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The Business of Social Business


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What's social business all about? The easy answer is "the consumer." The more involved answer is "changing the way business is done!"

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The Business of Social Business

  1. 1. Don’t just do social. Be social.
  2. 2. Hi. I’m Ron.
  4. 4. History-changing inventions • The wheel • The printing press • Television • The Internet
  5. 5. The Evolution of the Social Consumer Internet “Access is King” Social Web “Content is King” Real-time Marketing ”Context is King” ‘90s ‘00s ‘10s
  7. 7. The UK social scene 33,000,000 10,000,000 200,000 7,000,000 400M Tweets per day
  8. 8. Allcontent©2012,ProprietaryandConfidential Connected. Mobile. Open.. 37 % UK mobile phone users use social media
  9. 9. Empowered by tech. Engaged by content. 60% consumers expect brands to respond via social media
  11. 11. Social is giving the customer a voice “It’s the source of a lot of our ideas and inspiration. Go back to our business idea: People should be able to have a beautiful home, and you shouldn’t have to break the bank to get it. We’re fascinated with how people live, and we’re trying to understand all the time what good solutions mean and what good value means.” -Mike Ward, IKEA
  12. 12. Inside Look: HTC As a leader in the mobile hardware space, HTC was faced with a changing consumer landscape. They used social at the core of their company to help drive innovation, customer care, and efficiencies within the company. Tactics • Social playbook and trainings for staff in 35 countries • Global community engagement • Analytics and monitoring • Social communication framework for PR, customer service, product, and marketing Results • Industry-leading engagement on Facebook and Twitter • Thriving evangelist community with over 100 members globally • Avoided numerous PR and product issues • Decreased customer service costs
  13. 13. Inside Look: Virgin America As the West Coast arm of Virgin’s air empire, Virgin America caters to the tech set. Their team brought social to the heart of their business, elevating their status and pleasing customers along the way. Tactics • Twitter-based customer service • Internal social platform implementation • Staff-wide social training and activation • Social sales/promotion programs Results • Increased bookings • 25% surge in loyalty program from initial campaign • Decreased customer service costs
  15. 15. Involve Social from the Start Because most things in the advertising world can end up in the social space, it makes sense to involve the social team from the get-go.
  16. 16. Plan for Success Social hits don’t happen accidentally (at least in the brand space). Having a plan and team in place can be the difference between success and irrelevancy when it comes to the break-neck speed of social.
  17. 17. Listen and Learn Listening and monitoring can help pinpoint opportunities and threats to the brand in social. Listen to your audience, your competitors, and the general conversation – there’s always something more to learn.
  18. 18. Don’t Be a Slave to History “We’ve always…” and “Everyone else is…” aren’t marketing strategies
  19. 19. Fail fast. Fail hard. Not every idea will work – that’s life. Learn from mistakes and non-starters and learn quickly. Sometimes, things don’t have to be successful to teach us something.
  20. 20. Good Ideas, Well Executed, Turn into Social Successes Look at Coca-Cola. They have “viral” hit after hit with their campaigns, but it isn’t because they’re all powered by social.
  21. 21. Measure and Adapt Don’t get stuck in a rut because it’s part of a plan. Each tactic in your arsenal should show positive change. If not… bin it and move on.
  22. 22. Be Awesome Seriously… it won’t hurt.
  23. 23. HOW SCUK HELPS
  24. 24. Our mission
  25. 25. Social is at the Centre Content ContextAudience The Moment
  26. 26. Optimization Optimised: • imagery • copy • search terms • audience targeting • social content Product X Monitor+Collect Optimise+Deploy Social Listening, Monitoring, and Analysis Social Content Effectiveness and creation Optimisation and ongoing Community Management Social data provide incredible access to customer and marketing insights which help optimise, create, and enhance paid, owned, and earned media and content.
  27. 27. Social Content Suite @ SCUK Real-time collaboration between brand and agency, paired with a finger on the pulse of social conversation create moments that are shared, enjoyed, and talked about. Creatives, copywriters, and digital specialists team up to create timely, engaging content that propels brands and goes beyond the everyday. It’s not just content, it’s a process – a process that ties client and brand together to create great experiences.
  28. 28. OUR APPROACH
  30. 30. Our Offerings MONITOR Listening, monitoring, + social tracking services REACH Paid social at scale, backed by data + retargeting ENGAGE Community management + customer service INFLUENCE Influencer identification, tracking, + outreach PLAN Strategies, policies, + roadmaps CREATE Content creation + activation
  32. 32. Crowd-sourced products and ideas Social data and access to customer needs provides better insights and ability to predict the future of products and services.
  33. 33. Rise of the social workforce Teams will become the company’s best asset as friction-less sharing and collaboration become commonplace.
  34. 34. Custom experiences become the norm As users share more about themselves, brands have more information at their disposal for creating custom experiences from store to web to social. No two people will have the same experience.
  35. 35. The end of commerce as we know it In-network credits will become accepted more and more. Mobile payments will help this push.
  36. 36. The idea of privacy will change The debate between who owns what and what is done with that data will continue to rage on. A new generation of consumers who are comfortable with more sharing will change the way privacy is defined.
  37. 37.
  38. 38. Thanks All content contained in this document is protected material of the author and IPG Mediabrands. It may be shared in its original form without any alteration. All images contained in this document are the property of the author, Ron Schott, with the exception of the Virgin America image on slide 13 which is property of Virgin America. All stats were gathered from social network marketing teams and the UM Wave 6 report which can be viewed at: Special thanks to Eric Weaver of Spring Creek Group Seattle for his help in creating the thinking and direction behind this piece.