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Social Media

  1. 1. BANK AUDISocial Media at the intersection of CorporateSocial Responsibility and Credit Card Product LaunchLoubnani Card from Bank Audi: Case Study 1
  2. 2. IndexI. About Bank Audi • Bank Audi CSR Commitment • Product and Innovation • Audi and Digital MediaII. Social Media Background • What is Social Media • Why Social Media • Importance of Social Media • FiguresIII. Case Study: Loubnani Card • Concept • Segmentation and Market Strategy • Campaign i. Traditional Channel 2 ii. Online and Social Media Channel
  3. 3. About Bank Audi
  4. 4. Bank Audi CSR CommitmentBank Audi is a firm believer in the role of corporations in supporting social and national causes 4
  5. 5. Product and Innovation• In the past 6 six years, Audi Bank: • Has a very active and exclusive Electronic Banking and card Services Department • Has launched 48 different card products addressing different population segments, each of one meeting various consumer needs and behavior • Spearheaded the growth of the regional credit card industry • Has been a pioneer in the use of electronic media in the communication and support of its product offerings 5
  6. 6. Product and Innovation 6
  7. 7. Audi and Digital Media 7
  8. 8. Social Media Background 8
  9. 9. What is Social Media?Common social media marketing tools include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and YouTube as well as many independent subject matter blogs 9
  10. 10. Importance of Social MediaImportance of Social Media in general:• Reach customers and build or maintain reputation• Reach a broader range of consumers• New tool for effective business marketing and sales• Socializing and connecting friends, relatives and employees• Available to anyone at little or no cost• Usability• Social media can be altered almost instantaneously by comments or editing 10
  11. 11. Importance of Social MediaSocial Media vs. Traditional Media:• Traditional media advertising is based upon the concept of casting a wide net, hoping that you “catch” a few customers• However, social media is “word of mouth” on steroids• Social media brings with it the power of community 11
  12. 12. Importance of Social MediaSocial Media vs. Traditional Media in the Arab World:• Around 56 million Arab internet users in the Arab world• The announcement on 24 May 2010 that the social networking site Facebook has more subscribers in the MENA countries than the number of newspapers circulated in the region has highlighted the dramatic surge in popularity of social media in the Arab world• 12
  13. 13. FiguresFacebook:• Facebook viewers in Lebanon: around 1 Million• Facebook viewers in the Middle East: around 13 Million• Facebook viewers Worldwide: around 500 Million 13
  14. 14. FiguresYouTube: Today, YouTube is the 3rd most popular website on the Internet after Google & Yahoo 14
  15. 15. FiguresTwitter:Twitter is among the 30 most visited websites in Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia 15
  16. 16. Case Study: Loubnani Card
  17. 17. Let The Lira Have its Say!
  18. 18. ConceptTo project our belief in a solid and powerfuleconomy, backed by a strong currency, wecreated a concept based on the corecharacteristics of the country, its people andlocal currencyTherefore, we created the“Loubnani” card which is inspired from thosecharacteristics and is considered to be unique inboth design and benefits offered. 18
  19. 19. Concept• The design  The Loubnani logo is meant to look like a signature to capture and represents the individuality of the Lebanese charm  The card has an embedded Lebanese Cedar scent; a technique used for the first time which adds more flair to it  The card comes in 5 attractive visuals representing each a special scenery from Lebanon. The cardholder gets the option to choose the design that meets best his own perception of Lebanon’s most representative site  To translate this concept into reality, we created a card with a design inspired from the unique Lebanese identity and benefits inspired from the content 19
  20. 20. Concept 20
  21. 21. Concept• The benefits:  The (Talk Lebanese) loyalty program 21
  22. 22. Concept• The benefits:  The (Mizat Loubnani) 22
  23. 23. Selection of Communication Channels Advertising Promotion Public Relations Personal Selling Web and Social Direct Media MarketingPrint Adv. Premiums Press Kits Sales Banner CataloguesPackaging Gifts Speeches Presentations Advertising MailingInserts Sampling Seminars Sales Meetings Search Engines TelemarketingTVC Fairs Annual Reports Incentive Programs Trust Based InternetBrochures Tradeshows Charity Samples Advisors BranchPoster Exhibits Sponsorships Fairs Internet PortalDirectories Demonstration Publications Tradeshows Social MediaBillboards Loyalty Community Relations Telephone MobilizationDisplay Signs Free Standing Lobbying CampaignsPoints of Inserts In-house magazinePurchase EventsLogosSymbolsTrade DressProduct Placement 23
  24. 24. CampaignCommunication was through two main channels i. The traditional media channels  General Audience, Direct Sell ii. Online and Social media channels  Youth, Patriotism and the Loubnani Profile 24
  25. 25. CampaignWe created a campaign entitled: “Let the Lirahave its say” denoting thatpeople should use our country’s local currencyand support it by using the “ “CreditCard billed in LBP 25
  26. 26. i. Traditional Media - Billboard 26
  27. 27. i. Traditional Media 27
  28. 28. i. Traditional Media – Press Ads 28
  29. 29. i. Traditional Media – Press Ads 29
  30. 30. i. Traditional Media – TV Ad 30
  31. 31. ii. Online and Social Media Channels Therefore, in order to reach a widertarget and create a buzz, We need to useSocial Media 31
  32. 32. Step 1 – TVC on Youtube & Facebook Fan Page• As a first step we published TVC on YouTube,where we uploaded the TV ad and watched thecomments and reviews skyrocket.• We created a Facebook fan page 32
  33. 33. Step 2 – The Lira Pledge 33
  34. 34. Step 3 – Facebook and Twitter 34
  35. 35. Step 4 – Creating a Microsite 35
  36. 36. Step 4 – Creating a MicrositeA) First Game: Lira wara Lira 36
  37. 37. Step 4 – Creating a MicrositeB) Second Game: Locate & Win 37
  38. 38. Step 4 – Creating a MicrositeC) Third Game: My Vintage Photos 38
  39. 39. 39
  40. 40. 40
  41. 41. Step 5 – Create a Twitter Account 41
  42. 42. Loubnani Brand: Socially Activated 42
  43. 43. Moving Forward- LoubnaniMajority of Regional International Banks Banks Audi Bank: Loubnani 43
  44. 44. Thank you