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10 Reasons you need to Monitor Social Media


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10 Reasons you need to Monitor Social Media

  1. 1. Ten Reasons YOU Need toMonitor Social Media….
  2. 2. The marketing game has changedFundamental shift from TRADITIONAL media to DIGITAL media59% of marketers decreasing traditional advertising budgets63% increasing interactive and digital marketing budgets66% plan to market through social media channels this year70% of worldwide Internet users get product information onlineYears to reach 50 Million users: Radio 38 years Internet 4 years 4 months! iPod Television 4 years 18 years Sources: Alterian Annual Survey 2009, O’Dwyer’s PR magazine, Apr. ‘10 issue
  3. 3. The marketing game has changed – but Just How Big is Social Media ? Facebook added 200 million users in just one year Twitter currently has over 115 million registered users, growing at 300,000 / day 160,000 Arabic blogs running on Arab social media site Jeeran 17 million Facebook users in MENA region There are more Facebook users than newspaper readers in MENA region Arabic is the fastest growing language on Facebook Sources: Alterian Annual Survey 2009, O’Dwyer’s PR magazine, Apr. ‘10 issue
  4. 4. “Social media will see the steepest growth of any channel over the next 5 years” Forrester ResearchTens of millions of “conversations” happen daily across the Internet on social media platforms Brand Mentions Al Islami Foods 346 McDonalds 1,602 KFC 213 MENA region user Emirates Bank 352 Mentions on 20/09/2010 Emaar 215 Zain 1,066 Emirates Airlines 218How can you make sense of it all? Social Media Monitoring Determining marketing effectiveness and ROI is no longer about measuring the number of impressions or mentions Marketing effectiveness is about how well your company establishes relationships with customers Social media monitoring enables you to measure and analyze consumer engagement and sentiment, as well as your company’s reach, influence and reputation
  5. 5. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…1 Find out what the world thinks about you, your competitors & your industry Consumers are talking about you and your competition every day – whether you know it or not Social media monitoring enables you to “listen in to the conversations” and gain valuable insights about how the market views you and your competitionFact:• SocialEyez recently researched & analyzed consumer sentiment and perception of a leading UAE bank including analysis of 2,400 comments over 2 months. Cost 66% lower cost 150 100 50 0 SocialEyez Marketing Agency X
  6. 6. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…1 Find out what the world thinks about you, your competitors & your industryExample: Needed to better understand banking sector in Malaysia before expanding their network Used social media monitoring to listen to 2 million conversations on blogs, discussion forums and social networks and gain a better understand of consumer banking needs Performed quantitative and qualitative analysis of the focus, volume, and sentiment of online conversationsResult Identified 6 key issues Malaysian banking industry was lacking from a consumer perspective Structured its marketing campaigns based on “consumer desire” Understood competitor strong & week points from a consumer perspective Cancelled a product offering that would have potentially cost millions but had little demand Source: BNSPulse Report, 1Q 2010 Edition
  7. 7. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…2 Develop qualified leads by engaging consumers Identify conversations about your products or market, increasing sales opportunities Bring all relevant conversations to you, improving your ability to build your brand with potential customers Engage and influence newly-discovered sales leads early in the sales cycle before your competition gets there Gain insight into product use and acceptance to develop new campaigns and incentives targeting new market segments
  8. 8. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…2 Develop qualified leads by engaging consumersExample:After launching in 1500 Target stores, organic tea maker Steaz Teas’ ad agency Chemistry based amarketing campaign in part on social media and data gathered by SM monitoring sites. Key elementsincluded: PPC Search used to drive consumers to the coupon page Facebook ads increased Steaz’s fan base A 68,000-person e-mail list received two offers, so online coupons were pushed Minimal marketing budget used social media monitoring sites to track consumer reactions and tailor campaign for maximum efficiencyResult 50,000 coupon-downloads 20% redeemed coupons 6,000 social media mentions recorded 3,000 new fans joined Steaz’s Facebook page Sales doubled in Dec. ‘09
  9. 9. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…3 Monitor customer feedback more effectively Listening in on customer conversations in real-time enables immediate response to positive and negative feedback Monitoring customer sentiment helps identify areas for product or service improvement Fast, proactive response to customer feedback improves customer satisfaction and boosts brand loyalty
