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New technologies of the war power point



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    New technologies of the war power point New technologies of the war power point Presentation Transcript

    • New Technologies of the War Tommy Kearney February 8, 2011 Period 5 Mr. Hunt
    • Introduction
      • The new technologies of war made war deadlier, made the number of deaths increase, and effected many people.
      • The new weapons that were created during this time period made war a nightmare and made death come in masses.
    • The Armored Tank
      • Colonel Ernest Swinton was the first man to propose the idea of the armored tank, and at the time of World War 1.
      • Swington first brought the idea to his French advisors, but they rejected the idea. Swington believed this idea would help the allies greatly, so he brought the idea to Winston Churchill, and he accepted the idea.
      • In complete secrecy, Wilson and William Tritton started to build the first tank; they completed a tank with 12 foot track frames, weighed 14 tons, could carry up to 3 crew members, and go above 3 mph. unfortunately the tanks did not have much success in crossing the trenches.
    • Poisonous Gas
      • Poisonous gas was first introduced in WW1, and we saw all the horrors that mustard gas can do.
      • The first to use the gas was the Germans. The Germans used the gas on the French; without knowing what the yellow smoke was, the French were helpless. The gas causes a burning sensation in the chest and leads to a slow and painful death.
      • There was no cure that doctors could find for the gas once you were exposed, but soon there were gas masks that were developed by the allies.
    • THE Flame-Thrower
      • Once again the Germans were the first to start to use such a deadly and inhuman weapon; the development began in1900.
      • This weapon was able to hurl a stream of fire first at about 25 meters, but then was increased to 40 meters. This made them extremely deadly and burn soldiers out of their trenches.
      • There were negatives to the flame-thrower as well. These tanks were very hard to carry around and maneuver, and they were short lived as it was only able to be used 40 seconds at a time. Also if the tank was shot, it was likely to explode.
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