Claim Your Place - how to gain control of Facebook Places and Google Places


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Location based services are becoming more and more important. Simples ones like Facebook Places and Google Places are easy to get under control, and can add significant value to your business.

This is a quick guide on how to claim you Google Places and Facebook Plages profiles.

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Claim Your Place - how to gain control of Facebook Places and Google Places

  1. 1. l ilm aP ace Cour Y@danielordDaniel Ord Rasmussen
  2. 2. Location based services areeverywhere. Your businessprobably already has multipleprofiles.Services create them and userscreate them - you probablywon’t need to.But you should makethese profiles yours!
  3. 3. Location based services include (but are not limited to) - we will be looking at both of them here.
  4. 4. First, Google Places.Say I’d like to find ahotel in London,England.I Google “hotellondon”.
  5. 5. I get these results.
  6. 6. These are “regular”organic search results.
  7. 7. These are GooglePlaces results.
  8. 8. They include extrainformation, such asinfo about reviews,location and phonenumber.They are alsoviewable on GoogleMaps.Note the “Placepage” link.
  9. 9. Let’s click a results “Place page” link.Boss is paying, we’ll spring for the The Ritz.
  10. 10. This is a Google Places page.It contains lots of informationabout this business.- Location- Booking options- Prices and services- Review aggregation- Pictures and video
  11. 11. This is a great service you can offer your customers.It allows them to get the most important info quickly.It’s also a good idea from a Google perspective, sinceit means Google now “knows” all these things aboutyour business.
  12. 12. You will notice, that this page is “Owner verified.”That means the Ritz has claimed this profile and can edit it tomake sure it is accurate and current. It also allows them tosee statistics for visits, searches etc.
  13. 13. If you haven’t claimed you places page, it looks like this.To claim you Place, click the link.
  14. 14. Select the right option - usually “Edit my business information”.Make sure you are signed in to your Google-profile.
  15. 15. Select the right option - usually “Edit my business information”.Edit your details and submit. At this point, you wil be asked to verify that youactually are entitled to claim this Place. Follow the instructions and you should beset with Google Places.
  16. 16. Onwards to Facebook Places.Facebook Places is a different, but equallyimportant, sort of location based service.It’s a “check in” service, meaning you can“check in” at physical locations with youGPS-enabled phone. It is heavily influencedby the likes of services such as Foursqureand Gowalla.Facebook is far more mainstream though,so Facebook Places is a better starting pointthan either of those two.
  17. 17. Checking in updates your Facebookstream with your location, allowingyour friends to see where you are(and vice versa).It also allows you to see specialoffers called Facebook Deals, that areonly available through FacebookPlaces.
  18. 18. You can check in using Facebook on most modernphones, iPhones, Android, Win Phone 7 etc.Some older models can use the Facebook mobile websiteto check in, as long as it has access to GPS.
  19. 19. On an iPhone it looks like this. It’sshowing me nearby locations. Theyall exist as Facebook Places.Some are created by owners, othersby users and a lot are created byFacebook, by pulling in data fromvarious sources.If any one them had Facebook Dealsattached, they would be marked.
  20. 20. Let’s check-in at Lucca, a cafe. Youcan tag your Facebook friends youare there with - but only, if theirprivacy settings allow it.You can also “like” the Placesstraight from the app.
  21. 21. Once you’ve completed the check-inyou can add a photo.Additionally you can see which ofyour friends are there now andwho’s been there before.
  22. 22. On the Facebook website your check-in will feature inyour friends’ stream like this.Your friends can now click the “Lucca” link to seeinformation about the Place.This is valuable to you as a business, because peopleare vouching for you by letting their friends know, thatthey like this cafe enough to tell people they eatthere.
  23. 23. According to Nielsen’s Trust Index recommendationsfrom friends are the most trusted form of referal farabove brand websites.
  24. 24. What people see when clicking thatFacebook Places link is important.Nobody from “Lucca” has notclaimed their place. It doesn’tcontain any much information, novisual identity and looks pretty dulland unprofessional.The most prominent feature it“Nearby Places”. It shouldn’t be.
  25. 25. To claim your Facebook Places pagefollow the “Is this your business?”link under the profile picture.
  26. 26. Certify that you are in fact entitled to claim theplace and continue.
  27. 27. If Facebook is able to find a phone number foryour business, a machine will call you. It will giveyou a PIN-number, that tells Facebook you areactually situated within the business that you areclaiming.
  28. 28. If there’s no phone number listed, you will be presented withalternative options.Follow the instructions and you’re on you way to converting theanonymous, drab Facebook Places page into a fully functioningFacebook Page.
  29. 29. Note the “Friend You now have access to all theactivity” function regular features of Facebook Pages, such as this one. When people click the link in a check-in post they will be taken to your page. If you already have a non-Places Facebook Page, you can merge the two.
  30. 30. That just about wraps it up.These services are here now and are changing the way we find things.Get onboard now and be ready for the rush. Comments? Love to hear ‘em! Twitter: @danielord
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