San Dionisio Credit Cooperative


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San Dionisio Credit Cooperative

  1. 1. • 9.5 Km South of Rizal Monument • Pasay on the North • Muntinlupa on the Southeast • Las Piñas on the Southwest • Manila bay on the West • Taguig on the East • Makati on the Northeast
  2. 2. • 46.57 square kilometer the 3rd largest city in NCR. • Sub-divided into two (2) districts. • Composed of 16 Barangays • Total Population = 523,186 (as of Dec 2003)
  3. 3. • Barangay San Dionisio, San Isidro, San Antonio, B.F. • Total Population of 4 Barangays = 227,043 (as of Dec 2003)
  4. 4. HISTORY OF SAN DIONISIO CREDIT COOPERATIVE During the scouting activity of Rover Scouts in Corregidor, Bataan, Fr. Walter Hogan asked the Rover Scouts of San Dionisio as to the kind of activity being undertaken by the group in the community. Based on the doctrine of Rover Scouts the basis of their activities were service, love of God & Country. Thus such community projects as artesian well, playground, basketball court & cleanliness of little lasting value were realized.
  5. 5. Fr. Hogan introduced the concept of Cooperative which the body agreed. One of the Rover Scouts who was also a member of an Institutional Cooperative, introduced the group to Fr. Gaston Duchesneau, a Jesuit priest who was then the director of Institute of the Social Order (ISO). Dr. Angel Mendoza who was then a barrio lieutenant made a community assembly to address the needs of the community and the need for organizing a cooperative. Although many of those present agreed, there were those who were against the concept because most of them were old enough and will not be able to do the work anymore. Mr. Jaime Ferrer boosted the morale of those who were interested.
  6. 6. There were forty five (45) participants who attended the seminar for nine (9) consecutive Fridays, only twenty eight (28) finished it. The speakers of the said seminar were Fr. Gaston Duchesneau with the help of St. Andrew Asst. Parish Priest, Fr. Francis Wittizelae.
  7. 7. At last The San Dionisio Cooperative Credit Union, Inc. was organized in July 28, 1961 by twenty eight (28) founding members with three hundred eighty (P 380.00) pesos as starting capital. This was registered at Cooperative Administration Office (CAO) on September 8, 1961. At first the bureau was reluctant for the registration because of the provision in the by-laws about the minor depositor and this was the 1st time that the community cooperative was organized but also agreed later.
  8. 8. On October 4, 1973 the San Dionisio Cooperative Credit Union Inc. was re-registered at Bureau of Cooperatives Development (BACOD). With the help of the varsitarians, a Parañaque Civic Club, the neighboring barangays of San Dionisio such as Tambo, Don Galo, Sto.Niño, La Huerta and Las Piñas were motivated to organize their own cooperatives.
  9. 9. The Growing Process When San Dionisio Credit Cooperative was formed, there were negative attitudes like: • “Walang humawak ng palayok na hindi naulingan ang kamay” • Nobody lends in the cooperative; and a question on Credibility.
  10. 10. But then the cooperative was able to overcome these problems and challenges with Mr. Herminio C. Hernandez being its General Manager in 1961 as requested by the Board of Directors. He started with his voluntary service for 11 years and in 1972, he gave up a well-paying job as an accountant in a shipping firm to work in the cooperative as its full-time General Manager for a lower compensation. Herminio C. Hernandez General Manager (1961 – 2000)
  11. 11. The following factors were also considered for the slow but sure growth of San Dionisio Credit Cooperative: 1. Adheres to the Coop Philosophy and Principles 2. Transparency of the officers and management 3. Strong spirit of volunteerism 4. Bottom-up principles
  12. 12. Breakthrough of SDCC: Such accomplishment is a breakthrough to meet the changing demands of the modern life, thus the formulation of its: 1. SDCC’s LIFE PURPOSE (Vision, Mission, Goals) To pursue and lead for a sustainable total cooperative system towards the dignity of human life. I. VISION We envision SDCC as a solid, responsive co-operative leader, self-transforming and life-giving institution.
  13. 13. II. MISSION We commit ourselves: 1. To emancipate the less privileged from social and economic exploitation and empower them through cooperative activities for their productivity and quality of life. 2. To promote the viability and growth of the cooperative system as instrument of social justice, economic development and national transformation. 3. To initiate and create innovative cooperative ventures with other cooperatives and other NGO networks nationwide. 4. To develop and sustain self-transforming exemplars and models of total cooperative system
  14. 14. III. GOALS Guided by our vision and true to our mission, we aim to attain: 1. A well-informed and loyal membership conscious of and performing its duties and responsibilities, and actively involve in the affairs of the cooperatives; 2. A strong and properly functioning Pook-Tulungan system that would enhance the active and democratic participation of the members in the activities of their cooperative and their community; 3. An enlightened and dedicated leadership willing and able to share its knowledge, time and effort for the welfare of the members, the cooperative and the community as a whole;
  15. 15. 4. A professional staff hired, compensated and rewarded on the basis of competence and performance, who will run the business and non-business activities of the cooperative with the full support and participation of the duly elected and appointed management bodies of the cooperative; 5. An efficient and effective management that would continuously strengthen the financing status of the cooperative through an effective savings and capital build-up program, efficient processing and collection of loans, improved systems and procedures and strong internal control mechanism; and 6. A continuous and effective educational and training program for the officers, committee members, pook-tulungan leaders, employees, and the general membership,responsive to the growing needs of the cooperative and the community.
