How to Improve Customer Engagement with Social Media


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How to Improve Customer Engagement with Social Media

  1. 1. Social Media Strategies to Attain New Levels of Customer Engagement Dr. Ammar Bakkar Ammar.Bakkar@mbc.netSeptember, 2010
  2. 2. Have you met “The Joneses”?
  3. 3. Steve and Kate Jones are a seemingly perfect couple who, alongwith their equally perfect teenagers, Jenn and Mick, move intoa new home in an affluent city suburb. Friendly, confident and line1good-looking, theyre also loaded with the coolest, neweststuff and its not long before theyve triggered a wave ofaspirational envy amongst their new neighbors. But theJoneses are hiding a sinister secret.
  4. 4. In the past, Word of Mouth was a “dream”..
  5. 5. But it was not practical• Hard to talk to the mass• Hard to create the agent• Hard to measure it
  6. 6. Then we got “Social Media”..!
  7. 7. And it is all about “Engagement”
  8. 8. Based on research on Top 100 Brands in the US:• Social Media Engagement is directly related to financial KPIs.• Social Media Engagement must be deep and wide. Depth can be measured.• Engagement differs by industry• As the number of channels increase, overall engagement increases at a faster rate• Starbucks has the highest level of engagement, while iPhone is the world’s most social brand. Source: Altimeter Group (July, 2009)
  9. 9. Social Engagement & Brands:1) Deeply engaged on a large number of channels, such as: Starbucks and Dell . They have dedicated teams and clear strategy2) Presence widely (many touch points) but with no depth, such as: American Express and Hyundai .3) Deep Engagement on a selected number of channels, such as: H&M and Philips4) Limited Engagement on a limited number of channels, such as McDonalds and BP Source: Altimeter Group (July, 2009)
  10. 10. Why would people “get engaged”?
  11. 11. 1) Love at first sight!!
  12. 12. 2) For the sake of Engagement
  13. 13. 3) Because they are motivated
  14. 14. Engagement needs MOTIVATION!
  15. 15. So what MOTIVATES people on Web 2.0?
  16. 16. 1) Giveaways Prizes & Extras from the brand
  17. 17. 2) Information Everywhere!
  18. 18. Fast FactsInteresting StyleEverywhere!
  19. 19. 3) Living a new experience
  20. 20. Engineering a Web Social Experience that is: Creative Social & Engaging Meaningful
  21. 21. 4) Interacting with Very Interesting People (VIPs), Brand Social Ambassadors (BSA), or Experts
  22. 22. Celebrities representing your brandMade-to-be a VIP / BSAExperts in the subject matter relatedto your brand
  23. 23. Engineer the Social Personality of yourBSAs to match the Brand Personality &IdentityCreate the team that supports them withinformation & answersEmpower them to serve “above the law”
  24. 24. 5) Matchmaking• Sponsor “Friendship”• Create Communities• Reward “Friends of Friends”
  25. 25. 6) Influencing the Brand• Social Engagement should work both ways• Your customers should change the brand behavior on the smallest details.• Example:
  26. 26. But do not forgetthe “Rules of Engagement”?
  27. 27. 1) Prepare for the engagementLip service can actually harm you. A learning environment based on change should be created.But: Dare to be Weak!!
  28. 28. 2) You need to understand the communities through the “Social Spies”
  29. 29. 3) You need to change your strategies and plans based on information & community dynamics!
  30. 30. 4) Do not let the Social Enemies fool you
  31. 31. 5) Stand United The whole organization MUST embrace Social Engagement
  32. 32. 6) Support your allies. Let them protect your back. Send out the supplies.Example: Dell Blogger Reach Program
  33. 33. 7) Synchronize information among all channels
  34. 34. MBC Group & Engagement
  35. 35. Thank You!