  10. 10. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…Example: Mashreq Bank’s recent engagement on Social media Before AfterResult Customer satisfaction increases Customers begin feeling that there is a 2 way relationship with their bank & their feedback is listened to
  11. 11. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…4 Improve customer relations by engaging them in their space Almost 60% of survey respondents use social media to “vent” about a customer care experience* Monitoring provides insight into customer attitudes and experiences, enabling opportunities for product/service improvements Social media monitoring provides opportunities to engage your customers in several ways to build your relationship: o Inform them o Thank them o Share information with them o Apologize to them o Redirect them *Society for New Communications Research survey
  12. 12. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…4 Improve customer relations by engaging them in their spaceExample: Lufthansa passenger posts negative comment about 3 hour flight delay in CDG airport, user has 2,400 followers on Twitter and is a C-level executive at a firm employing over 900 10% of followers re-tweet comment & negative viral effect begins, same passenger calls for co-workers to stop flying Lufthansa. Negative sentiment around brand increases by 33% in 48 hours Lufthansa receives millions of passengers annually, many using social media to express opinions and experiences with Lufthansa–but airline is actively monitoring social mediaResult Monitoring reveals who is leading the most relevant discussions, enabling targeted engagement Quantitative and qualitative data analysis enables Lufthansa to understand source of sudden increased negativity Lufthansa engages passengers while showing proof flight delays were due to airport and were beyond airline’s control Within 3 days, positive sentiment goes back up and negative goes back down -ve +ve Source: Riverpoint Solutions Group LLC,
  13. 13. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…5 Find out what employees REALLY think about your company Listen in on employee blogs to gain unfiltered opinions about your company, products, and service Social media monitoring often provides more accurate, honest data than surveys or interviews Real-time data-gathering enables faster response to employee issuesFact:54% of surveyed employees disclosed that they do not respond to internal HR surveys 100% honestly
  14. 14. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…5 Find out what employees REALLY think about your companyExample: Company wins Business Today award for “Best Employer” Company employs 114,000 around the worldResult Staff read about the award and question its criteria, clearly showing dissatisfaction Over 1,100 blog posts recorded all with negative sentiment towards company  Examples of posts “"you are asking us to work for 9.15 hours a day“ Through social media monitoring, company detects negative sentiment and starts by creating an internal blog to allow staff to vent through, within a more “contained” environment
  15. 15. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…6 Gauge online AND offline marketing campaign effectiveness Traditional, easy-to-measure, narrow-channel advertising no longer effective Consumers now control how and where they receive information across wide range of channels & platforms Social media monitoring enables numerous channels to be monitored & analyzed in real-time to quickly determine what works and what does not Highly targeted, effective, cost-efficient marketing now possible
  16. 16. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…6 Immediately Measure effects of OFFLINE marketing campaigns ONLINEExample: High-end hotel chain launches offline marketing campaign for new hotel opening Consumers react to marketing campaign showing excitement & anticipation for hotel opening Consumers pose 1 key question about hotel BarResult Social media monitoring provided insight into customer sentiment and how they are reacting to marketing campaign Revealed what consumers are interested in and 1 key question 45% of conversations included Hotel adjusted campaign to include pictures of the Bar in question Consumers react positively and bar is fully booked for 12 consecutive days
  17. 17. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…7 Monitor your competition Stay informed about your competitors’ marketing campaigns, blogs & new products and services Effectively gauge competitors’ influence and acceptance in the marketplace Gain insight into competitive strengths & weaknesses Hear what your own customers are saying about your competitors
  18. 18. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…7 Monitor your competitionExample: Automotive in Saudi Arabia User posts a comment “I bought the Chrysler 300 last year but am very unhappy with its fuel consumption so will trade it in for a Lexus – their cars will save me a lot – does anyone have suggestions?”Result Lexus fans engage in conversation and convince the user to buy the Lexus RX Chrysler loses a client to its competition - Lexus Uncovered untapped opportunity to raise brand awareness and gain market share vs
