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  • 1. Topic 1: Increasing students to work cooperatively in groups while creating a dance routine.
    By : Matt Elsen
    Module 6 Showcase
  • 2. Project Purpose:
    The purpose of this project is get students to cooperate with each other while creating a dance routine.
    Students will learn about dance, and create a dance routine with their group that they will teach to the class.
  • 3. Project Objectives:
    Through this project students will:
    Discuss and identify what it looks and sounds like to work cooperatively in a group.
    View dance videos of previous students performances.
    Learn and practice a variety of different dance steps and styles
    Research different types of dances on the internet @ http://www.learntodance.comand books on dance in the library
    Create a dance routine and teach it to the class
    Write in journals about how there group demonstrated cooperation
    Evaluate group, and other groups.
  • 4. Day 1
    Teacher will lead the class in a discussion on cooperation. Students will discuss what it looks and sounds like to be a cooperative member of a group.
    The teacher will introduce dance and show the class a video on a variety of different dances.
  • 5. Day 2
    Teacher will teach the students a variety of different dance steps.
    Dance Steps: Slide, twist, grapevine, walk, leap, gallop, stomp, and kick.
    Teacher will make dance groups based on students learning style, personality and dance ability.
    Introduce student journals. Students will use the journals to write about how their group is working together and what they are doing to be a cooperative member of the group.
  • 6. Day 3
    Group research day.
    Groups can use the internet and library to get ideas for their dance routine.
    Websites that students can use to research dance are:
  • 7. Day 4
    Student will have a group work day.
    Work day includes student collaboration on dance routine.
    Students will practice their dance routine
    Students will write in their journals.
  • 8. Day 5
    Students will demonstrate their dance routine to the class.
    Students will evaluate their own group cooperation and dance routine.
    Students will evaluate other groups dance routines. (see rubric on next slide)
    Students will write a final reflection on how their group cooperated and how they showed cooperation with their group.
  • 9. Rubric
  • 10. Rubric Scoring
    3. Excellent: Student does all work beyond expectations and completes work on time
    2. Basic: Student does work that satisfies the assignment and gets all the work done by the due date.
    1. Below Expectations: Student does not keep up to perceived ability.
  • 11. References
    Dance ideas. (n.d.). Retrieved August 4, 2009, from http://www.pecentral.org
    Learn to Dance. (n.d.). Retrieved August 4, 2009, from http://www.learntodance.com
    Party Dances. (n.d.). Retrieved August 10, 2009, from http://www.partydirectory.com/dance
  • 12. Peer Review
    Would you deliver the information about cooperation and the dance routine the same or differently.
    What do you feel are the strengths of this project?
    What are the projects weaknesses?
    If you were going to do this project in your classroom what would you add to the project to make it better?