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What Sucks About Foursquare Today

by on Jul 14, 2010


my rant about what I want to fix in foursquare

my rant about what I want to fix in foursquare



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  • itware ITWare at ITWare Maybe if you only had to log in the first time you went to a venue and then all subsequent visits are logged automatically. You could then decide which venues to manually log into and which ones you would prefer to be automatic. For the 30th floor business Wi-Fi could be used as an alternative location tool. 3 years ago
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  • abirocom Abiro at Abiro Arnaud,

    I'm not sure whether you comment on Jess3's presentation or what I wrote, but anyway...

    Yes, absolutely. It only works in very tight communities, yet e.g. sales people and service personnel in the same company could gain a lot from knowing where the others are, especially if they share regions. Tight friend communities that often meet could also gain from this. Tweeting positions in an open Twitter stream would on the other hand be pretty reckless. And of course company competitors should not be able to see where you are.

    It's very much a matter of trust and being able to filter both who gets to see locations and what locations. E.g. I wouldn't want colleagues to be able to see where I'm at on my spare time. Neither would I want to manually configure this, so it might end with choosing a low granularity, like showing others what city or place (e.g. airport) I'm in at the moment, not the exact address.

    Just ignoring this won't help though. The market will experiment with autonomous check-ins sooner or later, and there are already providers of such autonomous location for companies, and often in the cloud.
    3 years ago
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  • ArnzWebFingz Arnaud Delafosse, _ at _ '...scans your phone ...without you knowing........'

    [Edit - after having cooled off a bit]

    I godda say, reading this stuff did made me go right in the red, so let me re-write.

    My only point here is privacy issues. Where do you draw the line? How can you avoid abuse when you think that's its totally cool to be geolocated pretty much anytime anywhere? There has been the Buzz issue, there's the ongoing FB issue... If you let venues identify you without you knowing (assuming you've set your phone to allow that), still how can you prevent anyone to trace you?
    For me this is bound to open doors for abuse of privacy, as much as geolocation can be a great thing for certain services, I cannot see something good when it's coupled with this 'social' frenzy where ppl just wanna exhibit ALL the details of their (non-)life to the whole world...
    3 years ago
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  • abirocom Abiro at Abiro I've concluded the same core things: http://myspinonnews.blogspot.com/2010/07/2010-year-of-location.html. Positive criticism: You could have put these points across in less than 10 slides. Feel free to check out my own material at http://www.slideshare.net/abirocom 3 years ago
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  • abirocom Abiro at Abiro I believe most of the check-in services will actually lose out to Facebook. Before that though a lot of dollars will change hands.

    You make a comparison between Facebook and Twitter, but they are really two completely different beasts in how they handle membership and how they are used. Most likely you know your Facebook friends. You will not know most of your Twitter followers, which is part of the appeal: To be able to eavesdrop on anyone’s communication. Hence more like an open Facebook group. I’ve also noted that it makes more sense to have multiple accounts on Twitter for different things. I have like 10.
    3 years ago
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