San Joaquin Multi Purpose Cooperative Success Story


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Compiled by Cooperative Development Authority, Dagupan Extension Office

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San Joaquin Multi Purpose Cooperative Success Story

  1. 1. A Closer Look on the San Joaquin Multi-Purpose Cooperative Compiled by: Jacqueline L. De Leon Graphics by ARD Jo Bitonio Cooperative Development Authoity January 2012 The San Joaquin Multi-Purpose Cooperative was originally a barangay-based cooperative formed primarily to serve the people within the locality comprising mostly of farmers. It was formally organized in March 1984 with the initiative of a two ordinary farmers, the late Celso G. Rasalan & late Camilo B. Rasos Sr. (the founders) through the assistance of the Provincial Cooperative Development Office under the Dept of Agriculture. Its initial paid-up capital was P17,200.00 contributed by 17incorporators most of whom were members of the defunct Samahang Nayon.Then on May 10, 1984, it was finally registered with the then Bureau ofCooperative Development with the name, San Joaquin SamahangConsumers Cooperative Inc. under Certificate of Registration No. RI-FF-086. It all started as just aconsumer’s store and for quite awhile, the Cooperative operatedaccordingly with the business plan.However, in 1987, it was observedthat farmers tend to borrow capitalfrom loan sharks. The Officers, assensitive as ever to the needs of themembers, resolved for the creationof a Credit Department that acceptsSavings and Time Deposits at aninterest rate more competitive thanaverage commercial banks. Thus,indirectly savings mobilization andCapital Build-up is a commonproblem to all coops wasneutralized. It also offers providential and agricultural loans at minimal ratesslowly eradicating the usurers that has been sucking the blood of these poorfarmers. Simultaneously, its scope of operation extended to the adjacentbarangay. This vital transformation created an impact in the localityparticularly the way of living of the people. They have realized thatteamwork and solidarity, if coupled with discipline and perseverance canbuild roads and bridges.
  2. 2. With these developments in so short a time, the Board of Directors, inanticipation of further changes and developments, proposed for majoramendments in the by-laws. And so, in the General Assembly of March1988, the members unanimously approved the proposed amendment of theby-laws and converted its name to San Joaquin Multi-Purpose Cooperative(SJMPC). So, on March 2, 1991, its new identity was finally confirmed by theCooperative Development Authority. The Credit Department gained tremendous popularity in thecommunity, membership had increased phenomenally. This paved the wayfor the formulation of control measures to protect the interest of thecooperative. Soon, the Cooperative adopted the standard operatingprocedure of banking institutions enforcing all types of loans to be backed-up by collaterals which eventually is appraised and religiously checked byits own Loan Collector/Appraiser. As the Cooperative developed and expanded, the members’ “basicneeds” seemed to increase enormously. This time, they wanted a gasolinestation to be established. As the saying goes, “if there is a will, there is away.” Applying in all the oil companies in the country, the cooperative wasarmed only with one thing, its quest for growth and development. But whowould believe in a small rural-based organization ran by farmers? Only theCaltex Philippines did, and so the Gasoline Station Department was put up. The San Joaquin MPC certainly created an image of worthy of trustand confidence from the public. Being proactive and creative, theCooperative slowly etched its name in the archives of cooperativism. In 1990, the Department of Agriculture granted the SJMPC a SolarDrier under the former’s Livelihood Enhancement for AgriculturalDevelopment (LEAD) program. Later, this grant would play a major role inthe conceptualization of a new business particularly Palay Trading and RiceMilling to maximize the utilization of this drier which are absolutelyimperative to a community whose primarily source of living is farm tilling. As the Gasoline Department became the top grosser of theCooperative, the need to have its own Hauling Tanker was figured out. The
  3. 3. only problem then was capital. To solve this problem, it offered highersavings and time deposits compared to commercial banks. Thus, thecooperative is now slowly affirming its role and underscoring its missionthreatening unscrupulous capitalists. . DIVERSITY IS OUR FOCUSED, ATTENDING TO MEMBERS’ NEEDS FOR THEIR SATISFACTION, CONTRIBUTING TO SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & RESPONSIVE TO ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS”From then on, there was never a year to relax for the SJMPC as it pursuedcommunity growth and development. In 1991, a warehouse was constructedin a 542 square meter-lot that was acquired for One Hundred ThousandPesos (P100,000.00). Through the self-help (free-labor) of the members, theedifice was erected. After which, a six-wheeler ELF truck was procured tohaul and deliver farmer’s products particularly palay. The Cooperative wasthen accredited by the National Food AuthorityIn 1992, SJMPC was awarded as the Most Outstanding Multi-Purpose Coopin Region I. The following year 1993, a Certificate of Recognition from CDANational Level was received at the same time, awarded as 2nd Placer,Outstanding Entrepreneurial Coop, National Level by the CDA. The year 1993 was a very remarkable year in the annals of the SanJoaquin Multi-Purpose Cooperative. It was during this year that itseconomic impact was felt not only within the community but alsoreverberated throughout the country. Unexpectedly, with the support andtrust of the Municipal Agricultural Office, who became SJMPC’s nominator,the Cooperative was adjudged as OUTSTANDING SMALLFARMERS/FISHERFOLKS ORGANIZATION and a runner-up in thePARANGAL NG NEPA in the National Category. With these achievements,the SJMPC received a cash award of Two Hundred Thousand Pesos(P200,000.00) that was eventually used to purchase a Satake Cono Ricemill.
