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BBB Presentation: Social Media Marketing Basics and Overview


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My Keynote Presentation to "Better Business Bureau 2012 Awards Gala & Annual Meeting" based on our original "Social Media Marketing Strategies, Best Practices and Analytics" slides. Condensed and with some new information added. For more extrapolated info, see our original slideshare presentation here:

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  • Very well said O.Maurice! We love what you said, and yes…we find a lot of social media 'experts' are only a step ahead of those they profess to teach. Which leaves a LOT to be desired!
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  • Many people today claim to be a social media consultant or specialist in order to capitalize on the fact that 'traditional' business owners who have a website is willing to pay big money to attract these so-called 'Social Media Specialists.' I just notice the type of 'salary' they are willing to pay. the fact is, many of these so-called specialists are 'learning' social media initiatives as they go along. I personally find 'Slideshare' to be informative and factual and I'm happy to be associated with it and to direct all my up and coming 'social media home-based business entrepreneurs' to 'click into' slideShare as well!
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  • :-) Thanks o.maurice! Darn typos! I am terrible with them myself…I have to read everything like four times and I still have typos!
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  • Thanks! I did mean perfect!
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BBB Presentation: Social Media Marketing Basics and Overview

  1. 1. Our Focus Is Social Media!Our Focus Is Social Media! Social Media Marketing Agency
  2. 2. Erik Granato Who Are We? Chris Durso Bill DeRosa Dana Bereza Social Media Marketing Agency
  3. 3. Social Numbers 1 Billion worldwide users (1.67 million in CT!) 150 Million + users 800 Million UNIQUE users per month 10 Million users 158 Million Blogs 165 Million UsersAnd These are Just the Major Networks!
  4. 4. Social Numbers: Mobile Makes the World Smaller 2
  5. 5. Top Aggregated Mobile App Downloads Based on 20.7 million downloads from iTunes and Google Market
  6. 6. Want to reach people when they are not seeing you on “Traditional” Ad/Marketing platforms? 3 Go Social!
  7. 7. The Youth Leads in Social Use... 4...However ALL Age Groups are Catching Up!
  8. 8. SYNERGY No Longer Can You Survive On One Advertising or Marketing Initiative. With Leaps in Technology, Expectations of Prospectsand Clients, and Social Interconnectivity, We Must Have Multiple Streams of Engagement
  9. 9. NO Ad/Marketing Should Be Living In A SiloSocial Traditional
  10. 10. Ad/Marketing Mediums “Traditional” “Social” About 14% trust About 78% trust Rapid exposure Slow exposureLittle Engagement Full EngagementDifficult to “Share” Based on “Sharing”General Population Segmented Population Yin-Yang of Media
  11. 11. Let “Traditional” offset socialmedia’s scale issue and allowsocial media to engageprospects and clients in Balancea RELATIONSHIP. If You Only Use Social, You Will Lose Marketshare If You Only Use Traditional, You Will Lose Marketshare
  12. 12. Add social icons to ALL newspaper,magazine and printed ads... In fact, it should be on ALLprinted material and literature you create...Including...
  13. 13. Add all icons to your business cards as well as their URL’sthe same as your phone, email and website Give people multiple points of contact!
  14. 14. Your website needs some love too!An Up to Date, Clean, SEO Friendly, Branded Website will ALWAYS be Paramount!
  15. 15. It should also be in your email signatures
  16. 16. Social Media SuccessHow Do We Get There?
  17. 17. Social Media Marketing Takes Time. It is *WHAT* You DO With The Time That Determines Success or Failure
  18. 18. It’s A Marathon... Not A Sprint...
  19. 19. Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy
  20. 20. 1. Define Your Target AudienceAge Education Gender HobbiesLocation Career/JobNever Before Could We Gather So Much InformationAbout People!
  21. 21. 2. What Are Your Goals?Brand Awareness Building Advocacy Thought Leader/Authority More Customers/Clients Building Strategic PartnershipsPS: INCREASED PROFITS ARE NOT A GOAL, THEY ARE A RESULT OF GOAL SETTING!
  22. 22. 3. How Much Time Per Week Can You Invest Internally? Be Realistic! Be Specific!How Long Will It Take To Create Content? Can You Reduce Other Marketing Initiatives? Include ALL Personnel That Can Contribute How Much To Outsource?
  23. 23. 4. What Other Marketing Initiatives Are In Place?List ALL Online Assets List ALL Traditional Assets -Website -Newspaper Ads -Adwords -Printed Materials -Shopping Carts -Magazine -Enews -Brochures/Literature -PR Initiatives -Trade ShowsList All Current Social Media Assets -Facebook Pages -Twitter -Pinterest
  24. 24. Choosing the Right Social Network! You have defined... 1. Audience 2. Social Goals 3. Amount of Time Available 4. Other Marketing InitiativesThis Helps Determine Which Network Will Work Best For You Brief Examples...
  25. 25. Broad Demographics B2C with B2B component Central Platform Time Consuming 75% Women PERFECT for products Show Your PersonalitySomewhat Time Consuming B2B with B2C Component Thought Leader/Authority Continuing Education Strategic Partnerships
  26. 26. The Calendar
  27. 27. Immediate Actions Assess Each QuarterMonthly ActionsLong Term Initiatives
  28. 28. Daily and Weekly ActionsOn WhichNetwork Record Basic Analytics
  29. 29. Best Practices For Your Strategy For Longevity And Best Chance of Full Exposure, Make Posts About The Same “Topic” In A “Staggered” Fashion. Example: Blog PostBasic General Strategy: 1. Immediately Post To Facebook 2. Tweet Out Two Hours Later 3. Post To Google+ The Next Day4. Tweet it Out At A Different Time Than Yesterday 5. Post on LinkedIn Profile On Day Three on...
  30. 30. CONTENT IS KINGA Good Strategy Includes Good Content! Engaging Open Ended Conversation Interesting Educational Fun Off the wall Contradictory ASK QUESTIONS!
  31. 31. ANALYTICS!!! Done monthly acrossall platforms to define initiatives. This is the cornerstone of success!
  32. 32. Use Analytics to Redefine StrategyAnalytics Tell the “Story” Of What You Post and theCorrelations Of Day, Time, Type Of Post, Virality and Most Important... How Your Audience Responds to Your Content!YOU ALSO START UNDERSTANDING SOCIAL ROI
  33. 33. A Basic Formula For Social Media ROI Dollar investment in “Hardware” Technical: Apps, Landing Pages Graphic Design, Branding, Optimizations Human investment in “Software” People: Creating and Curating Content, Responding, Monitoring
  34. 34. A Basic Formula For Social Media ROITotal sales in dollars resulting directly from efforts. Hardware + Software = Social Costs Sales - Social Costs = Social ROI
  35. 35. Other “ROI” Metrics Create and build personal relationshipsPeople do business with people they know Long term continual engagement
  36. 36. Other “ROI” Metrics Brand loyaltyBrand advocacy and “cheerleaders” Trust
  37. 37. Everyday Structures For Success
  38. 38. General PointsDo....Show interest in and listen to others Be real, be yourself Take time and do it right Have fun!
  39. 39. General PointsDon’t...Use platforms to shout your message Talk about yourself continually Use auto post programs POORLY
  40. 40. Thank you! Learn More, Ask Questions, Engage!