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Dance IV syllabus_sfhs
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Dance IV syllabus_sfhs

  1. 1. Seventy-First High School Dance Department Dance IV Honor Syllabus The Dance Department at Seventy-First High School recognizes that students come in as individuals, and seek to pursue diverse pathways/accomplish diverse outcomes. With Ms. Quick's guidance, each student interweaves their own experiences to make a life in dance. Ms. Quick will give the students a lived experience of dancing- meaning dancing with full engagement, awareness, and presence--an experience that is meaningful and powerful. Ms. Quick strives to give students an appreciation for both excellence and balance in the dance classroom. Students need to expand their interests and possibilities, pushing their understanding of what might be achieved through a life in dance. At the same time, students need to recognize that dance is only one part of a productive life. Ms. Quick will help students identify their individual strengths, weaknesses, passions, and values, and facilitate the development of skills and attitudes necessary to achieve their goals. Instructor: Ms. Quick Email: Course Description: Using a Modern Dance approach, Dance IV is a rigorous honors level course aligned to the Essential Standards dance curriculum at the advanced level. Students create dances using movement choices, choreographic principles, structures, processes and production elements to fulfill artistic intent and aesthetic criteria. Students use expanded aesthetic criteria to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate their own choreography as well as work of others. Students examine the creative process of integrating movement with choreographic contexts focusing on the dance styles of important 20th and 21st century choreographers. Students maintain portfolios containing written and visual examples of their work for evaluation. Rehearsals and performances are required and may include some daytime, weekend, or evening participation. Student Goals 1. Understand how to use movement skills in dance. 2. Use choreographic principles, structures, and processes to create dances that communicate ideas, experiences, feelings, and images. 3. Understand how to use performance values (kinesthetic awareness, concentration, focus, and etiquette) to enhance dance performance. 4. Understand cultural, historical, and interdisciplinary connections with dance. 5. Use a variety of thinking skills to analyze and evaluate dance.
  2. 2. Dress Code: Females-Bare feet, black leotard, tan tights, black dance shorts. Hair should be pulled away from the face and neck and jewelry should not be worn. Males-Bare feet, athletic shorts (with compression shorts underneath), and a black tee shirt. Possible other items: Knee pads Classwork Participation: Classwork Participation in class means that you are a part of a community of learners and are expected to engage actively in all assignments, including all class discussions, moving exercises, and choreography assignments. Participation in all in school performances and out-of- school performances is required. Please follow the Performance Policy guidelines. Performance Policy: The objective of the Performance Policy is to provide a policy that will allow all members of dance a fair chance to perform at their maximum potential. In a performance group, having a consistent ensemble is necessary if each individual is to be able to perform at his/her best. The absence of even one member of an ensemble will change the performance structure. In order to reflect the importance of each individual fulfilling his/her responsibility to the performance group, the following policy will be observed at Seventy First High School. Positive participation in all performances is required. Students who miss due to an illness or other excused absence will be given a makeup opportunity to be determined by the teacher, however, understand that prior notification of a performance absence is required. Any student that misses a performance without a written and accepted excuse will receive a maximum grade of a 70 for that grading period. Factors such as class participation, tests, and other grades for the grading period will determine if a 70 or lower will be given. Audience Etiquette Only when the audience unites with the performing artists can the fusion between them develop the bonding necessary to allow the performance to reach its maximum potential. Therefore, all audiences should adhere to these six basic guidelines: 1. Dress for the occasion. Attending a live performance is a special occasion. Dress up to celebrate. 2. Be prompt. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive, be seated, and review the program before the performance begins. You will not be seated once the performance has begun. 3. Be considerate. Do not cough, whisper, unwrap gum or candy, or leave an electronic device on during a performance. Please remove small children who are interrupting the performance immediately. Also, remember to leave the theatre out of necessity and if you do, please do it during intermission. 4. Respect property. Do not eat or drink in the facility, always clean up your trash, and never put your feet on the back of the seat ahead of you. 5. Reward talent. Always applaud at the end of the performance to show your appreciation. Never shout, yell, whistle, or make noises that are only appropriate at athletic events and never be openly critical of any performance or performer.