  16. 16. 2. Installation of 13 management systems 1) Credit Management System 2) Cash Management System 3) Personnel Management System 4) Property Management System 5) Education and Training Management System 6) Planning and Budgeting System 7) Responsibility Accounting System 8) Records Management System 9) Management Information System 10) Internal Audit System 11) Health and Other Services Management System 12) Networking System 13) Collection Computerized Management Systems 3. Amendments of the by-laws and organization structure
  18. 18. After several years, another breakthroughs for SDCC 2010 – In house Management Information System (M.I.S.) Department was installed
  19. 19. 2011 – Full implementation of Account Management and Member Relation System* *Account Management and Member Relation System - is the total approach of handling accounts from its conception to utilization and its continuing development.
  20. 20. 2011 –New Organizational Structure for SDCC* *Strengthening bottom-up principle and in recognition of the Pook- Tulungan as the organization's center of gravity.
  21. 21. 1. Savings Deposit 2. Loan Services 3. Mutual Aid Plan 4. Loan Protection Plan 5. Appliance Financing 6. Library
  22. 22. 7. Housing Projects 1, 2, & 3: SDCC Housing Project 1 Our Mother of Perpetual Help Village (OMPHV) La Huerta Pque. City
  23. 23. SDCC Housing Project 2 Coop Village J.De Leon St. Greenhills Sucat Pque. City
  24. 24. SDCC Housing Project 3 TeoVille - BF Sucat Pque. City
  25. 25. 8. Entrepreneurship Services 9. Mailing & Bayad Center Services 10.Medical, Dental & Other Health Services 11. Cooperative Education for members, officers and other cooperatives
  26. 26. 12. Continuous Personnel Development Program 14. Pre-School/Elementary/ High School 15. Drugstore 13. Cooperative Promotion & Assistance to other cooperatives & Organization
  27. 27. 16. RAF International Forwarding Philippines, Incorporated
  28. 28. 17. Medical/Laboratory Examination (Tie-Up) Parañaque Diagnostic Laboratory Don Galo La Huerta before Sto. Niño Bridge
  29. 29. 18. Funeral Services (Tie-up) Guevarra Funeral Service – 30% Discount!
  30. 30. 18. Funeral Services (Tie-up) Holy Trinity Funeral Service – 25% Discount!
  31. 31. 19. Western Union Money Transfer 20. Accredited Member-Dentists (Tie-up)
  32. 32. 21. Coop Healthcare Program 22. Social Enterprise
  33. 33. 23. Lying-in (tie-up) Divine Rosary Maternity & Lying- in (before Coop Village) Well-Care Midwife Clinic (Evacom Sucat)
  36. 36. As of December 31, 2010 DEC. 31, 2010 DEC. 31, 2009 VARIANCE % A. SHARE CAPITAL 199.98 M 156.70 M 43.28 M 27.62 % B. SAVINGS DEPOSIT 119.73 M 112.46 M 7.27 M 6.46 % C. TIME DEPOSIT 237.05 M 210.13 M 26.92 M 12.81 % D. TOTALASSETS 632.84 M 543.34 M 89.50 M 16.47 % E. TOTAL RECEIVEABLE 404.14 M 285.96 M 118.18 M 41.33 % F. MEMBERSHIP: REGULAR MEMBER 13,094 10,497 2,597 24.74 % SPECIAL DEPOSITOR 7,868 7,701 167 2.17 % ADULT DEPOSITOR 844 856 -12 -1.40 %
  37. 37. 1. To reduce loan delinquency. 2. New businesses generating income. 3. Sustainability of all the services. 4. Successor leadership and Management
  38. 38. 5. Quality and Active members. 6. More Pook-Tulungan Leaders are actively participating to cooperative programs. 7. Pook-Tulungan System as a vehicle to a more successful cooperative.
  40. 40. COOPERATIVE 1. Knows Vision / Mission / Goals 2. Adheres to Coop Philosophy, Values & Principles 1. Leadership by Example 2. Commitment & Dedication 3. Delicadeza 4. Bottom-up Principle 5. Receptive to Change
  41. 41. *In short, Cooperative Leaders should have the following traits (as described by our new Chairperson Mr. Garibaldi O. Leonardo, Ph.D.) K – kakayahan K – katapatan P – pagmamalasakit P – panahon
  42. 42. COOPERATIVE 1. Attend Meetings 2. Criticize Constructively 3. Give Suggestions 4. Vote “Right Leaders” 5. Patronize Services 6. Fulfill Duties & Obligations 7. Be Vigilant
  43. 43. COOPERATIVE 1. Transparency 2. Honest 3. Correct Reporting 4. Updated Recording 5. Receptive to Change 6. Staff Development 7. Be an Extra Miler 8. 3 F’s Friendly, Fair, Firm
  44. 44. COOPERATIVE CAKE Marami sa atin ang tingin sa kooperatiba at nakikita lang ay yung panlabas na kaanyuan. Katulad ng isang cake, kapag maganda ang icing, masasabi nating ito ay masarap. Katulad din ng kooperatiba, kapag nakikita nating maganda ang gusali maraming physical infrastructure, ang masasabi natin ay:… ito ay mayaman. … ito ay mapera. … ito ay matagumpay.
