,Ilocos Sur - 2010- Present
  30. 30. Supervisor Agrarian Reform Infrastructure SupportProject- Phase II of the Department ofAgrarian Reform 2002-2005
  31. 31. PRESIDENTREGION I AND CAR MICROFINANCE COUNCILNueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives is amember of the Region 1 and CAR MicrofinanceCouncil, a conglomeration of micro financeplayers and institutions in the whole Region 1and Cordillera Region. The group holds aregular meeting to discuss issues regardingmicro finance and conducts trainings toenhance their services.
  32. 32. BOARD OF TRUSTEE ASEAN INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY OF THE PHILIPPINES, INC. (AIRTOP) COMPUTER SCHOOL AIRTOP is the only vocational school in Ilocos Sur that is offering regular and short term courses in computer and information technology. The Board of Trustees is the deciding body of the school in the implementation of various projects and in resolving issues.Tagudinians join Alay LakadThe Municipality of Tagudin joined the Annual National Celebration of AlayLakad last September 4, 2005, with the theme: Kabataan, Isulong angKinabukasan". The Local Government Unit of Tagudin, through Mayor JunVerzosa led the said activity. Among the participants were: Ilocos SurPolytechnic State College, Asean Institute of Research and Technology ofthe Philippines
  33. 33. VICE-CHAIRMANILOCOS MEDICAL AND HEALTH SERVICECOOPERATIVEIMHSC is a cooperative hospital based in SanNicolas, Ilocos Norte. The Nueva SegoviaConsortium of Cooperatives had invested atotal of One Million Three Hundred ThousandPesos to the Cooperative Hospital.
  34. 34. PRESIDENT COOPERATIVE MANAGERS’ CLUB OF ILOCOS SURThe cooperative managers and leaders of different cooperatives in Ilocos Surorganized a group to discuss and resolve issues regarding their responsibilities andto implement different trainings and projects to enhance services of cooperativesand to benefit the cooperative movement of the Province.
  35. 35. NSCC CEO AS “CELINA” INZARZUELA ILOCANA OF YLOCOSKANNAWIDAN FESTIVALMrs. Divina C. Quemi is one of the main castsof SIRNAAG 2 Zarzuela during the Ilocos SurKannawidan Festival. She portrayed the role ofCelina, the wife of Victor – portrayed by Hon.Governor Deogracias Victor DV Savellano. Theshow was held on February 4, 2009 whichended the week-long celebration of the YlocosKannawidan Festival.
  36. 36. Barangay Women Councilor 1994-2000
  37. 37. Radio Program DZMS
  38. 38. City Health Board Member Vigan City
  39. 39. PBAC Member Vigan City
  40. 40. City Health Board Vigan City
  41. 41. Red Cross Volunteer Board ofTrustee Ilocos Sur Chapter 2009 -2010