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Covers the basics of Social Media with focus on Content as the key to developing engagement with relevant communities...
Social Commerce is the outcome in that it leads to business in selling the organisation to stakeholders

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  • Average social network age distribution
  • Presentation for VolunteersSA Congress

    1. 1. Stop Marketing
    2. 2. Start Selling
    3. 3. Selling is Listening & Problem Solving
    4. 4. What’s in it for ME?
    5. 5. Givers and Takers
    6. 6. Let your happy Customers do The Marketing for You
    7. 8. I help People with the Transition to Social Commerce Rick Carter
    8. 9. Why Me….. BUSINESS Programmer Analyst IT Sales/Marketing Sports Management PR/MarComm Social Media Social Commerce
    9. 10. BUT THERES MORE.. Athlete Coach Board Member Life Member NFP CEO Media/Marketing Team Management Volunteer (Giver&Taker)
    10. 11. Top two reasons most nonprofits want to use social media: Free Everyone Else is Doing It
    11. 12. Those are the two worst reasons to start using social media.
    12. 13. When nonprofits should use social media: To start conversations with a new audience To deepen conversations with an existing audience To make all conversations more efficient
    13. 15. PEOPLE Buy from PEOPLE they LIKE PEOPLE Buy Stories
    14. 16. Build the Conversation Make it EASY Web Presence
    15. 17. “ TECHNOLOGY is shifting POWER away from the editors, the publishers, the establishment the media elite. Now it’s the PEOPLE who are in CONTROL.” Rupert Murdoch
    16. 18. Newspaper Readership
    17. 20. TRANSITION Newspaper to News Supplier
    18. 21. NBN more than 50% of Aust Business sees Opportunity
    19. 23. Years it took to reach a market audience of 50 million: Radio: 38 Years TV: 13 Years Internet: 4 Years iPod: 3 Years
    20. 24. 2 Years
    21. 25. 96% of Generation Y belongs to a social network.
    22. 26. 65%
    24. 28. Top 100 SA 26% OR SA Late??
    25. 29. Top 100 SA 26% Top 100 ASX 81% OR SA Late??
    26. 30. Top 100 SA 26% Top 100 ASX 81% Fortune 500 100% or SA Late??
    27. 31. “ We are the third place in the lives of millions of our customers. We are the coffee that brings people together every day around the world to foster conversation and community.”
    28. 32. Challenges Content Communication Connection/Conversation Collaboration Conversion The Cs:
    29. 33. strangers friends volunteers loyal volunteers advocates People:
    30. 34. Get digital Get relevant Get simple Get practical Get original
    31. 35. Monitor the conversation
    32. 36. Listen to the conversation
    33. 37. Participate in the conversation
    34. 38. Shape the conversation
    35. 39. If you’re able to have a conversation , then you’re doing something right.
    36. 40. Technology and the Internet are a strategy , not a solution
    37. 41. Use processes that are both digital and ‘analog’
    38. 42. Policy & Strategy Content Traditional & New Volunteers
    39. 43. Embrace, don’t fear, the ever-changing world of technology
    40. 44. Work with strategic partners to ease the learning curve
    41. 45. strategy Who are you talking to? Who do you want to talk to? What are you saying? Can people understand you? What tools are you using? Are you using new media? Are people talking about you? Is anyone listening? Who’s talking back? Can people have a conversation with your organization? Are you saying something that matters? Do you understand the changing media landscape? What’s next? Who’s speaking for you?
    42. 46. Benefits of a Social Media Strategy A Social Media Strategy helps your organization have a consistent message and voice A Social Media Strategy helps link your online outreach to your organization’s traditional media initiatives A Social Media Strategy can help increase the amount and depth of advocacy your organization does
    43. 47. strategy It all starts with a
    44. 48. Pieces of a social media strategy Audience
    45. 49. Audience Strangers Friends Volunteers Loyal Volunteers Advocates
    46. 50. Pieces of a social media strategy Goals
    47. 51. Goals Long-term Short-term
    48. 52. Pieces of a social media strategy Resources
    49. 53. Resources People Time Money Tools
    50. 54. Pieces of a social media strategy Action
    51. 55. Action Who What When What platform What purpose Outcome
    52. 56. Start the conversation Make the commitment Find the champion
    53. 57. strategy Volunteer recruitment Board development Press relations Strategic planning Employee relations Buzz building Public relations Communications Donor appreciation Development Event planning Volunteer retention Employee recruitment Community relations Advocacy Alliance building
    54. 58. YOU THEM ENGAGE Words Pictures Videos Slideshows Facebook YouTube Blogs Twitter Newspapers Radio TV Magazines
    55. 59. YOU THEM ENGAGE Specific PAGES For people that want to listen to you Detailed WEBSITE For people that do want to know you Make it Easy to find out all about You
    56. 60. 2011 Group purchasing InBound Marketing Content Content Content SEO/SEM/Analytics Privacy Issues Mobile Takes Off Group Decisions Web Presence not Web Site More Money In Budgets Your Video Channel
    57. 61. But…… BE WHAT YOU SAY
    58. 62. Let others tell your story for you Testimonials - Video…… Case Studies Statistics Polls/Competitions Examples Make your own NEWS
    59. 63. don’t talk about how good you are …
    60. 64. talk about the good things you do for People
    61. 65. What’s YOUR Headline…… and emotive Image
    62. 66. A Social Media Campaign delivers.. Awareness/Interest/Credibility + Consideration + Trial + Loyalty + Advocacy
    63. 67. I help People with the Transition to Social Commerce Rick Carter
    64. 68. Thank You & Have a Great Christmas & New Year Rick Carter
    65. 69. Rick Carter @eNova_Rick eNovaRick eNovaDigital eNovaCommunications Or just Google Rick Carter Adelaide [email_address]