  3. 3. 6. Stay. Stay and enjoy the entire performance. Do not leave once the performance has begun. ***Dance students are required to attend at least one outside performance a semester and write a two page review about the concert. Due by: TBD Grading Scale: Students will be graded in dance based on daily classwork participation, written exams, special projects, and written assignments. Here is the percentage break down: Classwork (Daily grade) =45% Participation=10% Homework =10% Quiz=10% Test=25% A = 100 – 93 B = 92 – 85 C = 84 – 77 D = 76 – 70 F = 69 - 0 Attendance: Your attendance is expected and required. You are also expected to arrive on time. Any and all tardiness will result in a lower classwork grade. You are only allowed nine (9) absences for the semester. Further explanation of the attendance policy at Seventy First High School can be found in the Student Handbook. Appropriate documentation is required for an absence to be excused and must be submitted within two days of the absence. Make-up work is required after an excused absence and should follow the Article Critique guidelines. Please refer to the Performance Policy guidelines for attendance policies regarding all performances. Article Critique: Find an article that is a minimum of two pages in length about dance from a dance magazine dated no later than 2004. Read the article, prepare a two-page critique following the guidelines for MLA style of writing, and deliver a short class presentation on the article. The critique must be typed using a 12 point font, one inch margins, and double spaced. The reference page should follow the guidelines for MLA style of writing. Be sure to answer the following questions thoughtfully and completely. Turn in the critique along with a copy of the article. 1. The first paragraph 2. The second paragraph should summarize the article with all events in chronological order. 3. The third paragraph should explain what you find interesting about the article using examples. 4. The fourth paragraph should give your opinion of the article: • How well the article was written • Did the author(s) discuss everything they promised in the article’s introduction?
  4. 4. • What are the article’s shortcomings? • Did the author(s) provide enough background information? • Were there adequate and appropriate examples and illustration? • The fifth paragraph should be a conclusion Notebook: You are required to maintain a three-ring notebook. Notebook guidelines: 1. Your Dance notebook will be your most important study guide. Please strive for neatness as this notebook will be a major part of your grade. 2. No other subject should in your Dance notebook 3. You will need your Dance notebook every day in class. 4. Please divide and label your Dance Notebook into four sections (from top to bottom): Journal, Vocabulary, Class Work/Notes, Test 5. You will need a good supply of notebook paper in the index divider marked “Class work/Notes”. 6. All work should include a title, your name, class, period, and date. 7. Notebooks will be graded using the Dance Notebook Evaluation criteria. Portfolio: As part of the North Carolina Essential Standards, each student enrolled in a dance class at the high school level must demonstrate personal progress through the use of a portfolio containing written and visual samples of their work. All students are required to not only maintain a notebook with samples of their work but also maintain a DVD-R containing work that has been videotaped. By signing this syllabus, the parent and student is also providing permission for the student to be photographed and/or videotaped during dance activities deemed appropriate for the portfolio section of their dance course at Seventy-First High School. Tentative Schedule of Units of Study: Unit One: First Grading Period History and Body Awareness Unit Two: Second Grading Period Elements of Dance and Dance as Communication Unit Three: Third Grading Period Critical and Creative Thinking Skills and Dance in Various Cultures and Historical Periods Unit Four: Fourth Grading Period The Choreographic Process and Dance in Other Disciplines Choreography Notations: All choreography assignments shall be notated in any way that works for you and is decipherable and clear for the reader. You may write out the counts and describe the movements, draw floor patterns, etc.
  5. 5. Reflective Papers Each choreography project will culminate in the writing of a paper. The paper must be typed with a cover page in Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced, one inch margins, black ink, following MLA format, and please number your answers according to the number of the question. 1. What did you/your group do on the first day you worked on the assignment? How did you begin? If this was a group assignment, what did you contribute? 2. What did you/your group do on the second day you worked on the assignment? If this was a group assignment, what did you contribute? 3. What did you/your group do on the third day you worked on the assignment? If this was a group assignment, what did you contribute? 4. What challenges did you/your group face? What were the successes? 5. If this was a group assignment how did you reach consensus? 6. What was your experience of presenting your piece for the first showing? 7. How did you respond to the comments about your work? 8. What did you/your group work on between the first and final showing? If this was a group assignment, how did you contribute? 9. What was your experience of presenting your piece for the final showing? What changed from the first to the final showing? 10. What did you learn about yourself from this process? ***Evening of Dance: You will be required to attend Evening of Dance at Douglas Byrd High School (date to be announced). If your choreography is selected for the show you will also be required to be at the rehearsal (date and location to be announced). ***All County Auditions: All County Dance auditions will be held tentatively February 20th, 2013 at Seventy First High School (time to be announced).
  6. 6. I have read and understand all requirements outlined in the Dance IV Honor Syllabus for Seventy-First High School and accept the responsibility for fulfilling these requirements. Student’s Name _______________________________ (Print) Student’s Name ______________________________ Date ____________ (Signature) Parent’s Name _______________________________ (Print) Parent’s Name ________________________________ Date ____________ (Signature)
  7. 7. I have read and understand all requirements outlined in the Dance IV Honor Syllabus for Seventy-First High School and accept the responsibility for fulfilling these requirements. Student’s Name _______________________________ (Print) Student’s Name ______________________________ Date ____________ (Signature) Parent’s Name _______________________________ (Print) Parent’s Name ________________________________ Date ____________ (Signature)