  45. 45. COOPERATIVE CAKE Ngunit ito ba ay “Conclusive Evidences” para malaman natin kung masarap ba ang cake? Gayundin sa kooperatiba, upang malaman nating ito ay maganda, tayo ay magpapamiyembro dito. Karaniwang nagiging palamuti o icing ng mga kooperatiba ay ang sumusunod: 1. Peso 2. Dollar 3. Lira (Italy) o Pound 4. Deutschmark (Germany) 5. Gold
  46. 46. COOPERATIVE CAKE Ngunit, ito nga ba ang totoong anyo at sukatan ng isang kooperatiba? Bagama’t ito ay importante, dapat ang tingin natin ay hindi lang Peso kundi… 1. People - Ito ang mga miyembrong nagtutulungan at mga opisyales na nagsasakripisyo sa kooperatiba… P E O P L E …BAKIT?
  47. 47. COOPERATIVE CAKE Hindi dahil Dollar ang kanilang nakikita kundi… - Ang kagandahan ng serbisyo ng kooperatiba na ibinibigay sa mga kasapi. P E O P L E S E R V I C E 2. Service
  48. 48. COOPERATIVE CAKE Maaari nating maipagmalaki na kahit wala tayo sa kooperatiba ay kakain parin tayo ng tatlong beses sa isang araw. Pero bakit mayroon pa ring SDCC? Dahil hindi Lira o Pounds ang nakikita natin kundi… -Ika nga sa kasabihan, “Kapwa ko, Mahal ko.” Kinakailangan din natin ang “passion” sa paglilingkod sa kooperatiba. P E O P L E S E R V I C E 3. Love L O V E
  49. 49. COOPERATIVE CAKE Bakit tayo nagtutulungan? Bakit tayo nagseserbisyo? Dahil mayroon tayong pagmamahal sa kapwa natin, at mayroon tayong matayog na adhikain, hindi ang Deutschmark kundi… -Sa papaanong paraan? P E O P L E S E R V I C E 4. Development of Man L O V E D E V E L O P M E N T O F M A N ECONOMIC SOCIAL CULTURAL POLITICAL SPIRITUAL
  50. 50. COOPERATIVE CAKE P E O P L E S E R V I C E L O V E D E V E L O P M E N T O F M A N ECONOMIC - Ito ang sinisikap ng ating kooperatiba na matugunan ang “Basic Necessities of life.” Gaya ng… …Pagkain …Tirahan …Pananamit …Edukasyon
  51. 51. COOPERATIVE CAKE SOCIAL - Equally important din ang aspetong ito sa ating mga kasapi, dito pinupuksa natin ang… …Crab Mentality “Sa diwa ng Kooperatiba ang tungkulin ng mga nasa itaas ay hatakin ang mga kasamahang nasa ibaba upang kasama nila ito sa pagkamit sa tagumpay.” P E O P L E S E R V I C E L O V E D E V E L O P M E N T O F M A N
  52. 52. COOPERATIVE CAKE CULTURAL - Ito ang magagandang katangian ng mga Filipino na binubuhay natin kagaya ng… …Bayanihan …Kabutihang asal ng mga kabataan …Mayamang kultura ng mga Filipino. P E O P L E S E R V I C E L O V E D E V E L O P M E N T O F M A N
  53. 53. COOPERATIVE CAKE POLITICAL - Sinasabi natin na wala tayong binibigyan ng pabor sa mga nangangandidato, at ito ang isang paraan sa paghubog natin sa mga miyembro natin na… …Kapag dumating ang eleksyon, iboboto mo ba ang taong alam mong corrupt? P E O P L E S E R V I C E L O V E D E V E L O P M E N T O F M A N
  54. 54. COOPERATIVE CAKE SPIRITUAL - Ang huli ay spiritual development. Kaya kung bibigyan natin ng kahulugan kung ano ang kooperatiba.. ito ay samahan ng mga tao na nagtutulungan dahil gusto nila ng serbisyo sa isa’t-isa dahil mayroon silang pag-ibig sa kapwa at ang kanilang matayog na layunin ay ang total DEVELOPMENT of MAN sa aspetong… ECONOMIC SOCIAL CULTURAL POLITICAL G O D “under the guidance of not of Gold but of GOD.” P E O P L E S E R V I C E L O V E D E V E L O P M E N T O F M A N