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Middle Ages Mide East Review
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Middle Ages Mide East Review


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Middle Ages and Middle East Test Review Medieval Life Christianity Blood and Guts Islam Umayyad and Abbasid 10 10 10 10 10 20 20 20 20 20 30 30 30 30 30 40 40 40 40 40 50 50 50 50 50
    • 2. This code of conduct was adopted by knights in the middle ages. What is chivalry?
    • 3. What is a fief or Manor and Manorialism? This was an estate granted to a vassal and the self-sufficient economic system that dominated the Early Middle Ages.
    • 4. Who dominated economic and political life during the High Middle Ages and what was the title given to the young person who studied under a skilled worker so that he/she could one day work in that field. Merchant guilds and Apprentice
    • 5.
      • This English King was a three time loser who angered the nobles with high taxes and punishment of people without a trial. Who is he and What document did he sign in 1215.
      King John and the Magna Carta
    • 6. Which Frankish leader defeated the Muslim Moors in the Battle of Tours and which Frankish King was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope in 800 CE. Charles Martel and Charlemagne?
    • 7. Who took vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience to God and where did they live and study? A monk/nun and a monastery or convent
    • 8.
      • What type of Architecture was developed in the Late Middle Ages that reflected the power of the Church? Also, name two characteristics of this type of architecture.
      Gothic Architecture: Stained Glass Windows, high arches, gargoyles, flying buttresses, high pointed spires, shaped in a cross.
    • 9.
      • This pope called for all good Christians to fight in the Holy Land to oust the infidel.
      Who is Pope Urban II?
    • 10.
      • Who is considered the founder of Western Monasticism and wanted to create spiritual communities where people could concentrate on getting ready for life after death.
      St. Benedict?
    • 11.
      • Name the rooms where Monks copied the Bible and kept their books and name the art of designing the Bible.
      Scriptoriums and Illumination
    • 12.
      • Name the ruthless group of Nomadic warriors who conducted seasonal raids to supplement farm production, ransacked towns and villages across Europe and used small maneuverable boats lead them to success.
      The Vikings
    • 13.
      • What were the Crusades and give two reasons why people would join them?
      Holy War fought between Christians and Muslims – Forgiveness of sins, avoid debt or prison, land, glory, spread faith
    • 14.
      • He united and led the Muslim world and in 1187, he recaptured Jerusalem for the Muslims after defeating the King of Jerusalem at the Battle of Hattin near the Lake of Galilee.
    • 15.
      • Name the conflict between England and France that lasted from 1337 to 1453 and what was the major weapon used by the English?
      The Hundred years War and the Longbow
    • 16.
      • Who became a French hero during the Hundred Years War after she heard voices from God telling her to lead the military and What major battle did she win?
      Joan of Arc and battle of Orleans
    • 17.
      • Who is the founder and prophet of Islam and what is the name of their God?
      Muhammad and Allah
    • 18.
      • Name the Five Pillars of Faith
      Belief, Fasting, Prayer, Almsgiving, Hajj
    • 19.
      • What is Holy Book of Islam, and Name three Holy places.
      Koran (Q’uran) and Mecca, Medina, Dome of the Rock, the Ka’ba, Jerusalem
    • 20.
      • Name the Angel who visited Muhammad at Mt. Hira and name the rock that is pictured below
      Gabriel and the Black Stone
    • 21.
      • Name the mystical animal that brought Muhammad to Jerusalem
      The Buraq
    • 22.
      • What is the title given to the leaders who took over for Muhammad after his death.
      The Caliph
    • 23.
      • What two major Islamic groups formed when the religion split due to problems with who should lead the faith?
      Sunnis and Shiites
    • 24.
      • How can most Islamic art be described?
      Geometric shapes and patterns and Calligraphy
    • 25.
      • This city became a hub of learning and commerce under Abbasid rule containing museums, hospitals, libraries, and mosques. What is the city and what was it’s nickname? 
      Baghdad and House of Wisdom
    • 26.
      • Name three major achievements of the Islamic Golden Age and the major leader during this time?  
      Sciences, humanities, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, literature, algebra and Harun al-Rashid