  19. 19. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…8 Spot consumer trends as they happen Social media are the ideal breeding ground for consumer trends Online communities attract people with similar interests and influences Major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn encourage groups to exchange ideas The average Facebook user is connected to 60 pages, groups, and events, enabling the rapid spread of ideas and trends Social Media monitoring can identify trends as they emerge from online communities and influential websites
  20. 20. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…8 Spot consumer trends as they happenExample: Security software developer BitDefender needed to monitor the social media landscape to spot developing trends in online security issues. Online gaming is one of BitDefender’s major markets Social media monitoring revealed growing trend of game account hacking to steal personal information Conversation analysis showed large percentage of gamers misunderstood game account securityResult BitDefender started monitoring specific forums and websites for conversations about anti-virus software Identified relevant individuals to engage with product and solution information Built trust within gaming community, creating additional sales opportunities
  21. 21. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…9 Protect your brand and reputation Companies no longer have complete control over their brand identity Consumers now control the content and timing of conversations about your products and services Social media monitoring enables you to engage consumers when and where they are talking about you and help you steer the conversation Qualitative analysis helps provide insight into positive and negative consumer sentiment, enabling you to take quicker, more effective action
  22. 22. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…9 Protect your brand and reputationExample: Air carrier JetBlue flight attendant creates public sensation by losing his temper and abandoning his aircraft, sliding down an emergency slide at the terminal. JetBlue faces potential nightmare Social media monitoring reveals 460% spike in social media conversations Media sentiment analysis shows mostly neutral conversations, but negative on the riseResult JetBlue refrains from immediate response because public opinion was neutral to positive but as negative increased reaction was needed Finally issued a 140-word statement Published it only on their blog to guarantee wide distribution PR crisis averted Source:, “4 Reasons JetBlue Nailed Their Social Media Response to Crazy Flight Attendant”, Aug. 19, 2010
  23. 23. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…10 Influence the Influencers Traditional influencers – entertainment and sports celebrities Social media influencers – anyone passionate about a topic or product, often bloggers Blog readership has grown 300% in the past several years* Currently over 35,000 active Arabic blogs Blogs have evolved from “personal scrapbooks” to influential public opinion makers Social media monitoring enables you to find and engage influential bloggers, websites, and forums talking about your company, products, and industry *BuzzLogic study
  24. 24. 10 Reasons YOU Need to Monitor Social Media…10 Influence the InfluencersExample: Multinational FMCG•Rumors begin around a certain food product sold in Egypt, being made from Pig fat•Thousands of conversations start around the topic with calls to boycott the brand•Over 6,000 discussions begin in 24 hours with 67% negative towards the brandResults•Company is monitoring social media and detects rise in buzz volume•Company contacts key Egyptian religious influencer with thousands of Twitter followers & Facebookfans and presents truth to gain his support•Within 48 hours discussion volume drops to normal levels and positive sentiment exceeds negative -ve +ve
  25. 25. Multi-lingual Social Media Monitoring & Analysis ServiceLocalized sources are key – yes Facebook & Twitter are huge globally, but the regionalsources often more important  Case: QZone in China has 300 million users!  Arabic Example: The world’s first true Arabic social media monitoring platform  Native-speaking Arabic language experts  Providing unparalleled insight into the MENA region, with analysts on the ground in 5 countries – understanding the local dialects  Headquartered in Dubai, UAE
  26. 26. Fact: If you did nothing but read Tweets throughout the entire work day, it would take you over 3,000 years to get through what’s available todaySocial Eyez provides:  Comprehensive insight into public opinion about your brand, market & competition  Customized, comprehensive search support for optimal results  Expert analysis unmatched by any competitor o Native English-, French-, and Arabic-speaking social media experts o Local and regional insight, expertise, and understanding o In-depth knowledge of important regional social media  On-the-ground local language experts who understand regional dialects, slang terms, and colloquialisms  Proactive account management o Actively monitor both Arabic and non-Arabic social media o Comprehensive, customized reports o In-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis o Social media alerts
  27. 27. Thank You