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Survey Analysis
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Survey Analysis


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  • 1. Survey Analysis Martin Watts Hit Ctrl and Left click to visit my Survey
  • 2. Male or Female? Asking this question allowed me to analyse who predominately was interested in the music magazine. It really surprised me when more men than woman replied and seemed to take more of an interest in what I was designing. Knowing that my best chance of selling magazines will be by aiming them at men, allows me to toy with layout and general content before actually entering the designing process.
  • 3. How old are you? Having a target audience of 16 year old is perfect for me. Being of the same age allows me to better understand what we, as an age group, want from a music magazine. With a vast knowledge of what we like, such as colours, TV shows, photo’s, bands, celebrities, articles and other elements. This knowledge will permit me to incorporate my own interests into the design.
  • 4. Which Music genre is your favourite? I saw this question as the most important. Having a specific genre to focus on, gives me a clear image of colour scheme, artists, layout and articles to base my magazine around. I was surprised that Indie was so far ahead other popular genre’s such as RnB. The music charts are constantly full of RnB tracks, which tells me there is a huge market for niche audiences, such as Indie.
  • 5. How much would you be willing to spend on a music Magazine? I incorporated this question mainly to gain further information over possible competition. I know from my own knowledge, that magazines usually cost around £3, which Is the most popular choice from my survey below. Knowing this will help me in choosing my own prices. If I can significantly under cut the competition, and my audiences expectations in price, I will have an immediate advantage over the market, thus selling more magazines to both repeat buyers, and impulse sales.
  • 6. Which elements do you look for in a music Mag? From my own knowledge I know music magazines often conform to popular stereo types. I know these stereo types are key elements, and sell magazines. I asked which would be their favourite, and my predictions were correct. Incorporating a music related gift, and celebrity articles will appeal to my audience and sell. This has helped my design in that i will use these elements as a USP (Unique Selling Point) and further improving over my competition. My front cover will try to highlight as many possible popular elements as it can, without over crowding and presenting too much information at one time.
  • 7. How many times a month would you buy a music Mag? I was surprised to see that most people buy magazines 1-2 times a month. As they are mainly purchased a few times a month, I should consider making my magazines monthly, with more pages and general content per issue. Having to make my magazine generally larger will allow me to play with more ideas, with a range of topics and possibly bending the genre slightly. Having a recognisable logo/masthead will prove very useful when printing a monthly magazine. It will immediately inform the reader that this is the magazine you bought last month, and clearly distinguishing itself from competition.
  • 8. How do you mainly access music? Immediately I can see that illegal download is the most popular choice in this survey. This leads me to believe that price plays a big role in the way people access music. If my magazine can incorporate offers and various vouchers, I feel this will further persuade my audience into buying it. This result was so clearly the most popular, I might consider value for money a very highlighted theme in my magazine. Including some sort of vaule for money slogo into my front cover is one way of doing this.
  • 9. How much would you spend on a downloaded track? This survey reinforces the last one. It is blatantly obvious that saving money and spending little as possible is important to my student demographic. Offering a quality cheap magazine, including as many offers and deals as possible will further push my competition out of the market, establishing my own magazine’s reputation.
  • 10. Which is your preferred website genre? This came as no surprise to me. Websites such as Facebook, Bebo and myspace seem to rule the internet. Gaining some sort of association with these sites will appealing and reach out to my target market. I can include not just elements appealing to my audience, but also external media facilities through this survey result. Seeing a hugely established name such as facebook, on my magazine suggests and carries on this quality, respected image to my magazine as well as facebook itself.
  • 11. Do you prefer a monthly or a weekly printed Magazine? This question closely relates to one I asked earlier on; “ How many times a month would you buy a music Mag?” I purposely decided to ask a similar question twice because I did not 100% trust their first answers. I really wanted a clear outcome to this question, and noticed reinforcing a result more than once will lead to a better understanding of my market. Now I have a much clearer image of what type of printed magazine my audience want. I can see that a Monthly printed magazine is widely preferred, as appose to weekly printed. By asking the same question in two different contexts, I have almost tricked my audience into giving me a more truthful answer.