  4. 4. This turnaround had cemented the relationship between the SJMPC and theMunicipal Agriculture Office. The latter’s trust with the former wasretaliated with unparalleled zest and fervor in the implementation of itsprojects, i.e. Tilapia Culture, Mahogany Tree Planting, Mango Propagation,Cattle Fattening and other related livelihood projects. In 1994, as the Cooperative continued to grow and its membershipmultiplied by folds, a Consumer’s Store- Branch and a Koop-Drug wereestablished in front of the Sarrat Public Market. In 1995, a generator was bought to combat the rampant powerfailures that proved to be a menace not only to the Cooperative but also tothe entire business community. July 10, 1996. A fully air-conditioned office building was completedjust beside the gasoline station. This new office where member-depositors &borrowers were accommodated was equipped with computers to facilitatetransactions that seemed to have increased by the days. In December of thatsame year, an XLT-Service Car was acquired. The Cooperative truly has ventured in almost every business that themembers basically need. But as an evidence of its discontentment, itsDirectors proposed a line of business everybody hates to patronize. AFUNERAL PARK! So, at the 2nd Quarter of 1998, the development of theproposed MEMORIAL PARK began.
  5. 5. Sometimes, these endeavors, have not always met with the full approval ofthe members. But with the management’s use of the different tools indetermining the feasibility of these ventures, they seemed to possess themagic touch of King Midas proving to unbelievers that they were wrong,expunging every trace of skepticism that went before these projects becameoperational.As a proof that the government extols the achievements of ordinary citizens,the cooperative posted an award winning-streak that is yet to be surpassedamong cooperatives in the Province. Here are some: August 1998. The Department of Agriculture through the Land Bankof the Philippines awarded a SHEGA III Moisture tester to the Cooperative. In October 1998, the SJMPC was awarded Fifty Thousand Pesos(P50,000.00) and a Plaque of Recognition by the Cooperative DevelopmentAuthority for being chosen as the country’s Most Outstanding PrimaryMulti-Purpose Cooperative. That same month, the Cooperative was given a Certificate ofAppreciation by the Cooperative Union of the Philippines, Certificate ofOutstanding Achiever and Five Thousand Pesos(P5,000.00) in cash by theCDA-DEO. As the Fiscal Year was about to end, in compliance to requirement ofCaltex Phils. Safety Regulations, a New Hauling Tanker (14k lits capacity)was acquired. Also, a multi-cab was purchased partially out of the NFA-Cooperative Development Incentive Fee. The cooperative, represented by its Chairman, Mr. Celso Rasalan,culminated the year by availing a loan worth One Million Pesos(P1,000,000.00) from the Land Bank of the Philippines for additionalworking capital that would supplement existing finances to meet thedemands of the ever business minded BOD’s of the SJMPC in the comingyears,. Likewise to establish a relationship with the pro-coop bankinstitution in the country, particularly the Land Bank of the Philippines.During this year, the coop was also awarded as the Leading PrimaryCooperative in Region I.
