Questionnaire analysis


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Questionnaire analysis

  2. 2. For a successful magazine the opinion of the audience is vital. Therefore I created a music magazine questionnaire which I handed out to fifty ( 25 males and twenty five females as my magazine will be targeted at both genders) people within the age range of 13-18 (the audience I will be aiming at). Due to the questionnaire I am aware of what my audience would like the magazine to be like which will improve the chances of attracting them and causing the magazine to appeal to them. With this input from my audience I am sure that I will create a magazine which will attract a large target audience. I will now be analysing the results of my questionnaire.
  3. 3. How often do you read music magazines? For the first question I asked the audience how often they read magazines. This would allow me to take in to account how often my magazine would be published. From the results of the questionnaire I can see the majority of my target audience tend to read magazines once a month. This is probably because teenagers save up to eventually purchase their magazines as they are unemployed. I believe this is an advantage because magazines which are published make it easier for producers to find what they refer to as “juicy gossip”. As you can see the other to categories other and once a week equally have twenty per cent. This is maybe because these people are higher up on the demographic scale allowing them to purchase magazines more often. My magazine is actually quite cheap taking in to account the fact that it will only be published once a month. NME is a music magazine which is published week and costs two pound twenty. However it is aimed at a older target audience which means the audience are probably employed allowing them to purchase a magazine weekly whereas my target audience are teenagers who do not have parents with disposable income therefore I believe my price is quite fair.
  4. 4. What gender would you like the star featured on the magazine to be? As I was unsure whether to have a male or female star published on the magazine I decided to consult my audience. From the results we can see that having a male star featured on the magazine was most popular. Although hip hop magazine is a genre which uses genders featured on the magazine to target their opposite gender, from the results we can see that some of the target audience have selected differently. These are probably the male aspirers who have chosen to select the male category.
  5. 5. What house style ( colour scheme) would you like? For the colour scheme of my magazine I thought of different colours which reflected the hip hop genre. For example gold is a colour that signifies wealth and hip hop stars are quite wealthy people and influence their stars to aspire to be wealthy people. After selecting the colours I put them together in ways I felt they would compliment each other and work well together. After coming up with four different colour schemes I left the target audience to decide which one was the most effective. Judging from the results I can see that must people preferred the first option Red, Black, white and gold. I believe this is a colour palette that will look effective and attract a large audience with the way it looks.
  6. 6. What usually attracts you to a magazine? Although I will make all of my magazine attractive, I wanted to find out about the main aspect of a magazine that attracted the audience. As you can see the image plays a vital role in attracting the audience therefore I believe the star featured on my magazine will have to be quite attractive. Also the image will have to be absolutely perfect as my results show this is what usually attracts the audience to a magazine.
  7. 7. Would you prefer more images or text? As we can see from the results of this question my target audience prefer more images. I believe this is because my target audience prefer looking to reading. Personally I also prefer more images as too much text can cause the magazine to become boring. Due to the category on the psychodynamic scale my main target audience fit in to I believe having more images reflects them. As they are people who care more about the way a product looks having more pictures will probably attract them as having more pictures causes a magazine too look more attractive.
  8. 8. What articles interest you? From these results I can see gossip about the stars interest my audience most with gossip about the stars coming second. Due to this I will combine the two by having a article which contains both gossip about stars and the past life of them.
  9. 9. What sort of advertisements do you prefer? Magazines usually advertise products which usually reflect the age range of their target audience and objects they like. Advertisements are the source of income which allows magazine companies to publish their magazine by using the money given to them by companies advertising their product. After researching the types of materialistic things my target audience would prefer, and looking at adverts other hip hop magazines included I designed a question to see what adverts my target audience would like to see in the magazine. As adverts of trainers are most popular I will advertise them if I decide to use an advert.
  10. 10. How much would you be willing to pay for a music magazine? Although I was already aware that the price range of my magazine would be quite low (due to the audience I am aiming at) I wanted to see whether people would be willing to pay more money then I thought for a music magazine (as this would increase the profit I made). From the results I now know that my magazine will have to be quite reasonable with the pricing of my magazine therefore have chosen to have it reasonable between the price range of two to three pounds. I will be making it the higher end of two pounds ( two pound ninety) as I believe this is a reasonable price for a magazine that will be published monthly.