  6. 6. Few years after, the Land Bank of the Philippines noticed the financialgrowth and performance of the Coop, thereby it became one of the GawadPitak National Contenders in 2000. Since then, the San Joaquin MPC nevermisses to receive awards from various agencies every year. To name a few,2001 Special Award for being an Outstanding Primary Coop given by CDA,National level; 2001 & 2002 Ist Runner Up-Best Coop by LBP-IntegratedRural Financing; 2001 4th Placer Outstanding Agri-MPC by CDA Nat’Level;2002 3rd Placer Outstanding Agri-MPC, CDA Nat’l Level; in 2004 LoyaltyAward by Coop Union of the Phils. With more than a decade of fruitful existence, the Cooperative neverstops in pursuing its goals: SERVICE TO THE PEOPLE AND TO THECOMMUNITY. A bank-like operation was installed thru the assistance of theLand Bank of the Philippines. A teller cage was donated to formalize itsoperations, resulting to more member-depositors and borrowers. So, in 2003, the Loans & Savings Department was relocated to thenewly constructed 2-storey building fully furnished and equipped to be ableto accommodate better its clienteles. The second floor serves as a multi-purpose hall: a venue for meetings, conferences, trainings & seminars andto accommodate visitors who are having their Lakbay-Aral. Likewise, thismulti-purpose hall is being used by the Education & Training Committee fortheir monthly Pre-Membership Education Seminars where prospectivemembers are educated with their duties and responsibilities that wouldmake them cooperative worthy. Also trainings that focus in theenhancement of skills of individual and associate members, theirbeneficiaries, the management & officers are periodically conducted. Twenty years forward, members are now socially & financiallyequipped, the cooperative entered into new ventures, it was accredited asthe first cooperative distributor of San Miguel Beer Products and Coca ColaProducts. Haulers, delivery elf and routing trucks were purchased.Additional manpower were hired, thus unemployment problem on thecountry was partially solved. In these new ventures, SJMPC showed exemplary performance again.In the year 2006, SJMPC was awarded as Top 2 SMB Dealer for-CentralNorth Luzon Area & for 2007 Top 1 SMB Dealer for Central North LuzonArea respectively. Then in 2007 Excellence Award was given by CDA-Dagupan Extension Office; And for the past 5 consecutive years, that isfrom 2005 to 2009, SJMPC was a Gawad Pitak Awardee ranked 4th placed;
  7. 7. 3rd placed; 4th placed; 2nd placed & 2nd placed again for 2009. On the year2011, when the San Joaquin MPC received the Hall of Fame Award by LandBank of the Philippines Gawad Pitak. Another award received for the year2011 was the CDA Gawad Parangal as regional nominee in the nationallevel. Out of the Gawad Pitak Prizes received from LBP with a sum of1.525M, the Cooperative was able to modernized its recording systems andprocedures through acquisition of computer units, receipt and passbookprinters. The Marketing Center & Coca Cola Sales Office was constructedand a Forklift for the Coca Cola and San Miguel Beer Dealership wasacquired. From the 2008 Gawad Pitak Prize, (second placer), an expansionof the Marketing Center was constructed to accommodate more inventories.And for the latest Gawad Pitak Prize (second placer) for 2009, theCooperative was able to purchase a digital fuel dispenser for the gasolinestation. These facilities acquired were just the fruits of the concerted effortsand sacrifices of the officers, management staff and the generalmembership. San Joaquin MPC does not focus only on business operations but alsoconcerns for the community. These concerns for the welfare of people inthe community are expressed through health and nutrition program, giftgiving to indigents, relief operations for typhoon victims, scholarship grantsto poor but deserving children of members, school support to selected schoolpupils and peace and order campaign. The Coop is also an advocate ofenvironmental preservation through tree planting activities, donation ofgarbage cans, clean up drives, recycling education and promotions of theuse of organic fertilizers. It also supports the local government unitsthrough sponsorship to different festivities and programs in the area.As a practitioner of the seven principles of cooperativism, it carries outcooperation among cooperatives through technical and marketing assistanceto fellow primary cooperatives. Affiliations and linkages to secondary,tertiary coops, government organizations and non-government organizationsserved as its stronghold in its development. The San Joaquin MPC values education. Officers and Staff are sent toseminars, conferences, team shops and trainings to upgrade their skills and
  8. 8. capabilities. Lakbay Aral is also conducted to various successful coops andinstitutions in nearby provinces. Today, with the cooperative efforts from its highly competent BOD’&different Committee Members, forty four motivated and efficientManagement Staffs and of course a very supportive membership, the SanJoaquin MPC have metamorphosed from a mere consumer’s store to amulti-line business that is expanding in response to the demands of itsconstituents. Its total assets have ballooned to P121,766,959.27, ShareCapital to P20,855,162.42, and its membership to 3,039 as of December31, 2011.